Thursday, August 28, 2008


NAT! I CAN'T BELEIVE YOU SAID RACHAEL RAY CAN'T COOK!!! CLEARLY YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER PERSONAL BACKGROUND! Really! She's been cooking her entire life, and she did so much with her life involving food BEFORE she got a TV show. Read her Wikipedia page if you don't beleive me! And don't do the whole Wikipedia is an unreliable source shtick, because we all know it totally is. And if you know me at all, you should know by now that I'm always right.....

Anyhoo, thank you SO much to Kira for reading my blog! I'm glad you found it entertaining! I'm going to check your's out ASAP. Now let the REAL blogging begin:

Wow! Being back at school is so weird! It's so different, but so the same. As I've talked about before, our campus is totally rearranged and everyone is completley disoriented, but sitting with my friends at lunch, it's like nothing ever changed. And I also have the same English teacher I've had since 6th grade with most of the same students. That class has such a weird relationship. We act more like an elementary school class then a middle school class, but we disobey the teacher a lot more. It's not that we disobey her really, more that we do what ever we want during the class period most of the time and then have a million piles of homework. But what the hey?

Also, during lunch, my dear friend Sophie and had a long and heated debate over when the exact center of the school day was. Our day is from 9:00 to 3:10 (very short, I know) so the exact center would be 12:05. Sophie had the whole explanation to why it was inbetween 3rd and 4th period, and then later when she agreed with me she was all, "So I'm right!" And I'm all, "No, I was right, you just agreed with me." (Once again, I am always right...) And then the rest of our friends are like, "There are 7 periods, so 4th period is the middle!" And we're (me and Sophie) all, "NO, there is also RAD (homeroom/study hall like class) and passing period and...." So eventually we just figuired I was right which I knew all along. It's one of those you had to be there things.

This one I'm hoping will be funnier. In RAD for some reason, Shirley Temple came up in our conversation. The following chaos ensued:
Casey: Shirley Temple's REAL! I thought she was a drink!
Sarah: I thought she was a drink!
(A lot of, "of course she's real you idiot"s and explanations later)
Ilana: She's a person AND a drink.
Sarah: She lives in a drink?
Ilana: No she's dead.
Sarah: She died in the drink?
Me: SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!
She's 80 and 1/3 and 5 days to be precise. It bugs me when people don't know these things. I mean, who hasn't seen her movies? Seriously, even if you haven't you should know she EXISTS. Really, some people just have NO appreciation for classics.....

Also, now all the math classes are on top of this hill, and the way up and down is like rush hour traffic. It's torcher. And my friends are a bunch of rabblerousers (Potter Puppet Pals has extended my vocabulary greatly) so we tripped and pushed and I got elbowed in ways that hurt REALLY badly a lot. It's horrible! If I was saying this all aloud you'd know I say horrible and horrendous and words like that with a weird accent. It's the only thing about me I do weirdly. I also don't pronounce the "t" in often, but that's how you're supposed to do it right? I'll check. TO DICTIONARY.COM!!!!!!! One sec... Ha, ha! I am right, and Snickers is wrong. Observe:
[aw-fuhn, of-uhn; awf-tuhn, of-]
Wait, does the mean we're both right? I hate when two people are right. It's very annoying. You'd think this thought would make me like math but I totally don't. It's so concrete it's not fun. Like today, when we found out in language arts that we're going to have to do a small research project about the history of words, Sars and I (we always do projects together, it's tremondusly (spelling???) entertaining. It's more play then work, but we're A students so it works) started spit balling words we'd like to research. Some of my favorite suggestions:
shenagins (Wait, is this a real world? Wait... Okay good, it is!)
And Sarah, of course suggested her favorite word: Pechanga.
Sars: Pechanga is an Indian resort and casino. It is a proper noun. Yes it is a word, but it is not an onomatopoeia. It is not the sound someone makes when the punch someone. It may be the sound you make when you punch someone, but sane people usually grunt or something like that. Yeah, basically she's saying that she is partially right because she said it was a word. But I never denied it as a word, I just denied it as an onomatopoeia.

Well, I guess that's it. Umm..... birthday time!!!
Sybille de Seyls Longchamps: I don't know who you are but you have a cool name! w00t!
Shania Twain: I have a bunch of your songs on my iPod!!!!! That should be an honor considering I have very few non-musical songs!!!!!!!
Jack Black: Well, um, this is awkward, but I don't really like you're sense of humor..... but..... umm...... Happy Birthday, bye!
There's a bunch of other birthdays today but I decided to be picky/lazy and only include these peeps. You're special! But so is everyone else.....

Okay. Well. Bye.


Anonymous said...

Hello nice new post! The stuff about school is really annoying isn't it?

In response to your comment: I can't remember but it wasn't a joke. You should know that I don't joke often already. Oh and the description about the scene with the conversation...the most vivid scene was your faces surrounding me infront of the girl's locker room and there was a lot of golden light and tree leaves so I'd say it was dream. An accurate but very odd dream. Or it could have been real life mixed in with a dream. I don't know. Seriously it's hard for me to tell.

ducksrule71821 said...

I never said I was partially right, I'm completly right!