Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best Things That Happened to Me in 2011

Overall, I have to say 2011 was pretty successful. Here's why:
  • I became friends with nineteen other theatregoistic teens through Center Theatre Group's Student Advisory Committee, and in the process learned so much and had an amazing time.
  • I became incredibly close to the best English class and teacher ever. No class will ever live up to English II Honors Period 3, 2010-2011.
  • I made a tumblr, which ended up being way too much fun.
  • Sammy and I went to the gym to try Zumba.... once.
  • I saw Avenue Q with my dad and two of my best friends, and it was the funniest musical I've ever seen.
  • Along with three of my best friends, I sang in front of about 600 people in the final round of a group musical theatre competition, and I had an AMAZING time.
  • Daniel Radcliffe sang and dance on Broadway. I know, not technically me, but still important.
  • I spent an amazing weekend at the beach with some of my oldest and closest friends. Oldest as in we've been friends for a long time, not as in literally old.
  • Tina Fey and Emily Deschanel both had babies. Also not me, but still awesome.
  • I became a nerdfighter and was welcomed into a community that would literally change my life and the way I think about the world.
  • I got a four on my AP Euro test. A FOUR!
  • I got into mixed choir.
  • I was elected treasurer of drama club.
  • The book Paper Towns changed my outlook in everything.
  • I taught myself how to be amazing at Tetris.
  • I got my learner's permit and learned how to drive.
  • I spent another amazing weekend at the beach and learned so much from my amazing Hebrew High friends and one of the greatest teachers I've ever head, and later that year I cried (four times in one evening) the last time I saw her before she moved to Brazil.
  • I failed to pull an all-nighter, but still had a great time, at Relay for Life.
  • Daniel Radcliffe presented a Tony Award to Sutton Foster. It made my life.
  • My friends and I choreographed a dance to a medley of songs from Hercules. It was needless to say pretty awesome.
  • Anne Brashares came out with a fifth Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book.
  • I became Pottermore beta... which was ultimately a huge disappointment, but was momentarily awesome.
  • I pre-ordered The Fault in Our Stars.
  • I cried many, many times over the ending of the Harry Potter series, but was thrilled with how amazing the film turned out and made so many great memories to go with it.
  • I had another great summer at the Friendship Circle camp.
  • I went to the beach on Nicki's birthday and laughed so much in one day it was ridiculous.
  • I spent the most magical week of my life at Walt Disney World with my family.
  • Between sophomore and junior year I got to be educated by the best English, history, and math teachers I've ever had.
  • I got onto the Comedy Sportz team with the best newbies ever.
  • I had a non-cursed sweet sixteen.
  • I was on the best scavenger hunt team ever, the Flaming Spaniards.
  • I had the time of my life with my best friends at Faux-coming.
  • I went to a simply fantastic tea party.
  • I read The Hunger Games series and absolutely LOVED all three books.
  • I had the biggest and most challenging role I've ever had in the best show I've ever performed in, All My Sons.
  • I saw my best friend dance the lead in The Nutcracker and was with her when one of the greatest dancers of our generation signed her pointe shoes.
  • I found out I'm going to meet John and Hank Green on January 26.
  • I got to help a musical come together in three weeks.
But the absolute best thing that happened to me in 2011 was that I made friends in the most unexpected of ways and I'm now so close to people I would never have ever thought I'd even be friends with. Here's to another great year in 2012.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Open Letter to the Cast of All My Sons

Dear Alexandra, Evan, CiCi, Hunter, Kathy, Kyle, Matt, Max, Melanie, Nitzan, Ryan, Sammy, Sarah, Shaq, Sydney, Tyler, and the crew (there are too many crew members to name),

I know I was always the first person to complain when it came to All My Sons. Honestly, at first I didn't even want to audition, but I am so glad that I did. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I've never had more fun with a cast- I've had a great time with each and every one of you over this nearly three month process.

As you guys saw in my paper plate award tonight, this show hasn't been the easiest for me. Rehearsals have been tough but having all of you there is more than I can ever ask for. As corny as it is, this cast is a family and I know I'm not the only one that felt that. So many people went through so much during the long three months where we spent nearly every single day after school together, and without the show we wouldn't necessarily have had each other to help.

There were people in this show that I barely knew before we were cast that I'm now best friends with. I don't think it's humanly possible for me to love a cast more and I couldn't be prouder of all of you. We worked really hard and it paid off.

To those of you who I'm working on Spelling Bee with, I'll see you on Monday. And to the rest of you, I sincerely hope this won't be our last show together. You're all amazing.


P.S. I guess All My Sons is cancelled this year!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm sensitive. Anyone that knows me know that. And by that I don't mean that I cry when people offend me, if that was true I wouldn't have any friends. I'm sensitive to other people's thoughts and feelings. This causes me to worry. A lot.

I mean, I worry about myself too. My friend Julie and I spent probably 45 minutes yesterday talking about something we're worried about... that's in February. But what I'm talking about is how I worry about other people, whether I know them or not. Today I found out my empath quotient, which is graded on a scale of 1 to 80. The average woman gets about a 47. I got 62, which is somewhere on the border of above average and unusually high.

Being an empath has often put me in the situation where I'm the friend that people can go to for anything, which in turn puts me in the situation of knowing things I can't tell anyone. And although I don't really mind being that person and I love that my friends can trust me, but I do bear a constant emotional weight on my shoulders. I'm not complaining, exactly. I've just had an emotionally exhaustive week. Let's just say, on Wednesday night alone I cried four times because my old teacher got married and is moving to Brazil.

My friends tease me for being emotional, but it used to be so much worse. When I went to high school I made a resolution to stop crying in front of people, and I didn't until January of that school year. Now I do so sparingly, which is still probably more than most people. Oh, well. Better out than in as I always say (name that movie quote).

The fact that I'm so open with my emotions has probably greatly contributed to the fact that two of my favorite things are writing and acting. Go figure.

This is getting increasingly ramble-y and I don't really remember what I intended to write about. I titled this entry "Worried." Probably because I am.

Happy birthday to Jeff Bridges, Fred Armisen, Tyra Banks, and Orlando Brown.

I have too much to do.