Wednesday, July 30, 2008



OMG. My brother is even less cultured then I am.

We were watching the Travel Channel China Week. Samantha Brown was doing this show on Xian (Shee-an) and my brother is sitting there and he turns to me and goes, "Do Chinese people exist?"

I then laughed harder then almost any other time in my life. Scratch that. I've laughed harder before. But I mean, I laughed harder then when he asked me who the president of Oklahoma was.

So of course I tell him that in fact, Chinese people do exist. See, if I lived in New York this wouldn't be a problem. We just live in boring uncultured California. JUST KIDDING! I LOVE living in California. Even if it has weird weather. We just have that awesome relaxed SoCal vibe. Which is great for wound up people like me! Any who, as I was saying, my brother was unaware that Chinese people exist. I mean, I shouldn't be one to talk. When my mom and I were quizzing each other on important dates, she asked me when Christmas was, and I said December 26th. What can you say, I'm a good Jew!

Later that evening:

My brother asks me what Chinese people do. So I tell him they eat dogs. Then my mom yells at me because she thinks he'll meet a Chinese person and make a fool out of himself. But they do eat dogs! Then my mom is all, "Not all of them!" And I'm all, "I know, I'm friends with a Chinese vegetarian!" Which is true. Yo, Kira!

So, in conclusion, one of the consequences of living in LA and being Jewish is you are unaware that Chinese people exist. Once again I am very sorry if I insulted any Chinese people.

On to a totally unrelated topic!

We were driving home from my grandparents this morning and I see a Wisconsin liscense plate. The conversation I then had with my mother went something like this:
Me: Wisconsin. That's random.
Mom: Yeah, they're pretty far from home.
Me: Well, they came to California, which is better. At least they have good taste.
Mom: But Wisconsin has cheese.
Me: But happy cheese comes from happy cows, and happy cows come from California.

I love that commericial. IT'S FUNNY!

OK, that's all I have to say for today. Oh, that rhymes! Well, onto bigger and better things....... Well, not really I'm probably just going to go AIM someone.....

Monday, July 28, 2008


Hey peeps!!! I'd like to welcome you all to TMTS: REPORTING LIVE FROM MY GRANDPARENTS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so it's not that exciting. But many random things have happened to me here. Like this morning, I got overheated!!!! YAY!!!! Go false enthuisiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the reason I had to type this up right away and couldn't wait until I got home was because I had a really random thought right before I fell asleep last night. But guess what! Ok, I'll tell you: I forgot!!!!!! YAY!!!!! More false enthuisiasm!!!!!!

Since I have nothing to say, I will write about funny things my brother has said. w00t.
Well, in order to properly educate my brother, we were watching The Sound of Music on Thursday. Actually, we were watching it to educate Sars... Anyways the next day to further my baby bro's education, we watched Fiddler on the Roof. So, as the budding artist my brother is, he sits down in front of the TV with a drawing pad and a pencil. When I asked him what he was drawing he said he was drawing the shul from Sound of Music. The rest of our conversation went like this:
Me: No, Max, that was a church.
Max: But Jewish people go there too, right?
Me: No.
Max: OK, I'll just change it to the place in Fiddler on the Roof instead.
So my kid brother drew Tevye's house. It was very good actually, he's quite the artist, very visual, good at puzzles. I'm more wordy then visual as you can probably tell. ANYWHO....

What to say, what to say.................... Well there was no traffic getting here. It took two hours. It's taken us four to get here before. And that's with my dad driving, not my mom who drove this time. And my dad drives like a maniac. Seriousy, I am very prone to puking when I go on long road trips with my dad. Basically, the car ride was very short, I only listened to 39 songs on my iPod. At night when I'm reading I listen to about 60. But I really shouldn't listen to music at night, it makes me hyper. I only do it to block out other noises. Speaking of blocking out noise, I just thought of a great topic:
Why do electornics hate me???? (More specifically cameras and ear buds.)
Let's go with my bad luck with cameras first, shall we?
Camera number one: I got it when I went to sleepaway camp for the first time. It worked perfectly for a few months, maybe a year. Then it stopped working.
Camera number two: I spilled water on it on a field trip to UCLA. If you have been reading this blog for a while you will remember that I have bad luck with field trips also.
Camera number three: This one I think lasted the least amount of time, only about two months. I got it at Staples on sale with the easy share printer, it was really cheap. I should have taken that as a warning. It stopped working AT LEGOLAND over Memorial Day. But then again, I went to SeaWorld the day before, so I might have spilled something on it, but I probably didn't.
Ash, if you are reading this: let's hope my luck with digital camera's improves..... (Ashley will understand this better then anyone else...)

I also have horrible luck with ear buds. They always just stop working. Usually the left ear bud goes out. My last pair would give my electric shocks if I touched the wire in certain places. My new ones are really, really, uncomfortable and seem to be magnets to ear wax. I've found using speakers is easier then dealing with all this....

I have the new Miley Cyrus song "Breakout" stuck in my head. It's to catchy!!!! AH!!!!!!

Speaking of songs, I've been rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I find every book I've ever reread is better the 2nd time. Or 3rd. Possibly 4th.... Unless the book was bad to begin with, then it just gets worse. If it's a good book it will keep getting better. And sadder. Seriously, I read the first four Harry Potter books (and started the fifth) when I was seven and they didn't effect me as emotionaly as the do now. Neither did reading Twilight the first time. The second time I read something I laugh harder, cry harder, think harder, or what ever it is I'm doing. My point is, when ever I watch the Harry Potter movies I wonder why the wizards don't use electricity or the internet or phones or anything. I know, the take place in the 90's and all, but Ben Franklin was alive WAY before then. (Yes, the books take place in the 90's. The last bit of the 7th, not including the epilouge is May 2nd, 1998.) So I was all, "They're wizards, I know they don't need electrcity, but a lamp is a lot more convenient then a candle!" But I was reading today and during the whole part with Rita Skeeter and wondering how she knew dirt on everyone, Harry suggests that maybe she bugs people (with mics and other Muggle stuff). Then Hermione ("When are you two going to read Hogwarts, A History?") tells them that Muggle 'substitutes' like electricty go haywire near Hogwarts because there's too much magic in the air. Like aliens. Do not ask my me reasoning into putting this rant in, for I do not know. I just felt an urge to type something and I forgot my random thought...

Umm....... that's it I guess. Nothing else to say really. I guess I'll go do something useful..... like shower.........

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok, so I'm sitting here typing and listening to the distant chatter of the TV in the other room as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition plays. So I'm thinking: If for some reason (kanahara [Jewish jinx, don't ask]) I had reason to be on that show, what would I tell them to theme my room? Here's what I've come up with so far:

I have two favorite material things, Broadway (okay, I don't own it, but you get the point) and my books. Seriosuly, if you walk into my room you will see clothes and school supplies and mail and stuff strewn all over the floor. But no books. My books are lined up perfectly in alphabetical order by author's last name on my book shelf. All 182 of them. Except 4. One's on loan to my sister and three are on my bed because I've read them recently. Broadway on the other hand, you can't tell I love it, but it's there. Like my screen saver, that is a Broadway sign advertisment thing. But how would these two passions fit into one room???? Seriously???? Would one side be all Chorus Line and Wicked and the other be Twilight and Harry Potter?

OMABCJRE3 (don't ask) something just clicked!!!!! Wait, it unclicked..... I mean, it makes sense but it doesn't make sense...... I guess it's one of those things that just makes sense to me........ HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! I just thought of something really funny! You peeps probably wouldn't find it funny. It's an inside joke. With myself. Yes, it's true, I'm a big enough geek that I have inside jokes with myself. HA HA, I just thought of this story.......

Ok, that last paragraph probably made NO sense to anyone besides me. But I had a lot of fun writing it. What to say, what to say............

Monkey juice! Hmmmm.........

Inspiration! I just got back from the little chica's room and I got totally absorbed in this fashion magazine while I was in there. I'm sorry if that was TMI (too much information) but it's a lead in to my next topic. So I'm sitting there and I was reading this great tip for how to un-redden a face (milk and water, who knew?) when I get to one of those "It's ok to..." pages. You know, the one's that are supposed to up your self-esteem. One of them was, "It's ok to go into smile and nod mode at the mention of the phrase, 'I had the weirdest dream last night!'" And I'm all, "Oh, crap!" Because I'm that person that always goes, "I had the weirdest dream last night!" But I really do! I mean how many of you have dreams about going to Disneyland and getting lost in the line on Space Mountain and end up taking 20 little kids through a maze and getting blocked off by scary teenagers and when you finally make it out of the maze and get the kids to their parents people start throughing plastic Easter eggs at you? That's what I thought. But I didn't realize the stories annoyed people that much! I'm really sorry if I annoyed you at one point with my dream stories! I mean, I knew they annoyed K dots because she CAN NOT hide it when she's annoyed. It's practically plastered on her face. HA HA (another inside joke with myself).

Ok, I've already missed 15 minutes of Army Wives and I don't want to miss the rest! So I'll update more later, bye!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


SNICKERS IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well Sars, it's not my fault I'm not aloud to see R rated movies and some PG-13 movies. It's my parents.

OK. That was random. You know what else is random? STEPHENIE MEYER IS A MEANIE HEAD! Today was the 3rd day in her "Breaking Dawn Quotes of the Day" thing.
Wow. Now it's the 16th and Blogger has finally decided to stop being stupid. w00t.

Friday, July 11, 2008


HAPPY 7/11 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all went and got your free slurpees!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't, sadly enough.......................................

SOOOOO, I went to the Entertainment Weekly website about two seconds ago to check out the article they wrote on the Twilight movie and the one on Stephenie Meyer. I HAD to read these because the cover of the magazine was so horribly disgusting I needed to make sure they got the facts straight in the articles even if they didn't get the cover right AT ALL. So I read the movie one and I'm just like, nothing I didn't know, what ever and the Stephenie Meyer one actually was pretty interesting. And then I see this article, "The 25 Best Books Since 1983." So of course I click on it. 'Cause I like books.

I'm reading this article and it's a countdown backwards and I'm thinking, 'The reason I haven't read any of these books is because the ones I have read (Harry Potter and Twilight series were on my mind as I thought this) must be at the very begining. I get into the top 10, top 5, top 3, still nothing I've ever read! So I think, 'These must all be sophisticated grown-up books or what ever. They don't appreciate the pureness of young people literature.' So I just keep reading and in spot number 2 is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which I am currently rereading considering it is my favorite Harry Potter books besides the 7th. I like all of it except that Cedric dies. HE DOESN'T NEED TO DIE! Sorry. Another character dying pissed me off more. A LOT MORE. But I won't spoil it because this person dies in the 7th and I don't want to tell anyone (Dad) who is waiting for the movie comes out (HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE: NOVEMBER 21ST!!!!) to find out because they are simply too lazy to read the books which are a million times better. Where was I????? Oh yeah. OK, so at least one Harry Potter book is on the list. But what is number 1???????????? I anxiously click the button and it is revealed to be:


And I'm just like, 'What. Is. That.' Seriosuly, if any of the books on this list were actually good I would have heard of it and read it. Like Frogs and French Kisses which I finished this morning and was a HUMUNGO CLIFF-HANGER!!!!!!!!!! Most buy Spells and Sleeping-Bags....

As I'm finishing up this list I see a link to another list: Pop Culture Classics (The EW 1000)! And I'm all, 'This most be good. 1000? I've probably heard of all of this. By the way, these are all classics made from 1983 or later. So no Wizard of Oz or anything. And I'm basing this on things I've seen/read. I've heard of most of these but I haven't seen all of them based on their PG-13/R ratings. (Dad...) So let's peek into the movies I've seen.

Out of 100 I have seen 9. This is sad, I'm less cultured then I thought. Here's the ones I've seen:

Number 3: Titanic ( I know A LOT of fun facts about that movie. I'd tell but I'm kind of lazy)

Number 5: Toy Story

Number 20: The Lion King

Number 25: Shrek

Number 35: The Incredibles

Number 90: Napolean Dynamite

Number 91: Back to the Future

Number 100: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

But the South Park movie was seriously bad. I just watched it with my cousins on New Year's and when I asked why the reply I got was, "So I can tell people I've seen it." I really think some other movies should be on this list. Finding Nemo? Harry Potter? The Little Mermaid??? Really, those three movies should be on it. Number 1 by the way is Pulp Fiction.

OK, I'm not off to a strong start here. I think we should move on to see how cultured I am in another catergory. How about television. I wonder how many of these I've seen. (still out of 100) Scratch that. Change it to how many I watch on a regualr basis.

5. Five of the TV shows on this list I really, really, like and watch on a regular basis. I've seen a lot of them once or twice. A lot of them I really hate (like number 1: The Simpsons. EW!). Seriously, the only shows on this list I really, really, like are:

Number 9: Friends

Number 18: American Idol (I saw the concert! w00t!!!!!!!!!)

Number 53: Will and Grace

Number 62: House

Number 89: Spongebob Squarepants (the older the episode the better, in my opinion)

A bunch of these I've seen, but I don't really like them that much. What ever. So I'm still not that cultured.

I'm moving on to a catergory I KNOW I'm going to fail: Music. I just don't really like modern music. I'll judge this catergory by songs I have/want to get on my iPod. If it's a song I like but never listen to, it doesn't count. I'm taking the plunge...

This is my worst catergory yet! I've only listened to songs from THREE of these albums:

Number 24: Come on Over (Shania Twain)

Number 29: Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)

Number 80: Back to the Basics (Christinia Aguilera)

You guys are all probably thinking I have really bad taste right now... Well, I'm moving on tot he extended list of books (the 100 list instead 0f 25). I know I at least have one of these...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

ONE! I HAVE READ ONE OUT OF 100 OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE PAST 25 YEARS! And the one book I have read is HP 4 and seriously, who hasn't read the book?!??!?!?!?? I feel so culture deprived! This isn't fair! Twilight should be on the list! This shouldn't be! I own 181 books (just me, not my mom, not my dad, not my siblings, JUST ME!) that I don't share with anyone! This is really bruising my ego here! Is this implying I have bad taste?!?!??!?!?!?

Calm down Stephanie, there are more catergories, you can redeem yourself... Uh oh. The next classic is anothe sure fire failure on my part. Style. Oh never mind. This is stuff celebrities wore that people really loved. Or hated. So basically, it's memorable fashion moments. So I can't fail or not fail this. OK. The next catergory is technology. Intersting...

OK, I have benefited from at least 5 out of 25 of these. I've probably used more but I don't speak geek. Speak geek, that rhymes! OK, I've benefited from:

Number 1: The DVD player

Number 3: TiVo

Number 4: iPod

Number 5: YouTube

Number 15: Pixar animation

And like I said, probably others...

The next one is video games. I think I will skip that considering (Dad) that I am not aloud to own any video gaming systems. OOOO the stage is the next catergory!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to base this on shows I've seen, which I'll fail because I haven't seen that many, but I've probably heard of most of them!

HA! I've seen THREE out of fifty! And I've seen the movie version of a few others.

Number 10: The Producers

Number 13: The Lion King

Number 16: Wicked

w00t. This list gave me an ego boost. At least I've heard of most of these and really, really, really, really, REALLY, want to see most of them.

The rest of the lists are more specific (top 25 romantic gestures, top 25 death scenes, etc.) so I won't bore you with all the gory detials. But there's a link to these lists up top so go see for yourselves!!!!!!!!!!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! List you deceive me again!!!!!!!!!! Cedric Diggory shouldn't die!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, no more gory details...

I have one thing left to say before ending this entry: Sars, you lied to me. Journey to the Center of the Earth was a horrible movie. The plot and characters were underdeveloped. It would probably make a fun ride though.

That is all! BYE!!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the 4th of July. It reminds us to love our country. There definitley isn't much of that going on right now. SOOO in honor of the honorable holiday, welcome to the American Patriotism edition of The Many Thoughts of Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, let's have a brief overview of the history of America, Stephanie style:
British people settled here. Everyone got mad because the taxes were uber high. So they started a war. The Patriots (peeps who did not like the taxes) won. We became our own country! w00t!!!!!!!!! Years pass, lot's of exciting things happen. The Civil War, the industrial revolution, etc. Then we get to my favorite period of history: 1900-1950!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Why do I like this period you ask? Here is the simple answer:
People actually did their part for our country then! YAY!!!!!!!! And seriously, everything interesting to learn about and mildly to severely depressing happened during this time. We have the industrial revolution with all sorts of conflict going on, the women's rights movement, the Titanic (sad, sad movie. And true story...), World War I, the 20's, The Great Depression, and World War II.

So you see, people had to do their part or our country would have ultimatley failed. Except in the 20's. I mean, when you read about World War II, for example, and not the battles and the Holocaust and all the stuff they teach you in school, but what the people on the homefront had to go through, you realize how everyone did their part to make us win the war. Children and adults all did everything they could. Rations, victory gardens, and lots of other stuff were used to make do. Did you know that the two piece bathing suit came into style then because it used less fabric? And women weren't able to wear pantyhose because the soldiers needed the material for parachutes, so they put make-up on their legs!

And people did all these things because they knew our country needed to win the war! And that's how life was in America before the 50's and the Vietnam War. That's when people started getting all p-oed and protesting everything and anyting that our country came up with. And now most of our country hates George Bush because he put us in the war we're in now. But if this happened 60 years ago we'd all be doing our part to win the war instead of getting upset about it.

So that's why I like the year's 1900-1950 better then I like stuff now! YAY!!!!!!!!! Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wow, 3 days in a row, that most be some kind of record! Wow, deja vu. Seriously, Seth said the exact same thing on Stephenie Meyer's website. Speaking of Stephenie Meyer, TWO NEW REFERENCE BOOKS ARE COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilight: The Official Illlustrated Movie Companion and The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me happy, me happy, me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Sarah, I realized you need more then just the cast in a movie, but you don't have to spoil everyone's fun.

SOOO, I realized I haven't been very random lately, so today I am going to do a lot of random stuff. Welcome to The Many Thoughts of Stephanie: The Newly Discovered Oxymoron Edition!

Dirt Poor/Filthy Rich: I brought up this one 2 days ago, but I will now go into greater detail. Shouldn't one be clean, considering their opposites? The opposite of poor is rich, and this is implying that the opposite of dirt is filthy. The opposite of dirt is water. Or clean. This just makes no sense...

Crackpot: This one isn't an oxymoron, but I just found it funny. Is the guy on crack or pot? I mean, he can be on both but he'd be a lot less fun. Generally crackpots are pretty fun. Like all my friends...

High Speed Internet: IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Civil War: I got this idea from a more well known oxymoron, civil divorce. But I thought the Civil War is funnier. Because it's a war, which is the exact opposite of civil. That's pretty funny...

Let me think.... I probably know others but my brain is off because I need reading material. (Breaking Dawn please!) Bye peeps!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daddy and I are geniuses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I'm braking the rules by updating without a review but I HAD to mention this! My dad and I have figured out how to make Wicked in to a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, your sceptical, but my dad and I have figured out the best cast ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I learned how to link so click on the actors names and you can go to their IMDb page!!!!!! So here we go:

As Elphaba, we have Catherine Zeta-Jones. My dad said she'd snatch up the part because of her role in Chicago in 2002.

For Galinda, we decided on Reese Witherspoon. She would be great at opening the movie, and she is just so good at being blonde! (Legally Blonde, LOL!!! I heard that's a really good Broadway show and now I really want to see it!)

For Fiyero we had a lot of trouble casting. My dad was all , "It should be a popstar or someone like Usher!" And I'm all, "Dad, not only can popstars not act, but they can't sing either!" Then we had this stroke of genius: James Marsden!!!!!!!! He's a great singer, actor, and dancer and his roles in Enchanted and Hairspray make him perfect for this. He's great at doing really eccentric parts like this one and the camera loves him.

For the Wizard, I have to take credit for this idea that my dad got very excited about and is utterly perfect: Dick Van Dyke. 'Nuf said.

Madame Morrible was definitley the easiest role to cast. So many actresses can play her and they all would play her so differently. We have four ideas that would all be great: Rue McClanahan, Tracy Ullman, Megan Mullally, or Geraldine Saunders who I can't give a link to for two reasons: one, when I reaserched her using the information my dad gave me, well, she doesn't exist. And now when I try to type in her name on IMDb it automatically links me to Suzie Neumeyer, a screenwriter who only has one movie. From 1977. Yay...

For Dr. Dillamond we found the perfect actor: Kelsey Grammer. He's just so perfect! If I see him at Costco (where he frequently shops) I will ask him if he's willing.

For Boq, my father had the best idea. It will be the best comeback in show biz history if Steve Burns does the part. I mean, Boq is a very sweet, cute, and short, so who's better then Steve from Blue's Clues?????? OMG! I have the same birthday as this guy!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I am so obsessed with the Blue's Clues "Present Time" song!

Nessarose isn't that hard to cast, and basically, we think Amy Adams should do it. I don't know why, I can just see her in that wheel chair dictating all the munchkins.....

A director was definitley the hardest to come by. I forgot who my dad said would be good....... he's asleep though so I'll ask him later! We also figured that it should be shot in London because they have really big sound stages there.

Thanx for reading and sorry for the really really really long post yesterday!
P.S. If any movie peeps are out there reading this and make this into a highly succesful major motion picture using our suggestion my dad and I get profit. Or benefits (tickets to the premiere, etc.).