Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wow, 3 days in a row, that most be some kind of record! Wow, deja vu. Seriously, Seth said the exact same thing on Stephenie Meyer's website. Speaking of Stephenie Meyer, TWO NEW REFERENCE BOOKS ARE COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilight: The Official Illlustrated Movie Companion and The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me happy, me happy, me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Sarah, I realized you need more then just the cast in a movie, but you don't have to spoil everyone's fun.

SOOO, I realized I haven't been very random lately, so today I am going to do a lot of random stuff. Welcome to The Many Thoughts of Stephanie: The Newly Discovered Oxymoron Edition!

Dirt Poor/Filthy Rich: I brought up this one 2 days ago, but I will now go into greater detail. Shouldn't one be clean, considering their opposites? The opposite of poor is rich, and this is implying that the opposite of dirt is filthy. The opposite of dirt is water. Or clean. This just makes no sense...

Crackpot: This one isn't an oxymoron, but I just found it funny. Is the guy on crack or pot? I mean, he can be on both but he'd be a lot less fun. Generally crackpots are pretty fun. Like all my friends...

High Speed Internet: IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Civil War: I got this idea from a more well known oxymoron, civil divorce. But I thought the Civil War is funnier. Because it's a war, which is the exact opposite of civil. That's pretty funny...

Let me think.... I probably know others but my brain is off because I need reading material. (Breaking Dawn please!) Bye peeps!

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