Tuesday, July 1, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daddy and I are geniuses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I'm braking the rules by updating without a review but I HAD to mention this! My dad and I have figured out how to make Wicked in to a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, your sceptical, but my dad and I have figured out the best cast ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I learned how to link so click on the actors names and you can go to their IMDb page!!!!!! So here we go:

As Elphaba, we have Catherine Zeta-Jones. My dad said she'd snatch up the part because of her role in Chicago in 2002.

For Galinda, we decided on Reese Witherspoon. She would be great at opening the movie, and she is just so good at being blonde! (Legally Blonde, LOL!!! I heard that's a really good Broadway show and now I really want to see it!)

For Fiyero we had a lot of trouble casting. My dad was all , "It should be a popstar or someone like Usher!" And I'm all, "Dad, not only can popstars not act, but they can't sing either!" Then we had this stroke of genius: James Marsden!!!!!!!! He's a great singer, actor, and dancer and his roles in Enchanted and Hairspray make him perfect for this. He's great at doing really eccentric parts like this one and the camera loves him.

For the Wizard, I have to take credit for this idea that my dad got very excited about and is utterly perfect: Dick Van Dyke. 'Nuf said.

Madame Morrible was definitley the easiest role to cast. So many actresses can play her and they all would play her so differently. We have four ideas that would all be great: Rue McClanahan, Tracy Ullman, Megan Mullally, or Geraldine Saunders who I can't give a link to for two reasons: one, when I reaserched her using the information my dad gave me, well, she doesn't exist. And now when I try to type in her name on IMDb it automatically links me to Suzie Neumeyer, a screenwriter who only has one movie. From 1977. Yay...

For Dr. Dillamond we found the perfect actor: Kelsey Grammer. He's just so perfect! If I see him at Costco (where he frequently shops) I will ask him if he's willing.

For Boq, my father had the best idea. It will be the best comeback in show biz history if Steve Burns does the part. I mean, Boq is a very sweet, cute, and short, so who's better then Steve from Blue's Clues?????? OMG! I have the same birthday as this guy!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I am so obsessed with the Blue's Clues "Present Time" song!

Nessarose isn't that hard to cast, and basically, we think Amy Adams should do it. I don't know why, I can just see her in that wheel chair dictating all the munchkins.....

A director was definitley the hardest to come by. I forgot who my dad said would be good....... he's asleep though so I'll ask him later! We also figured that it should be shot in London because they have really big sound stages there.

Thanx for reading and sorry for the really really really long post yesterday!
P.S. If any movie peeps are out there reading this and make this into a highly succesful major motion picture using our suggestion my dad and I get profit. Or benefits (tickets to the premiere, etc.).


ducksrule71821 said...

it's a good idea, but you kinda need more than just the actors. you know the producers, the tech. directer and crew, the casting agents, the writer(s), the people who gives the doughnuts to everyone, make up-artists, extras, etc...

RandomNatalie said...

Very brilliant, Steph!!!