Saturday, March 29, 2008


No one read this except yomama. You know who you are:

You know I was really upset and all hormonal that day but I got over it! I was in a really bad mood and I realize I made a mistake and I never will do something like that again! What do you excpect? I'm nearly a teenager, I'm bound to have my moments where I feel like the most miserable person in the world. But, if you had read my other post, you would know that I do realize how lucky I am! I was just upset and I needed a way to just let my feelings out. If you want I can take the post off the internet. And why did you have to bring up my brother and sister? I understand she'll never be perfect, no one is! You just have no idea how I feel! Like I stated before, I'm just a teenager, I get angry and upset and my frontal left corbrex thingy is undeveloped so I don't know how to make rational decisions so don't blame me because I don't know how to think yet! I just want to start over. I've already said I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm sorry I made you mad and when you're ready to start over I am.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, let me clear some things up from yesterday's post. I'm really sorry if I insulted anyone, I was just in a really bad mood. And you guys are saying you aren't rich and you don't get what ever you want, but in some ways you are. We live in a really, really, great area compared to most other places. Just the fact that we live in suburban California means we have a lot. And I know we aren't uber rich, but we are definitley upper middle class. Think about it, you may not have as much stuff as some of your other friends, but you have a lot more then most people. Even I do, and I have less then you guys, no matter how much that may be. You may be thinking, "At least we aren't spoiled," but really, we are. Spoiled doesn't necessarily mean we're brats and stuff. But seriously, we could all easily live without our cellphones, iPods, AIM accounts, excess clothes and shoes, and huge houses. I'm not trying to insult anyone and I'm not going to play the name game. But next time you're green with envy because that girl down the street has something you don't, instead of thinking of the starving kids in Africa, think of the kids that could be living right under your nose. There is so much poverty in America even if you don't see it. They would consider you extremely lucky to be able to where a different pair of socks everyday.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I hate spring break. I hate school more though, so what the heck? (And Sars, I've changed my resolution to not hating people. I can hate material objects, animals, and times of year if I want too)

I hate all vacations really. They would be fun. They are for everyone else and that's what makes it less fun for me. For everyone else it's catching a plane to this place or going on a road trip to that place. Maybe their spending times with their perfect relatives because their families are perfect and have perfect money so they can spend all their perfect time together!!!!!!!!!!!
No, not for me. For me it's my parents trying to make my vacation "fun" by taking my siblings and I out for lunch or shopping. But my younger siblings are obnoxious and ruin everytihng. Persoanally, I take pride in being the only one in my family not taking meds for something or other. I'm the only normal one.
When we do go on vacation though, which is incredibley rare, we never go somewhere just because we can. We go places to see our family. "Hotels and restaurants are too expensive." Uch. Money. It's so stupid. It's also something no one my age realizes is existent because to them Mommy and Daddy get them what ever they want when ever they want.
I asked my dad about this. He said, "When I was a kid, my friends and I NEVER went on vacations." And I said, "When you were a kid no one has iPods either." And he said, "Name a few friends who are on vacation." So I did. And he said, "All of their parents (excepts Sars) have flexible, well paying jobs that allow them to go on trips. I don't." Stupid well-paying, flexible jobs......
Basically, everyone's gone and I'm bored out of my mind. And of course because everyone is on vacation no one is online talking to me or reading this. Of course.
This is what I get for making friends with rich kids. What ever. They'll all be miserable with my on Monday when we're back at school.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Welcome to the special Annie Get Your Gun edition of The Many Thoughts of Stephanie. In this blog I will share with my faithful readers (all three of them [that I know of {all of whom were in this play}]) the many wonderful times I had with the cast of AGYG on and off stage. So many inside jokes were made. Such as Antarctica, teddy grahms, animal crackers, eyeliner mustaches, raisin brain, Sweet and Low, earthquakes in the dressing room, pop pop pop pop pop pop pop, flying facial hair, my bird is stuck in the mic,Survivor; Annie Get Your Gun edition, and many more. I will explain all of these jokes, but many of them were those "you had to be there" kind of things. Just so you know, I'm not using anyone's real names, I will call them by their parts. And since there were two casts (red and gold) I will put either R or G next to the names of the leads. Yay! The jokes are out of order though.

First of all, you know plays have programs and people write mini biographies and such, in the third person of course. Well, Frank Butler (R) put in his: "Anarctica is pronounced with two "C's." Just a fact he feels you need to know." And, Frank Butler (G) put in his: "Teddy grahms give people the impression that bears smile a lot. They don't." He was going to put: "Animal crakcers give people the impression the all animals taste the same. They don't." So that covers the first few inside jokes.

We did four performances, the red cast performed on Wednesday night anmd Friday morning and the gold cast performed Thursday night and Friday night. Just so you know, all the guys had to wear makeup too. So, on Thursday, it was Frank and Tommy's (both R) off night, where they were just extras not leads. So, they got the brilliant idea to take the eyeliner and draw mustaches on themselves. They looked really really creepy, and Frank (R) took a picture of himself on my camera. I would put it up but this is the internet and I'm an honor student for your information.

There is a part in the play where Annie has too point her gun, blindfolded, at the Showgirls (who were basically a chorus line [the dancers]) and in turn the girls would pop the ballons they were holding, with out letting the audience see, and it would look like Annie shot the balloons. Well, on three of the shows someone would mess up, every time. Then, on Friday night, the big scene came. In our dressing room, there is a TV so we can see everything on stage. Everyone gathered in the dressing room (besides the people on stage) and it was completely silent. The girls did their dance with the balloons and then, on the beat, we heard all seven balloons go pop pop pop pop pop pop pop. As soon as we were sure the seventh had popped, we all started screaming at the top of our lungs. It was a miracle. So, Nellie (R) and I mad a joke about her the people in the theater probably heard us from the dressing room (because we are underneath them). It went something like this:
Little old lady: Earth quake! Earth quake!
Little old man: Earth quake? Where?!
And you see it's funny, because you can't see earthquakes. Ha ha. That wasn't that funny was it........ Well, later that day Nellie (R) and I also found a bag of Raisin Brain and we were hungry so we decided to eat it. We had no clue who it bleonged to and every time someone walked into the dressing room we asked them if they knew who it belonged too. But no one did so we got to enjoy ourselves and eat Raisin Brain.

One of the charcters in the plays name is Buffalo Bill, the owner of the Wild West Show. His rival is Pawnee Bill who owns a different show. In the final scene, there's a part where he shakes hands with Pawnee Bill and then they start giving eachother 'friendly' pats on the arm. On Thursday, I guess it wasn't so friendly because Buffalo Bill's faux mustache fell off. The next night, there is a part where Frank had to miss a shot on purpouse, and Frank (G) over exagerared a bit and shot his own mustache off. A fake mustache of course. Then, the same thing happened as Thursday except Buffalo Bill's beard fell off instead of his mustache. That, dear children, is the story of flying facial hair.

On the first night of the play, there was a scene where Annie has a birds on a string around her neck and she has to take it off and show it to people. The girl who plays Annie (R) has really really curly hair, and she was wearing a body mic. Basically, the birds on a string got stuck. The cast had to start adlibing (making stuff up on the spot) to get the bird out of her hair and everyone was laughing hysterically. I'm not sure of all the details, but there was A LOT of adlibing.

On the last night of the play, we had a party at a local Mexican restaurant. My cousins had taught me a game where you take a packet of Sweet and Low and flick it at a person a cross the table from you. You keep flicking it back and forth until someone flicks it too hard and it flies off the table. The person who flicks it off has to chug it. Just so you know, Sweet and Low is sick. Nasty. Horrible. Disgusting. Basically, I lost a game and had to chug it. Then, Mrs. Franklin bet to Indian Floating Dove that she could chug one without making a face. So, Mrs. Franklin and Indian Floating Dove has a chug off. Mrs. Franklin lost I think. They were both making disgusting faces. A little later, Indian Eagle Feather walked by. I through a packet of Sweet and Low at her and told her to chug it. She ripped it open with her teeth and chugged it, then walked away. About 10 seconds later she came back and was all, 'What did you put in that?" And we were all, "SWEET AND LOW!!!" Apparently, she thought it was regualar sugar. We also got The Queen of Ital and Nellie (R) to chug it. We were joking that if we were aloud to drink, we would be chugging weird alcohol and getting drunk instead of chugging Sweet and Low.

This is my last inside joke! There are probably more and I just can't think of it. After the morning performance, we could either get on a bus and go back to school, or have our parents come get us. Apparently, we had to have a signed note from our parents and we were not aloud to car pool. So, people left one by one. In the end, 23 people had left without a note and 9 of us were left with no parents to pick us up. This is out of a cast of approx. 66. Only one person of the 9 was actually suposed to go back to school, Jessie (G). So, Jessie and the 8 of us waited for a bout 40 minutes longer then we should have for the bus to come. We were doing this whole, Survivor; Annie Get Your Gun Edition thing, it was really funny. There was only one guy in this group of 9, and that was Tommy (G). He was REALLY hungry apparently, and when a man walked by walking his dog, he yelled, "FOOD!" And when ever someone had food we all attacked them. Then Tommy kept singing a song that had something to do with freedom from a play that had something to do with urine. That reiminds me, during the intermission Charlie (G) kept singing the British national anthem because I asked him what it sounded like. And he isn't Bristish by the way. So, the bus finally gets here and while on tbus, Tommy orders a small pepporoni pizza and a Dr. Pepper in his mom's name and ordered it for pick up. We finally got off the bus and our parents cam and got us and we all lived happily ever after!

Okay, I lied. I just thought of two more inside jokes! Yay! Achad (one in Hebrew): Backstage, a group of kids decided to make family trees of the cast. Tommy (R) made one where I was Sitting Bull (G)'s and our director's daughter. That one got ripped up by Frank (R) somewhere along the process so I'm not sure what the final result of this family tree was.

There is a scene where Tommy gets down on his knee and starts to sing a song called "Who Do You Love, I Hope" to his true love, Winnie. On Thursday, Tommy gets down on one knee, but the music doesn't come on. Here's what happened:
Tommy: I love you Winnie.
Winnie: I love you Tommy.
Tommy: I love you too Winnie.
Winnie: If only we had some decent music to help us express our feelings.
Then the music started. Tommy's mic also fell off a lot. Now I'm really done.

So, that was just a few of the inside jokes and peeks into my quirky cast, they're ALMOST as random as I am! Hopefully, this encouraghed you to try out for the play. It is SO much fun and it will create memories that will last a life time! See ya next time!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi everyone!!!!!! I've actually had a bunch of random thoughts latley, I've just been so busy with projects and this play I'm in, Annie Get Your Gun. Because I have so many thoughts today, tomorrow or Sunday I'll dedicate an entire blog to AGYG! And I've decided not to do word of the day anymore, it's boring.`

When a little kid goes to church, and he learns about Virgin Mary, what does the teacher tell him virgin means? See, I'm Jewish so I wouldn't know. Do kids just not ask? My friend ET (not real name, don't worry, I'm not using and of my friends real names in my blog) said the kids assume it's her title or something, like Mrs. But I don't know, if a 5 year old come up to you and says, "What's a virgin?" what are you going to say? My sister actually asked me that once...

I had another one!!!! Darn, I forgot!!!!! What ever, look forword to the Annie Get Your Gun edition of TMTS, it will be sooooooo hysterical. If you've ever been in a play, you know what it's like. Everyone becomes a big family and the funniest things happen! I'll tell you about it later. See ya!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hi peeps! One of my reviewers, Snoopyfan (luv ya girlie) asked me to change the font color so she could read it so I did! YAY! Today I'm going to rant about my busy busy schedule tomorrow!

Okay, so we are taking a HUGE writing test tomorrow that my language arts teacher has been preparing us for since January. It's SO huge we get as long as we want and we have a shortened 1st and 2nd period so that we can take it during 3rd. But, my choir instructor did something REALLY stupid. He scheduled our concert for tomorrow night. Yup. He did. So he's making us skip 2nd period so we can havw 1st and 2nd period in his class. He is also making us sing Defying Gravity in this concert. If you haven't heard this song, let me explain. It's hard and professional and meant for a solist or a duet. Not a choir. He got a choral arrangment but pretty much everyone in my choir is obsessed with Wicked (except me because I haven't seen it) and they hate the arrangement because it isn't exactly like the play. Plus, this choir instructor of mine dyed his hair again. It looks horrible! I feel SO bad for his kids, they probably have to endure so much negaitve gossip about him all the time. What ever, I try not to gossip about him, but the hair really is that horrible.

Aside from those things I'm going to be in a play in nine days so we're going into reherseal over drive mode. And character shoes are not the most comfortable shoes in the world. My feet and legs are sore right now from reherseal.

Okay, word of the day time! Thanks to Snoopyfan for the word!

schnitzel (shnit- ZUL) noun; English: A German (I think) recipe for chicken. You roll the chicken (preferably the breasts) in eggs then bread crumbs with spices and then plop the chicken in the frying pan. Check on it reguraly until the bottom side is golden brown. Then flip it over. Now, when the other side is golden brown, you take it out of the pan and eat it! Yay! You just made schnitzel!

Bye everyone! Snoopyfan, keep reading:

(A Capella, Giselle)How does she know you love her?How does she know she's yours?(Marlon Saunders - Calypso Singer)How does she know that you love her?(Giselle)How do you show her you love her?(Together)How does she know that you really really truly love her?How does she know that you love her?How do you show *her* you love her?How does she know that you really really truly love her?(Giselle)It's not enough to take the one you love grantedYou must remind her or she'll be inclined to say"How do I know he loves me?How do I know he's mine?"Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?Send you yellow flowers when the sky is Grey?He'll find a new way to show you a little bit every dayThat's how you knowThat's how you know he's your love(Calypso Singer)You got to show her you need herDon't treat her like a mind readerEach little something to lead her to believe you love her(Giselle)Everybody wants to live happily ever afterEverybody wants to know their true love is trueHow do you know he loves you?How do you know he's yours?Well does he take you out dancing just so he can hold you close?Dedicate a song with words meant just for you?He'll find *someway* to tell you with the little things he'll doThat's how you knowThat's how you know he's your loveHe's your loveThat's how you know he loves youThat's how you know it's trueBecause he'll wear your favorite color just so he can match your eyesPlan a private picnic by the fire's glowHis heart will be yours foreverSomething everyday will showThat's how you know (x5)That's how you know he's your loveThat's how you knowThat's how you know he's your love

OMABCJRE3 I heart that song!!!!!! I luv ya Snoop!!!!!!!!!