Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm only doing this so Snickers doesn't steal my kidney.

I'm sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER but I'm lazy. I just had so much work with an analytic essay due and all......... (thank G-d for Spark Notes. That's all I'm saying...........)

Anyhoo, right now I am working on a project about Lucille Ball with Snickers. (wink wink) I've learned so much about her like how she did........ umm......... who am I kidding? I really don't care anymore......

See! I have nothing to say. Oh yeah......

TWILIGHT CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw it on Friday with a bunch of my friends. We waited for a long time to see that movie. A long time.... And it was amazing! I'm so glad they decided to make New Moon! It will be absolutely great! Here's why:
Snickers: Twilight was amazing, that's why! (she says hi also)
Me: GET OUT OF MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!
Snickers: Fine
Me: STILL IN BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once again, here's why:
In my humble (yet always right) opinion (fact), my view of the actors was
this: They all did a great job, but some people in particular had their strengths. Personally, I LOVED the humans. As in, the people that played humans. Justin Chon was especially amazing as Eric Yorkie. All the other humans were great too, Christian Serratos, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, and that guy who plays Tyler that I don't care enough to talk about (just kidding, I love whats his name... Gregory Tyree Boyce [wait, Twilight is the only thing he's been in? HOLY CROW! {crow, like Crowley... and what Bella says in Edward's car....}]). Also Gil Birmingham as Billy and Billy Burke as Charlie were GREAT.
Snickers: I love Jackson Rathbone 'cause he's HAWT!
Me: Why are you still here!?!?!??!
Snickers: 'Cause you're using my computer.
Me: Didn't you hear? I took over the world, it's my computer now....
Anyways, Taylor Lautner was pretty good. His lines weren't very interesting, and since his resume includes Sharkboy and Lavagirl, I can't really comment on his acting until after New Moon, when i get to see real emotion.

Robert Pattinson is very good at being deep and all tortured on the inside (real monsters SPARKLE, lol) so even though he's only in New Moon for like, 2 seconds, he'll do a really good job. And since Kristen Stewart was good at getting all stuttery and shaky when Edward suggested leaving, and considering she hasn't even read New Moon, I think she'll be great.
The Cullens all did a really good job, but since they aren't even in New Moon, except Alice, for only like, ONE second, I don't really get to judge their skillage until Eclipse. But I thought Ashley Greene was really good at being cute and dainty and psychic, I think she'll do fine.
So all the people that are important in New Moon I think can carry it really well.

Over all, the entire cast did a great job. I was pleasantly surprised, it was not what I expected at all. I knew a lot of what was going to happen due to reading every Twilight related tidbit I could get my hands on, but they pulled it off really well.

By the way, my friend K dots got to go to the premiere. Lucky duck. :P (when she came back with picture and autographs, there was a lot of screaming. There was a lot of screaming at the theatre too. I don't want to go into detail. Maybe later. I'm tired...)

Happy birthday to Katherine Heigl and Geraldine Fitzgerald. Have an awesome time.

Sorry that this post isn't funny. I'm kind of supposed to be doing a project.....I also have a lot more to say, but I'm not going to. So you'll just have to suffer


Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello and sorry for not updating in a while. I've just had nothing to say. And hardly anyone has commented. And you know what? I'm sick of your sorry excuses for comments! Prepare for a lecture on how to comment:
In a comment, you do not say something like this:
LOL :)
No. Me no comprendo. You can say something like this, but I'd prefer if you didn't:
Ha, ha, that was funny!
Here is what I expect from my highly intelligent readers to say:
Hello Stephanie. The last post was positivley (adjective/noun). I especially liked the part where (insert part you liked here). But when you said (blah blah blah) I was (confused/upset/not laughing/or something positive if absolutley nothing is wrong).

So yes, feel free to use my format. I would love it if you would make up your own, but I can't have my cake and eat it too. I finally understand that phrase. Usually I'm all, "I have my cake, I'm going to eat it. It's my cake now. You can't tell me what I can or can't do with my cake!" But now I may or may not have the cake, but if I get it I have a feeling I won't be able to eat it. You know?

Ok, that made no sense. But it should make sense. YEAH. If you were a genius like me it would make sense.

Sars and I and my sister and my dad saw the movie Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa yesterday. It was not as funny as the first one, except for this one part, where Alex the lion had to go through this right of passage in Africa, where he had to fight someone, but for some reason, he though they were having a dance off. The following chaos ensued:
Titsi (guy he was supposed to fight): Let's dance.
Alex starts dancing.
Titsi: Not dance dance! Fight dance!
Alex: Ohh.........
Then he starts humming the Prolouge to West Side Story! I was laughing SO hard. That reminds me, a few weeks ago, nothing was on tv except a PBS tribute to Leonard Bernstein. I felt like the biggest geek on the planet. I mean, I didn't WATCH it, but I did turn it on for a few seconds for lack of somethng better to see...

Well, in less then an hour I have six hours of play rehersal to go to. I don't mind, play rehersal gets me really pumped. My dad and I were debating whether screen actors or stage actors have a more difficult job. I was saying stage actors first, but now I kind of agree with my dad kind of don't. It just seems that stage actors get more out of their performance then screen actors do. Screen actors have cameras hovering over their heads 24/7 for however long it takes them to film the movie, and they can work in the most miserable condition, and it's a lot harder because you don't have the audience to feed off of. You could have positive encouragement from the cast and crew, but otherwise, not much. A stage actor on the other hand. does 8 shows a week every week, but each time he or she is completley reenergized by the thrill they get from the audience. I haven't done both obviously, but I know people (person) that has and I'll get back to you on this very important subject matter.

Anyways, I'm tired of typing. Happy birthday to Tim Rice and Heather Matarazzo! Have a fantastic birthday!

Ok guys I am going to go read something and then I will get ready for rehersal then I will leave for rehersal. But none of this is any of your buisness. SO GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm slightly OCD. *twitch*

Anyways, happy late Halloween! But before I tell you about the amazing time I had last night, I would like to tell you a truely scary story. On Monday, I went to the doctor's office. DUN DUN DUN.

So here's the story. I was supposed to go two years ago right, but I cried enough (basically, everyday for a month) that my mom cancelled for me. Then last year, we just forgot. So my mom is all, "THIS YEAR, YOU ARE GOING TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU WANT TO OR NOT!!!!!!" So one day during my math class I got a note from the office saying my mom called and I have to leave play practice early to go to the doctor. I was shaking for the next two periods of the day. But my doctor cancelled that appointment! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I was overjoyed. But my mom rescheduled. Of course. So this brings us to last Monday...

I got home from school, aware of what was coming for me. So I started crying. Tears were streaming down my face from my home to the doctor's office waiting room, where my mother made fun of me with the other parents there. Well not really, they were just trying to tell me I was being immature and this girl gets shots twice a week because of allergies and I shouldn't be scared. One by one the patients left the waiting room. When I was finally alone with my mom, I burst into tears. I was completley hysterical. My mother refused to give me sympathy. She's all, "You should win Best Lead Actress in a Drama at the Oscars!" And I'm just crying and saying, "THIS IS NOT ACTING! I'M SERIOUS!!!!" Then the nurse called me in. It took me like, 5 minutes just to stand up I was shaking so hard. They started with the "easy stuff" (more like embarassing stuff) height and weight, before bringing out the big guns. Actually, they asked me if I wanted to get shots over with or do them last, and I was quick to yell, "LAST!" So they took me to the sight and hearing testing thing. I always get perfect on both of those, but my eyes were so blurry from tears, I didn't do well on the eye exam, so now I have to see an optometrist! I obviously did perfect on the hearing test. After some more boring stuff, they said I had to get my finger pricked and then I wouldn't have to get more shots until the end. So we did that (and I start crying some more) and then they made me put on the stupid plastic gown and wait until the doctor can come examine me.

We waited for about half an hour for the doctor, making the total time there more then and hour, and my mom said I could get dressed and we could go home. I was overjoyed, but at the same time thinking to myself, "She's going to walk in right when I'm ready to leave....." And surprise surprise, as I was about to put my shoes on, she walked in. She was really really nice, and she convinced me to stay, and she did all the not painful routine stuff, which I prolonged by talking a lot, and then, it's time for shots.

Hysteria then ensued. I was sobbing. The 2nd the nurse walked in with THREE NEEDLES, I found every excuse to wait. First I needed to put my shoes on, then I needed my mom to come back, then I couldn't wait any longer. The shots were coming and there was nothing I could do.

They said I should get the least painful one on my lower arm first, but I could not flex my arm. I just couldn't do it. So they had to do the ones on either of my shoulders first while I'm still sobbing my head off. Then they actually had my doctor come back in so I could squeeze her hand while they pricked my lower arm.

Then it was over. I was immunized. Usually at this point I'm still really upset and in a lot of pshycological pain. And I usually don't feel bad for the nurse and doctor that have to deal with my idiotic aimchiphobia (fear of needles). But this time, they were SO nice to me! It was really uncharectiristic of the nurses at my clinic. Usually they are the meanest people ever. The doctors are always kind, but they're never as kind as the one I had. And I felt bad about crying so much.

And I've realized at this age, it's completley irrational and probably a pshycological fear based on something that happened to me as a baby. My mom told me when I was one and she was pregnant with my sister, she'd pull up to the hospital for her appointment and I'd start screaming. She'd even have to call my dad to pick me up, I was so shaken. I don't know why or how, but for some reason during the course of my entire life so far, I can't handle going to the doctors office. For myself, I'm crying like crazy. If I was going for any other reason, I still would be shaken, but not hysterical. It's insane how weird I get at doctors. Dentist, fine, optometrist, fine, but the regular doctor I just can't handle. Now, isn't that scary?

On to last night, Halloween. I went trick-or-treating with a bunch of my friends in another one of my friends nice gated community because:
a) We felt safer walking around because no creepy people from the outside could get in.
b) Rich people live in gated communities so we could get rich people candy.
We were completley right about B. I got multiple king size candy bars. I am donating a lot of candy to charity though, I can never eat as much as I get. But I got some gooooooooooooooood candy. Anyways, what we were wrong about, was A. Creepy people do find ways into gated communities.

We had been out for an hour, and we were split between going home or staying out longer. We stopped at the neighborhood park to get water and relax on the swings. There we saw some random kid who claimed to be three years younger then us but probably wasn't, and his "dad." His "dad" was wearing a really creepy mask and sitting on one of those little baby horse rocking things. We left when they started getting way too annoying. But then, the "dad" started stalking us! Some how he got ahead of us and he stood on top of the kiddie playground and stared at us. He was really creeping us out! Some of my friends started provoking him, while the rest of us freaked. He followed us back to the house we were staying at. We pretended to trick-or-treat while we were really telling our friend's parents what was going on. We walked to a few more houses, and then came back to make sure we lost him. Over all, it was really creepy.

Afterwards we sat on the living room floor and sorted our candy. (I also alphabetized it, because I'm OCD like that.....) Then we had a duck decorating contest. My friends and I love ducks. It's Sars' friend's fault. Long story. I made a Zac Efron duck which I will try to upload a picture of. I also made a flapper duck and a little girl duck. My ducks got worse as they went though. Zac Efron was by far my favorite.

The rest of the night was us being really hyper. Like, really, really, really, hyper. We played woosh, which is insanley fun. Best sleep over game ever! It's actually really stupid and only fun if you're insanley hyper. We obviously did truth or dare and would you rather and "Let's all tickle Snickers!" Otherwise we were just plan hyper. Up until the last second before we went to bed actually. I was listening to K.C.'s iPod, and she totally squished me up against the wall. I tried to squish her in the other direction. Here's what happened:
Me: I'm not strong enough for this.
K.C.: No you really aren't.
Me: But I'm fast enough.
Both: You're faster then the others, but not stronger. I'M STRONG ENOUGH TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!
And then some hysterical laughing. It's a Twilight thing.... Well, my friends and I have a lot of Twilight related things..... We have no life...

Anyways, that's basically it! Happy birthday to Penn Badgley!!!!!!!!! Maybe you can teach Robert Pattinson how to shave...........

I have so much more to say. But I'm not going to but I know it annoys you guys when I make really long posts. So I think I'll go to Barnes and Nobles instead.

I hope you guys had a great Halloween! Review or I'll send the stalker from last night after you!!!