Saturday, December 20, 2008


I feel like such a bad blogger right now. I can't beleive I have neglected you guys for almost ONE WHOLE MONTH. I feel terrible, just terrible!

Okay I'm over it. No one reads this thing anyways.

But I do come bearing good news! I am MTV Woman of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how many millions of girls wrote that exact sentence in their blogs recently......

In other news, it is winter break! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And tomorrow is the first night of Chanukah! To celebrate, I shall be seeing The Nutcracker Ballet. My friend R.E.L. is in it. She's a doll and cotton candy and I think someone else. I'm so excited!

I love the Chanukah season. I used to hate it. I hated how everything was Christmas-y and no one cared about me and my Jewish homies. And all those people that celebrate Kwanza (is that how you spell it?) or what ever else. I felt very neglected and unloved. But now I don't care. Christmas makes the world happier and more giving. Which means........

I GET PRESENTS!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I also have to spend 60 bucks or more on presents. But then I get stuff! YAY! What's that? You would like me to brag about what I have recieved? Well if you insist....

Well this year I was in two Secret Santa drawing. In my language arts class I found out my good friends Mel was my Secret Santa by process of elimination. She got my fuzzy socks (which I am wearing), a nail file, and a big bag of gelt. I love it! My only disappointment in this is that K.C. wasn't my Secret Santa like last year. And the year before.

But, in the other Secret Santa drawing I was in, I was pleased to find out that K.C. was indeed my Secret Santa!!!!!!!!!!! Third time in a row!!!!!!!!! W00T!!!!!!!!!!!! She got me three things: this month's Teen Vogue (with Kristen Stewart on the cover), The Best Book of Useless Information Ever, and BOOKMARK PENS (they aren't bookmarks, they aren't pens, they are BOOKMARK PENS!!!!)!!!!!!

My other friends were very generous with their presents too. Snickers got me these cell phone charm key chain things, which are great because I am getting a brand new phone. Which I am upset about. We shall go over this later. My friend Meagan gave me this good smelling Melon Cucumber Body Scrub, Sars gave me Tinkerbell pajamas (which I am wearing), Julia gave me a necklace from Walt Disney World, and ET deicded I needed a back scratcher. And this back scratcher gave me a nasty splinter. I was able to pull it out though. Thankfully. I thought I would have gotten a terrible infection and died. And we wouldn't want that would we?

Now let's go over my cell phone issue. Right now I have a cell phone. I've had it for two years and I am perfectly contented with it. All it does is call people. It has a few cool games but basically the only thing I use it for is to call my mom on occasion when I'm not home. I'm not aloud to text because it costs too much money, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I don't want to be technologically dependent.

But my family is switching from T Mobile to AT&T. You could say we are raising the bar. And my dad offered to get me an iPhone. I turned him down. I already have an iPod, why spend more money? (None of my friend understand this decision. They will when they're older. Even though I'm younger then all of them.) So my dad ordered a green Propel. WITH UNLIMITED TEXTING! HOW DARE HE???? When I asked him to explain his rash decision, this is approximatley what he said:

The last time I was making you a cell phone plan, you were at a prime point in your social develpoment. You were starting a new school, and in order for you to maintain being a social butterfly you needed to make friends the normal way, and not become technologically dependent. At this point in your life, you have tons of friends, and they all text. I want you to stay poplular and not become a social outcast because you aren't keeping up with the times. I's just looking out for you.

Do you know how many kids pray for their parents to say that?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! That is proabably in the top ten of the weirdests things my father has ever said. I forgot to tell you though, they are out of green phones, so they sent me a red one. So my mom sent it back and is getting my something like an iPhone that isn't. I am very disappointed in my parents.

At the moment my fingers are very tired. Stay tuned, maybe next time I will talk about something interesting. Happy birthday to David Cook!!!!! Now scram.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm only doing this so Snickers doesn't steal my kidney.

I'm sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER but I'm lazy. I just had so much work with an analytic essay due and all......... (thank G-d for Spark Notes. That's all I'm saying...........)

Anyhoo, right now I am working on a project about Lucille Ball with Snickers. (wink wink) I've learned so much about her like how she did........ umm......... who am I kidding? I really don't care anymore......

See! I have nothing to say. Oh yeah......

TWILIGHT CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw it on Friday with a bunch of my friends. We waited for a long time to see that movie. A long time.... And it was amazing! I'm so glad they decided to make New Moon! It will be absolutely great! Here's why:
Snickers: Twilight was amazing, that's why! (she says hi also)
Me: GET OUT OF MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!
Snickers: Fine
Me: STILL IN BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once again, here's why:
In my humble (yet always right) opinion (fact), my view of the actors was
this: They all did a great job, but some people in particular had their strengths. Personally, I LOVED the humans. As in, the people that played humans. Justin Chon was especially amazing as Eric Yorkie. All the other humans were great too, Christian Serratos, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, and that guy who plays Tyler that I don't care enough to talk about (just kidding, I love whats his name... Gregory Tyree Boyce [wait, Twilight is the only thing he's been in? HOLY CROW! {crow, like Crowley... and what Bella says in Edward's car....}]). Also Gil Birmingham as Billy and Billy Burke as Charlie were GREAT.
Snickers: I love Jackson Rathbone 'cause he's HAWT!
Me: Why are you still here!?!?!??!
Snickers: 'Cause you're using my computer.
Me: Didn't you hear? I took over the world, it's my computer now....
Anyways, Taylor Lautner was pretty good. His lines weren't very interesting, and since his resume includes Sharkboy and Lavagirl, I can't really comment on his acting until after New Moon, when i get to see real emotion.

Robert Pattinson is very good at being deep and all tortured on the inside (real monsters SPARKLE, lol) so even though he's only in New Moon for like, 2 seconds, he'll do a really good job. And since Kristen Stewart was good at getting all stuttery and shaky when Edward suggested leaving, and considering she hasn't even read New Moon, I think she'll be great.
The Cullens all did a really good job, but since they aren't even in New Moon, except Alice, for only like, ONE second, I don't really get to judge their skillage until Eclipse. But I thought Ashley Greene was really good at being cute and dainty and psychic, I think she'll do fine.
So all the people that are important in New Moon I think can carry it really well.

Over all, the entire cast did a great job. I was pleasantly surprised, it was not what I expected at all. I knew a lot of what was going to happen due to reading every Twilight related tidbit I could get my hands on, but they pulled it off really well.

By the way, my friend K dots got to go to the premiere. Lucky duck. :P (when she came back with picture and autographs, there was a lot of screaming. There was a lot of screaming at the theatre too. I don't want to go into detail. Maybe later. I'm tired...)

Happy birthday to Katherine Heigl and Geraldine Fitzgerald. Have an awesome time.

Sorry that this post isn't funny. I'm kind of supposed to be doing a project.....I also have a lot more to say, but I'm not going to. So you'll just have to suffer


Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello and sorry for not updating in a while. I've just had nothing to say. And hardly anyone has commented. And you know what? I'm sick of your sorry excuses for comments! Prepare for a lecture on how to comment:
In a comment, you do not say something like this:
LOL :)
No. Me no comprendo. You can say something like this, but I'd prefer if you didn't:
Ha, ha, that was funny!
Here is what I expect from my highly intelligent readers to say:
Hello Stephanie. The last post was positivley (adjective/noun). I especially liked the part where (insert part you liked here). But when you said (blah blah blah) I was (confused/upset/not laughing/or something positive if absolutley nothing is wrong).

So yes, feel free to use my format. I would love it if you would make up your own, but I can't have my cake and eat it too. I finally understand that phrase. Usually I'm all, "I have my cake, I'm going to eat it. It's my cake now. You can't tell me what I can or can't do with my cake!" But now I may or may not have the cake, but if I get it I have a feeling I won't be able to eat it. You know?

Ok, that made no sense. But it should make sense. YEAH. If you were a genius like me it would make sense.

Sars and I and my sister and my dad saw the movie Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa yesterday. It was not as funny as the first one, except for this one part, where Alex the lion had to go through this right of passage in Africa, where he had to fight someone, but for some reason, he though they were having a dance off. The following chaos ensued:
Titsi (guy he was supposed to fight): Let's dance.
Alex starts dancing.
Titsi: Not dance dance! Fight dance!
Alex: Ohh.........
Then he starts humming the Prolouge to West Side Story! I was laughing SO hard. That reminds me, a few weeks ago, nothing was on tv except a PBS tribute to Leonard Bernstein. I felt like the biggest geek on the planet. I mean, I didn't WATCH it, but I did turn it on for a few seconds for lack of somethng better to see...

Well, in less then an hour I have six hours of play rehersal to go to. I don't mind, play rehersal gets me really pumped. My dad and I were debating whether screen actors or stage actors have a more difficult job. I was saying stage actors first, but now I kind of agree with my dad kind of don't. It just seems that stage actors get more out of their performance then screen actors do. Screen actors have cameras hovering over their heads 24/7 for however long it takes them to film the movie, and they can work in the most miserable condition, and it's a lot harder because you don't have the audience to feed off of. You could have positive encouragement from the cast and crew, but otherwise, not much. A stage actor on the other hand. does 8 shows a week every week, but each time he or she is completley reenergized by the thrill they get from the audience. I haven't done both obviously, but I know people (person) that has and I'll get back to you on this very important subject matter.

Anyways, I'm tired of typing. Happy birthday to Tim Rice and Heather Matarazzo! Have a fantastic birthday!

Ok guys I am going to go read something and then I will get ready for rehersal then I will leave for rehersal. But none of this is any of your buisness. SO GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm slightly OCD. *twitch*

Anyways, happy late Halloween! But before I tell you about the amazing time I had last night, I would like to tell you a truely scary story. On Monday, I went to the doctor's office. DUN DUN DUN.

So here's the story. I was supposed to go two years ago right, but I cried enough (basically, everyday for a month) that my mom cancelled for me. Then last year, we just forgot. So my mom is all, "THIS YEAR, YOU ARE GOING TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU WANT TO OR NOT!!!!!!" So one day during my math class I got a note from the office saying my mom called and I have to leave play practice early to go to the doctor. I was shaking for the next two periods of the day. But my doctor cancelled that appointment! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I was overjoyed. But my mom rescheduled. Of course. So this brings us to last Monday...

I got home from school, aware of what was coming for me. So I started crying. Tears were streaming down my face from my home to the doctor's office waiting room, where my mother made fun of me with the other parents there. Well not really, they were just trying to tell me I was being immature and this girl gets shots twice a week because of allergies and I shouldn't be scared. One by one the patients left the waiting room. When I was finally alone with my mom, I burst into tears. I was completley hysterical. My mother refused to give me sympathy. She's all, "You should win Best Lead Actress in a Drama at the Oscars!" And I'm just crying and saying, "THIS IS NOT ACTING! I'M SERIOUS!!!!" Then the nurse called me in. It took me like, 5 minutes just to stand up I was shaking so hard. They started with the "easy stuff" (more like embarassing stuff) height and weight, before bringing out the big guns. Actually, they asked me if I wanted to get shots over with or do them last, and I was quick to yell, "LAST!" So they took me to the sight and hearing testing thing. I always get perfect on both of those, but my eyes were so blurry from tears, I didn't do well on the eye exam, so now I have to see an optometrist! I obviously did perfect on the hearing test. After some more boring stuff, they said I had to get my finger pricked and then I wouldn't have to get more shots until the end. So we did that (and I start crying some more) and then they made me put on the stupid plastic gown and wait until the doctor can come examine me.

We waited for about half an hour for the doctor, making the total time there more then and hour, and my mom said I could get dressed and we could go home. I was overjoyed, but at the same time thinking to myself, "She's going to walk in right when I'm ready to leave....." And surprise surprise, as I was about to put my shoes on, she walked in. She was really really nice, and she convinced me to stay, and she did all the not painful routine stuff, which I prolonged by talking a lot, and then, it's time for shots.

Hysteria then ensued. I was sobbing. The 2nd the nurse walked in with THREE NEEDLES, I found every excuse to wait. First I needed to put my shoes on, then I needed my mom to come back, then I couldn't wait any longer. The shots were coming and there was nothing I could do.

They said I should get the least painful one on my lower arm first, but I could not flex my arm. I just couldn't do it. So they had to do the ones on either of my shoulders first while I'm still sobbing my head off. Then they actually had my doctor come back in so I could squeeze her hand while they pricked my lower arm.

Then it was over. I was immunized. Usually at this point I'm still really upset and in a lot of pshycological pain. And I usually don't feel bad for the nurse and doctor that have to deal with my idiotic aimchiphobia (fear of needles). But this time, they were SO nice to me! It was really uncharectiristic of the nurses at my clinic. Usually they are the meanest people ever. The doctors are always kind, but they're never as kind as the one I had. And I felt bad about crying so much.

And I've realized at this age, it's completley irrational and probably a pshycological fear based on something that happened to me as a baby. My mom told me when I was one and she was pregnant with my sister, she'd pull up to the hospital for her appointment and I'd start screaming. She'd even have to call my dad to pick me up, I was so shaken. I don't know why or how, but for some reason during the course of my entire life so far, I can't handle going to the doctors office. For myself, I'm crying like crazy. If I was going for any other reason, I still would be shaken, but not hysterical. It's insane how weird I get at doctors. Dentist, fine, optometrist, fine, but the regular doctor I just can't handle. Now, isn't that scary?

On to last night, Halloween. I went trick-or-treating with a bunch of my friends in another one of my friends nice gated community because:
a) We felt safer walking around because no creepy people from the outside could get in.
b) Rich people live in gated communities so we could get rich people candy.
We were completley right about B. I got multiple king size candy bars. I am donating a lot of candy to charity though, I can never eat as much as I get. But I got some gooooooooooooooood candy. Anyways, what we were wrong about, was A. Creepy people do find ways into gated communities.

We had been out for an hour, and we were split between going home or staying out longer. We stopped at the neighborhood park to get water and relax on the swings. There we saw some random kid who claimed to be three years younger then us but probably wasn't, and his "dad." His "dad" was wearing a really creepy mask and sitting on one of those little baby horse rocking things. We left when they started getting way too annoying. But then, the "dad" started stalking us! Some how he got ahead of us and he stood on top of the kiddie playground and stared at us. He was really creeping us out! Some of my friends started provoking him, while the rest of us freaked. He followed us back to the house we were staying at. We pretended to trick-or-treat while we were really telling our friend's parents what was going on. We walked to a few more houses, and then came back to make sure we lost him. Over all, it was really creepy.

Afterwards we sat on the living room floor and sorted our candy. (I also alphabetized it, because I'm OCD like that.....) Then we had a duck decorating contest. My friends and I love ducks. It's Sars' friend's fault. Long story. I made a Zac Efron duck which I will try to upload a picture of. I also made a flapper duck and a little girl duck. My ducks got worse as they went though. Zac Efron was by far my favorite.

The rest of the night was us being really hyper. Like, really, really, really, hyper. We played woosh, which is insanley fun. Best sleep over game ever! It's actually really stupid and only fun if you're insanley hyper. We obviously did truth or dare and would you rather and "Let's all tickle Snickers!" Otherwise we were just plan hyper. Up until the last second before we went to bed actually. I was listening to K.C.'s iPod, and she totally squished me up against the wall. I tried to squish her in the other direction. Here's what happened:
Me: I'm not strong enough for this.
K.C.: No you really aren't.
Me: But I'm fast enough.
Both: You're faster then the others, but not stronger. I'M STRONG ENOUGH TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!
And then some hysterical laughing. It's a Twilight thing.... Well, my friends and I have a lot of Twilight related things..... We have no life...

Anyways, that's basically it! Happy birthday to Penn Badgley!!!!!!!!! Maybe you can teach Robert Pattinson how to shave...........

I have so much more to say. But I'm not going to but I know it annoys you guys when I make really long posts. So I think I'll go to Barnes and Nobles instead.

I hope you guys had a great Halloween! Review or I'll send the stalker from last night after you!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

10/24/08 and 10/25/08

IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!! And it had more screaming in a single movie theatre then any other movie I've been in. It was more like watching a Broadway show with all the fans screaming between each musical number then a movie where people giggle at appropriate moments but nothing more extreme. But then again, I haven't seen Twilight yet.....

By the way, I missed the Twilight soundtrack listening party at Hot Topic today. I was at HSM3 with Julia. (tee hee) I feel like an unsupportive fan. But I did support Stephenie Meyer throught her greatest time of need (the Midnight Sun scandal), though she may not know it. And Hot Topic is SCARY. Really, I own three items from there (Twilight shirt, sweater [I couldn't find a picture of this, but it says Twilight on the front and "I don't want to be a monster," on the back] and poster) and I only have them because other people bought them for me.

It is now 10/25/08....................

Also, when Julia and I where waiting to get picked up from the movies, we walked into Barnes and Noble, and I saw: TWILIGHT: THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED MOVIE COMPANION!!!!! I mean,I knew Amazon had started shipping it early even though it wasn't supposed to come out until November, but I was waiting for Barnes and Nobles to release it in order to mantain my faithfulness to them too. As many of you know, Barnes and Noble is my favorite place and my home away from home and I never buy books from another seller. Except in desperate times. Like when I couldn't find Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ANYWHERE while I was in Palm Desert last winter and my aunt wouldn't let me read hers and I finally found it at Target. YAY!

Anyhoo, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, HSM3!!!!!!!!!! It was SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO corny!!!!!!!!!!!! (By the way, I have named Edward Cullen the Cheese Master and Troy Bolton the Corn Master. No neither of them are fictional..... In my mind.....) I know I said this before, but that room was so loud! And I have a soar throat, but I still managed to scream.... (Zac Efron must be magical......) Here are some examples of the various noises that were made through out the theatre (spoiler alert!!!!):

Screaming and cheering: In the beginning, in the end, and after musical numbers
Wolf whistles: When Gabriella and Troy kissed
Awww.....: See above (and any other mushy moments)
Insane laughter: When ever Zac Efron sang (he looks like he's crying!!!!!)
W00ts: From me everytime something involving Ryan and Kelsi happened. Or Sharpay. I like those characters. :)
Gasping: Serisouly, an audible intake of breath was heard through out the theatre when Zac Efron took his shirt off.

Well, this isn't really I sound, but I got really emotional in the end. In the end of their final spring musical, which was the story of their senior year in musical form (hard to explain, see the movie) they sang "We're All In This Together" one last time during the graduation scene of the show, where they also announced where our favorite Wildcats where going to college. Then it flashed to their actual graduation where the sang a song called "High School Musical." The six original leads (Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor) then walked infront of everyone where a huge curtain and the High School Musical sign dropped behind them. The camera zoomed into each individual face (most of which were in tears) before they all jumped into the air and it froze, just like the original movie poster. When the came down, they all took their bows, before a final curtain dropped in front of them.

And when this happened, I got really emotional. I'm sorry, but am I the only one that finds the end of this era sad??????? I've read cover to cover the People High School Musical magazine I told you guys about, and this is very hard for them. Most of them didn't go to high school, and this was their high school experience. They've all become best friends and will probably never do anything like this again. Isn't that sad? Why am I the only person who finds this sad? I always find things like this sad, like the end of a TV series. Imagaine how the cast and crew feel! It must be heartbreaking.

I have an idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMMENT!!!!!!!!! Tell me your feelings about the end of this era, and please attempt at some positivity. Wait no! Not positivity that this is over, but positivity about the era, and how it changed the world forever. And don't go saying High School Musical is against your morals and religioin..... (Sars)........

On to a slightly random topic: Have any of you come back from a trip and suddenly the whole world is different? For example, I came back from where I was for the past six days and suddenly....

Madonna and Guy Ritchie broke up?????????????? Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer got back together?????????????????? IS THE WORLD SPINNING BACKWARDS?????????????????????????????

I'm really scared. I think the world was thrown out of wack without The Many Thoughts of Stephanie to help it get through it's troubles!

Ha, ha, you guys, I'm not that self centered! Or am I.....

I'm kind of sort of glad that I didn't have the pressures of the outside worlds on my shoulders for the past week. I had more then enough to deal with without it. A lot of hiking, moving locations, geting altitude sick, etc.

Poll news: On my "How weird do you think I am poll?" 71% of you said I'm pretty weird but you've met weirder, 14% said I'm the weirdest person you've met in a good way, 14% said I'm not weird at all, and 0% said I'm the weirdest person they've met in a bad way. I am kind of surprised by these results.

I will be putting up a new poll called, "Am I a good listener?" Recently I have been surprised to learn that at least four of my friends think I am. But then again four out of over 25 people I consider close enough friends to know me well enough to put input on the topic isn't that great.......

Happy birthday to Katy Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I always call you Catty instead of Katie, but that's what I thought your name was! Sorry, and have a great day!!!!

By my friends! COMMENT OR DIE!!!!!! Voting in my poll would be nice too.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hola me compadres who el reado my blogo. (Yes, that was Spanish....) Anyways, I don't appreciate that the only comment I got on my last entry was, "Oh." Really people, learn how to comment. Constructive criticism is appreciated! (If it is actually constructive.)

This blog is basically a place holder, I am going to be gone from Sunday morning to Friday night, and if I get on the computer (which there is a very very very SLIM chance of) I will try and update, otherwise I will update when I come back.

I don't have much to say. I wrote 3 essays in social studies today. That was joyous.....

It's really hot today. It's October. It's supposed to be chilly!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

I hate weather. It's terrible. I can't stand heat, and I can't stand the cold. I'm always either freezing or boiling. The one temperture I really do like is where you can basically be comfortable wearing anything. A tank top and shorts? No problem. Long pants and a sweater? That's fine too. And don't tell me that doesn't exist. It does. At least in SoCal it does. That's why I couldn't live anywhere but here. Because of life style and weather, and everything else. Even though I always tell people that California isn't what they think it is, that doesn't mean it isn't awesome.

I'm eating an everything bagel right now. Everything includes poppyseeds. I better not take a drug test anytime soon..... (incase you didn't know, poppyseeds show up on drug tests for some reason...)

Maybe that's why the Wicked Witch of the West put the spell on the poppys! You know, to make Dorothy and her amigos fall asleep. It's probably not that hard, considering poppyseeds are sort of drugs and all......

Back on topic to my topic of weather. I mean, if I was ever for what ever reason not living here, I'd live in New York City. Brooklyn at the least. Because that's the only other place that really suits me. I'm human, we're good adpaters, but I'd want to go somewhere I really feel at home. My friend Nat said she could see me as a New Yorker. I can see myself as a New Yorker too. Maybe living there would improve my sense of direction.

But New York is scary also. I'm not as afraid of it as my mom is, she hates taxis and subways way too much to ever live there. But I bet until I got used to being there I'd constantly look over my shoulder because I'm afraid of muggers and pick-pocketers.

The really attractive thought about living in New York though, is living in New York with my friends, all grown up. Like in Friends! We'd be roommates or live across the hall from eachother and we'd go to Central Perk... It would be really fun!

Friends is such a legendary show. Really, it's amazing. Who doesn't know the theme song? I've danced in a fountain before, (at UCLA with Sars, long story) but we probably did not look that cool.

And I love how all the episodes are just called "The One Where/When..." because that's how we refer to them. For example, "The One When the Stripper Cries." I usually refer to it though, as "The One When Joey Plays Pyramid." Really, who can resist yelling, "Paper! Snow! A GHOST!" after seeing this.... Yelling "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" is also very fulfilling.

I'm not going to go through every little snippet of Friends I love with you guys (it would take forever). All the episodes are amazing, and I don't know what else to say. 'Cause I have to leave and I'm going to be lazy.

Happy birthday to IMDB! That's an amazing website, use it! NOW!

I'm going to leave now. I'll miss you guys when I'm gone and I hope you miss me too. Remember to vote in the poll! AND COMMENT!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok you guys, this is kind of sad, I've been blogging since January, and I just figured out how to do some cool stuff to my blog. Anyways, I added a little bar thing over there to the left that says Followers. I'm not exactly sure how, but you guys can follow my blog. I'm pretty sure that means you'll get notified when I update, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd appreciate it if you signed up to follow anyways. It wil make me feel more loved.

I also figured out how to add a poll to my blog, which I'm thinking of doing. Later.

And, dun dun dun, I got my camera!!!!!!!!! I could put some random picture of stuff. Not me. Other stuff. Maybe my dogs. Or material items. Oh yes, this sounds fun.

Now let's get on topic, which in Stephanie speak means let's move off topic to a more fun topic.

It's wildfire season her in SoCal and it sure smelled bad yesterday. It smells better today. And I didn't get evacuated this year, YAY!

Today, my dear friend K.C. said I'm the weirdest girl she knows (inspiration for poll!!!!). I forgot what I said to make her say this, but it might be this story:
The other day, I randomly started dancing (which I do a lot). And I thought of a ballroom dance that started with an M. So I guess I subconsciously confused the mambo and the tango, and thought I was doing the mango. As of right now, the mango is a ballroom dance and not just a delicious fruit.

I am REALLY hyper today. I have NO idea why. I think it is a mix of the first play reherseal of the school year yesterday and staying up until 11:30 last night doing homework. Musicals and over tiredness make me hyper.

Ok, today I went to the dentist to get sealants. That was fun. NOT. The dentist is usually so much fun, I was expecting to be better entertained. I did get to watch The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning though. Anyways. it's still better than the doctors. Speaking of, I almost had to go to the doctor's yesterday. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I got a note in 6th period math from the office saying my mom called and I would have to leave play reherseal early, on the first day! I was pissed off. So I told the director and she said I could go, so I went outside to wait for my mom, when I saw her there waiting for me. My doctor canceled on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know I break so much technology that I have a broken technology drawer in my room?????? And that doesn't even hold all the stuff I've broken.....

Happy Birthday to William Penn, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi, and Max Theriot! Wow, a lot of birthdays today. I hope you have a good one.

I'd like to say get well soon to my friend Sophie who is really, really, sick right now. Love ya Soph-a-loaf!

Anyways, I am going to set up a poll and then go do the dishes and then do homework. Because that is the kind of stuff I do. Bye guys!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Ha ha. It's 10-10! LOL. I laugh at random things. Like spaghetti sauce. And string cheese. Tee hee.

My friend Nat is totally awesome. And no, she didn't tell me to say this......

I'm at my best buddie Julia's house right now. We are having one of our kiddie movie marathons. Right now we are watching Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez. It's really strange, it get's weirder every minute. Who uses sick as a compliment? Honestly, it is a really strange movie. No wonder it went straight to DVD. Anyways, I'm not even done with it yet, so if you want a valuable opinion, watch Michael Buckley talk about on his YouTube entertainment news show, What the Buck. He tells it like it is. Anyhoo, right now there's some big dance number going on. It's kind of confuzzling. This movie has too many plot twists for its own good. AW, they're having a moment! Seriously, this movie is just like Cinderella and nothing like it at the same time. It was so funny, instead of loosing her shoe she lost her iPod. And they had a bunch of girls describe their playlists too the prince of the movie, some popstar named Joey.

EW!!!!! THAT DUDE'S A PEDOPHILE! Drew Seeley who plays the love interest of Selena Gomez's character is frikken 10 years older then her. So Julia and I keep yelling pedophile at the scream. (It's Julia's new favorite word. We also enjoy saying Holy Guacamole and Oh My Garnet.) Yeah, Julia and I were making a bunch of random videos earlier where we dubbed our voices. It sounded really funny. We also had some very entertaining conversations. But anyways it's really gross. He's 26 and she's 16 and they are both playing 17 or 18 year olds. High school seniors. Creepy dude. He should be arrested.

Speaking of high school seniors, I am SO excited for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. My mom got my the People Magazine High School Musical 3 edition for my birthday and I got really excited.

Oh shoot, I kill all technology. I just killed the TV. Oh, Julia brought it back to life. YAY! She shouldn't be trusting me with this laptop.......

Ok. I am going to leave before I kill Julia's computer. Happy birthday to Jodi Benson! Bye everyone!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hello my friends and welcome to the much anticipated YouTube edition of The Many Thoughts of Stephanie! Ok, you guys might not have anticapated it much, but I've actually been meaning to do this for a really long time. Personally, I love YouTube, I go on it a lot, and the people there are hysterical. I also think they have nothing to do with their lives, but they are entertaining us so all is good. I've always wanted to make a video blog on YouTube, but I think I'm better at this kind of blogging. Also, I can do this without having to look good or anything. I'm sitting here in my pajamas. Seriously. I haven't even brushed my hair yet. Anyways, today I will show you all YouTube through my eyes, and all the videos I love, and not the ones I hate because I feel like being positive today. So, let's start with the unicorns shall we?

Unicorns are becoming big hits on YouTube. Do not ask me why, for I do not know. All I know is that one unicorn in particular has captured the hearts of me and all my friends. His name is Charlie. Charlie the Unicorn. And the best place to find him is SecretAgentBob's channel, Film Cow Productions. Any other channel with Charlie is a fake. This is where you get the real stuff. He has some other stuff also but none are watched as much as Charlie the Unicorn and it's sequel, Charlie the Unicorn 2. Watch these videos at your own risk. You might start hearing, "Charlie...... Let's go to Candy Mountain Charlie....." "Shun the non-beleiver. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhun....." and other quotes at various times through out the day. It gets slightly scary.

Another fun unicorn video is Planet Unicorn. These are made by someone named tspiers. I have not watched any of his vidoes besides Planet Unicorn, so I don't know about those ones. Like Charlie the Unicorn, Planet Unicorn can be very annoying and you might get the theme song stuck in your head. Ok, you WILL get the theme song stuck in your head. Especially if it is your friends ringtone. Sars. That's enough unicorns for today, let's move on.

The next person I am going to talk about is amazing, one of my favorite people on YouTube and most of my friend's favorite person on YouTube. Especially you Julia. That's right, it's Fred, everyone's favorite 6 year-old with anger management issues. And his cousin goes to my school. How cool is that? Anyways, this guy, Fred, makes videos of him doing various things from celebrating Halloween, to losing his medication, and auditioning for the school play. OMG MY AUDITION! I HAVE TO PREPARE! Sorry about that, I really need to work on my song, but I'll stay here with you guys for a little bit longer. So go see Fred.

A great way to make it big on YouTube is obsession. And two of my biggest obsessions are, you guessed it, Twilight and Harry Potter. So I really like videos themed with these two topics.

If you, like me and most of the world's population, love Harry Potter, (or hate it, I guess you could hate it to like these videos too) go straight to Neil Cicierega's YouTube home. He does insist that he has non Harry Potter related videos, but what made him a YouTube star are his Potter Puppet Pals. Yes, Harry Potter puppet shows. These are hysterical! Harry Potter in puppet form going on his adventures. With appearences by Ron, Snape, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Neville, I can watch these shows over and over again. Like all the other videos these are very quoteable, and it will get on your nerves when all your friend start to belt, "Snape, Snape, Severus Snape!" and other Potter Puppet Pal tunes.

If your obsession is geared more towards vampires then wizards, head straight to NoMoreMarbles. She is a Twilighter and video blogger (who is married and has a son) and can talk for a really long time about Twilight. A really long time, her videos are like 10 minutes each. I have not seen all of her videos because she has a million and I'm not done viewing them yet and some are way funnier then others (for example, the VMAs one and the one with James and Edward) but she is just a hysterical person. So if you love Twilight, watch her videos. Please.

Last but not least, possibly thee most famous people one YouTube, scrath that, THEE most famous people on YouTube, most subscribed to of all time, with over 14,000,000 views, the two coolest Asian-Hawaiin kids ever, Ryan and Sean, NIGAHIGA!!!! (and the crowd goes wild) Seriously, these guys are HYSTERICAL. They started off just lip synching to random songs, then they made the How to Be.... videos, and the shot right into YouTube stardom. Literally, they got a movie deal out of this. A frikken movie deal. Not straight to DVD, but in theatres and all that jazz. Speaking of all that jazz, I recorded Chicago. But my dad won't let me watch it until I do my homework. But I hardly have any! But I also have a feeling Snickers is going to come kidnap me and force me to work on our history project with her. And I don't really want too. But I'm going to anyways so Snickers doesn't eat me. You see, I'm what some would call a major procrastinator. But for your information, it is a life-style choice, and I'm not forcing you to prcrastinate also! Except when people do group projects with me. Then I force them to procrastinate also. That reminds me, I need to call Sophie because she was sick on Friday (sob) and I need to tell her something.

Ok you guys, that's it basically. Happy birthday to Kate Winslet the awesome. Oh, did you guys know she's in another movie with Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, of course you did because I'm always the last to find everything out. I am really excited about that though, and when I force someone to come with me to the movie theatre on October 10th (day Twilight trailer comes out) I am hoping to see a commercial for it.

I really need to go now, I totally need to do my homework. But I'm not going to I'm going to work on my audition. Because frankly, that's more important to me right now. Bye you guys! You're awesome! Review and you'll be way more awesome!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's OCTOBER already??????? You know what that means?????????????

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the 9th to be exact. No, I will not tell you what year!)

I'm really excited about my birthday this year. Not the actual day though, that's Yom Kippur, the most serious day of the year for me and my homies, the Jewish people. That's what my mom calls all my dad's Jewish friends. His homies. I've taken up the habit. They are strictly my homies though, my home dogs are Buddy and Isabelle, who are in fact my dogs. So yeah, the actual DAY of my birthday won't be that great, but I will be stuck in a hotel all day with a bunch of my friends, who know what will happen? My Hebrew birthday on the other hand, is a little later on a more fun holiday called Sukkot. ANYWAYS, what I'm really looking forword too is the presents.

Ok, I know that sounds really materialistic, but I'm a very material person. Well, in a sense. I could live without some things and not live without others. But I kind of NEED some material items right now. Here is a short list (wink wink nudge nudge):

a) A digital camera. I know, after breaking three you may not trust me with one, but seriously, I really need one. How else will I remember all the great things I do when I am (insert age I am turning here)?

b) A watch. I accidently broke my 4th watch today. But I think my P.E. teacher should buy me a new one. He'll probably end up saying I shouldn't have worn it to P.E. But I wasn't supposed to do P.E.! I got a note from my dad saying a didn't have too! And you know what? He made all the people with medicals search for basketballs in our schools resident forest. Ok, it's basically the unflattened part of the hill the P.E. area sits on top of, but it was really difficult to maneuver. It involved hopping chain link fences. No joke. I felt like a delinquent. And when hopping the fence (a newly required skill, if I may add) my watch got caught and broke. A really good jeweler could probably fix it, but I'd rather have my P.E. teacher pay for a new one. I think that's more satisfying.

c) iTunes money! I haven't gotten a new song in ages, and I really need to listen to some new material!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything else I just want, I don't NEED. Those things I need. Or at least I will benefit from. Want to here about the stuff I might not benefit from but you can get me anyway? Oh, what fun!

a) Tickets to go to New York and see a real Broadway show. I only see them when they come on tour out here. I've never seen a REAL one. Or tickets to go anywhere else actually. Maybe London! They have really good theatre there!

b) Barnes and Nobles gift cards. Wait, I could probably benefit from these, 'cause reading is good for you and all. Here's the thing, I hate gift cards or cash presents. I find those to be excuses for when you don't know what to get someone. So instead go to Barnes and Nobles and get me what ever you find appropriate. Not Borders though. I hate Borders. Barnes and Nobles shall live on! I'm sorry Borders, but the scent of your stores make my puke. It's so industrial. Barnes and Nobles is my home away from home. The scent used to bug me, but I got an aquired immunity. The people who work at my local one actually know me. Some of them. The people that work in the kid's department have practically seen me grow up. And the people in the teen department know me as the really obsessive Twilight fanatic. But who's keeping track?

Ok, I am procrastinating and have A TON of homework to do. Coming up on TMTS though, we have the YOUTUBE edition were I will tell you all about the coolness of YouTube and the best videos on it and why I want to but can't make a video. I've been planning it for a long time so I really hope you enjoy it (cough cough Ashley cough cough). Happy birthday to Annie Leibovitz, Sting, and Tara Lynne Barr! Have a wonderful day you guys! Bye!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wow you guys, I've decided to update TWO, count then TWO, days in a row because of the awesome reviewing from my post yesterday. Thank you so much you guys! I never get so much positive feedback like that. Keep the reviews coming, and for those of you that didn't review, look at those for examples! They were the most amazing reviews ever!

Ok, breaking news: My best-friend-since-kindergarten Julia who you have heard of before in this blog has made her own blog! YAY! It's called bored and I really hope you check it out. It's basically her writing when she's bored, and considering we have really strange conversations when we're bored, it will probably be very interesting.

In case any of you were wondering, I am still very sick. I woke up this morning excpecting to be better, and I was worse. I recently lost my sense of smell. I'm so clogged up. All this morning I sat on the couch watching movies with a box of tissues. Not because they were sad (though sad movies are always fun) but because I constantly needed to use one! The movies I watched where The American Mall and Zathura. I guess I'm going to talk about them.....

The American Mall: It was a combination of High School Musical and Camp Rock. Those two should not mix. It actually worked better then I thought it would, but it was a bit sloppy in the foot work and heavy on the auto-tune. It was for an older crowd then HSM and Camp Rock, and it appealed to that more then I expected. Some of the songs were really catchy while others were just pointless.

Zathura: Ok, I'll be honest. I only saw this movie because Kristen Stewart was in it. But I mean really, do you expect me to pass up a chance to examine a Twilight cast member? Anyways, it was really cutesy but predictable. And I was kind of upset because Kristen Stewart's charcter Lisa was frozen for a good chunk of the movie. Don't ask. And the kid that played the youngest brother was so adorable!!!! His name is Jonah Bobo, which is a kind of sucky name but he is adorable! Anyways, it was a good kid movie I guess.

I also saw The Women this afternoon but it was pretty bad. An amazing cast, a bad script. Sorry!

Last night I watched part of The Little Princess with Shirley Temple. I couldn't finish it because it was NOTHING like the book. Nada.

Ok, I got to rap it up, I have to watch my dogs. Happy birthday Gwenyth Paltrow! I love you all! I'll love you more if you review!

Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm so sorry everyone I haven't updated in FOREVER! I was going to force myself to update yesterday, but a) it was my mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and b) Ugly Betty was on. I figured it out! What was going to happen I mean. When I told one of my friends this bit of information (that I always figure out what's going to happen) she said if there was a book and I was the main character I would always save the day. I'm flattered. Really, I am. But then I asked Snickers (who knows my REALLY well) what she thought of the matter and she said something along the lines of, "Sort of. I mean, you'd figure out what you needed to do, but you wouldn't always do it. Like you wouldn't jump off a cliff and run through a field of spiders to save someone." Which is true. Unless it was someone I really, really, REALLY cared about and the jump off the cliff wouldn't kill me in the process and the spiders weren't huge and poisinous. But I doubt I'll ever be in a situation where I have to jump off a cliff and run through a field of spiders to save someone......

But then I realized how true that was. That I always know what to do but I don't always do it. Wait.... now I'm confusing myself. I mean, when we run in P.E., I know it's important to run at a good speed and try hard and stuff, but I don't always do. Sometimes, I just really don't want to run. So I don't. I mean, I run enough that my teacher won't take points of my grade, but you know what I mean.

Anyways, lots of funny stuff has happened since the last time I updated on Friday. For example, that night I had a sleepover at Snickers house. My entire family went over for dinner actually, and then they left my there. But it was really funny, because for a really long time we just sat on the stairs talking about hands. Long story.

But that night, one of the funniest things happened. Not as funny as what happened in math that day, but that's not exactly G-rated. Anyways, it was the middle of the night and I wake up to this:
Snickers: mumble....mumble...... WEAPONS! *pause* You can't bring those to school! *pause again* You'll get in trouble! *last pause, I promise* BELEIVE ME!
It was really creepy and menacing. Snickers is quite the sleep talker. She said she only sleep talks when there is a change in her environment though. Like at sleepovers. Which is weird, because I'm there enough that it shouldn't be a change in the environment.

That reminded me of one time when my brother was really little when he was sleep talking. My mom and I rushed into his room when we heard him crying.
Max: Grandma! Where's my ketchup!
Me or my Mom: Grandma's not here.....
Max: But I want my ketchup....
I don't remember how the rest of it goes except that he fell asleep. It was very entertaining.

I slept talked once. But technically, it wasn't sleep talking, because I was awake I was just in some kind of haze and wasn't one hundred percent there. I woke up and turned to my clock and it said 12:00. So I run out of my room to awaken my mother.
Me: Mom, it's already 4th period! Why didn't you wake my up? I'm late for school!
Mom: Stephanie, it's dark outside. It's 12 a.m. Go to sleep.
Me: Oh.....
Yeah, I was totally oblivious to the fact that it was dark. I guess I put on mental blinders or something.

Umm...... I don't have much to say. I could go into more details of Snicker's and my sleepover but I'm really sick and really tired right now. Basically, happy birthday to Olivia Newton-John. I'm way to out of it to link that, so I'm just going to assume that all of you know who she is. Because you should. Bye now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello dudes and dudettes. Do you guys remember when it was cool to be called a dudette? Wait, maybe that never happened, but in 3rd grade or something, there was some fad where everyone was called a dude and all the girls would go, "I'm a dudette, gosh." So yeah. Lately I've gotten into the habit of calling people Dude so I thougt I'd bring that up.

Ok guys, are you ready to laugh? 'Cause I decided I need to make up for the unfunniness of the past and be super hilarious in this late night entry. (As of now it is 9:21 Pacific Standard Time. Oh so late, I know.)

I think I might be turning into a kitty cat. Because I accidently meowed earlier. I don't know what I was aiming for, I was annoyed at my mom, and I tried making one of those throaty obnoxious sounds, and it turned into a meow. It was really creepy! I tried to do it again, but it didn't work. Speaking of cats, we most sing the kitty cat song (composed by Sars):
(to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down) I'm a kitty kitty cat, with a song, and a rap! (random beatboxing) Kitty go meow!
Isn't that an amazing song. There is also the puppy song written by Snickers and I:
(to the tune of Barbie Girl) I'm a puppy dog, in a puppy world! Life is furry, in a hurry! I can wag my tail, and even fetch your mail! My puppy palace, even has a mattress!
My friends and I have been very songy this year. It's weird.

Hey, you guys care about me right? And if I was your child, you would make sure I got my proper nutirients, right? Well, tell my parents that! Because today, my dad brought home pizza from our favortie local pizzaria (it's kosher, and everyone knows kosher tastes better). My dad remembered to get sauceless pizza for my sister, pasta for my brother, mushroom pizza for himself, but he forgot my ravioli. HE DIDN'T REMEMBER THE RAVIOLI. Every single time (or at least 99% of the times) we go there, I get ravioli with no melted cheese on top! I just have a thing for cheese filled pastas. Tortelini is also awesome as my friends found at lunch today when another friend brought some and I went bezerck. But I mean, I always get the ravioli. And my own father, who has known me my entire life (except for those two seconds in the hospital where he "wasn't aloud to see me") forgot it! And I'm his oldest child too, he should remember me the best. I will show you a snippet of the analogy I used explaining this to my father:
Me: I'm the original! Abby's the sequel, and Max is the 3rd! No one likes them!
Abby: Max is an origanal too, he is the first boy.
Me: He's like Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It may have been the first animated version, but that doesn't mean people liked it!
Personally, I enjoyed that analogy. It makes sense.
Later that night:
My father was on and he remembered to buy a new carseat for my brother, and birthday present for his mother, and nothing for me. My birthdays 3 days after his moms! It shouldn't be that hard to remember! And my brother? His birthdays in APRIL! There is something wrong with this picture.

Another messed up picture for you: I keep seeing these weird bugs everywhere. I think I might be hallucinating like the girl on House the other night. Or it could be the apple core I left in my room and just remembered to through out...Speaking of House: Wilson's a meanie head! He can't just do that! He can't break up with House! That came out wrong... He's House's only friend, he can't do that to him! GGGRRR!!! (or should I say meow?) Also, I feel really bad for Thirteen! Speaking of Thirteen, I just found out her real name (the character's real name) is Dr. Hadley. Yay! She isn't just randomly unnamed! w00t.

Speakin of Thirteen: I heard about this new Broadway show opening up called 13. It is the first and only Broadway production with an entire cast and band of TEENAGERS! Just like me! Except more talented... Anyhoo, I REALLY want to see this. Like, REALLY bad. I'm going to enter a contest to see it. And no, the contest does not require a skill of any kind, it is a random draw. Because if the contest required skill, I'd loose. I don't have a skill. But if I could choose any skill in the world, it would be the skill to be able to do one of these Broadway shows. Because they look amazing.

No important birthdays today guys. Sorry. And also, I just realized when I said it was the 50th blog, it was actually the 49th. Which kind of sucks. And that was 11 posts ago, and I'm just realizing this now...

Anyways you guys, it past 10, and I should be asleep. I think this post is enough for now, so have fun.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey guys, sorry for being so tragically unfunny in my last entry, but let's just say I wasn't in the best mood. I'm still not in the best mood (killer headache) but I'm fine. I don't have much to say though........ Let me think.....

Oh no! What if I've lost my funny and won't ever have the ability to be funny again? This is terrible! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm over it. I'm just having an off day. Speaking of off-days, how many times a week would you like me to post? Now I post whenever I feel like it, but I think that if you guys know how often I'm posting you'll remember to check in and read it. So comment on this issue please! Even if you don't have feelings towards the issue comment anyways! No one ever comments!

Well, I couldn't find a single intresting birthday today. There were a million yesterday. But I'm not acknoweldging them. So ha.

Oh, I got to go to school! I'll talk more later! Sorry for more unfunniness!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Warning: The following blog may contain minor cursing. Sorry, I don't like to do it, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Who ever you are the commented on my blog (not Nat): I'm not going to loose my temper, and I am all for freedom of speech and all that, but I need to get this off my chest: Why the hell did you have to call me a bitch? You don't even know me! Unless you do know me, and the only person I think of that knows me who could call me that is the girl I insulted in my last entry from science class, but I doubt that's you. Even if it IS you, I'm sorry for insulting you, but I'm not sorry for saying it, because it's true and you better shape up if you want to get anywhere in life. Well, you probably aren't her, so why the hell did you feel the need to call me a bitch? Really, you don't know anything about me or what I do, and I didn't say anything insulting at all in that last entry! So just leave me alone!

On a happier note happy birthday to Marco Polo.

More later. I'm too angry to be funny.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Sorry I haven't been updating, but as many of you know, I have a problem with technology. BASICALLY Wednesday night, I broke two computers. *shmile* I know, it's totally NOT funny, but I was laughing really hard and my mom got all mad at me for breaking more stuff but I just couldn't stop laughing. As you can see, we got at least one computer to work. The other........ I shudder at the thought............

I really wish I could have updated for 9/11, but I really don't know what I would have said. I can't put my feelings for that day into words. But Meg Cabot did a pretty good job. Read it. It is one of the many things that have made me cry. El sobo.

El sobo. That's Spanish right? Just like uno secioso? I don't know. But I know someone who does know! SPANISH MIKE! He's this dude on YouTube who wrote the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song. Nachos grande, and cinamon (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT???) twists......

Anyways my homies, Sars is weird. She did some gross stuff today at school. But this blog is strictly PG rated, so I can't tell you the story! It's PG-13. Oooooh........... It's not that bad you guys, Sars was just being gross and I don't want to mention it. Sorry. (Or as the Canadians say it Soooooorry.)

Ok, I know I don't hate people, but I hate when certain people are put into my life. Like my science lab group. They're just so.......... UGH! When ever we do an experiment, the other girl texts the entire time, two of the guys don't do anything, and the other guy yells at me and criticizes my math skills! If I use a calculator (because it's science, and we can!) he'll be all, "That's SO easy, even I can do that!" And he's in a math level lower then me! Or, if I don't understand a question, he'll be all, "I need to know the answer!!!!!!!!" And I'll mentally scream, "IF YOU WANT THE ANSWER SO BAD, FIND IT YOURSELF!" But I don't actually scream. I'm a non-confrontational person. I mean, I know less confrontational people then me. I've had a few confrontations (special lead, ha ha, I'll talk about that later) but I prefer to seem approachable and kind (Sars) then to pick fights (Sars).

So anyways, today we got our first science test back, and in my group, I was the only person to get an A. One of the guys that doesn't do anything got a B, which is pretty good in my opinion, because I thought the test was really hard and I had a dream that I would fail, and supposedly dreams come true. But I got an A! The other guy that doesn't do anything and the guy that yells too much got D's and the girl that texts all the time got and F. FOR FAILURE. And it's really funny, because they were all, "I'm so not gonna show my dad, he'll kill me!" So I chimed in with, "My dad wouldn't kill me if I got a failing grade, as long as I improved from my last grade." But I'm starting to think that's only because I get straight A's and they've never had to deal with me failing something. Because I never fail tests. That matter. I mean, if the test doesn't matter, I basically don't care and get what ever I get. And then there are those stupid tests with 3 problems and if you get one wrong, you're already down to a D. But otherwise I get A's and B's. Except in geometry. Geometry is my worst subject. I'm not visual! I'm completley verbal! I also have no hand-eye coordination what so ever! Speaking of, my football team SUCKS. But we have more fun than the other football teams, so all is well.

(special lead, ha ha, I'll talk about it later) Now is later my friends! I've probably already gone over this, but too bad, I'm going over it again! This one time, in math class, this annoying guy was standing in front of me in line to ask our teacher something (this is last year by the way). He had a mechanical pencil, and kept pressing the button so all the lead would come out. Here's the conversation the followed:
Him: I'm going to poke you and give you lead poisoning.

Me: That's graphite not lead.
Him: No, it's special lead.
Me: You're special lead.
Then Snickers and I burst out laughing for a solid 15 minutes and totally ruined the moment. But it was fun. I usually don't think of those things until later. That's why it's easier to write, I can come back later and change something.

Ok, I'm only going to do two birthdays today because I'm uber lazy and don't feel like acknowledging everyone else. Don't worry. You're still special.
Emmy Rossum: OMG, (I sound stupid) you're amazing! I love, love, LOVE Phantom of the Opera, and you have the most amazing voice ever. By the way, Nat and I decided you are not getting together with Raol, you are now married to Edward's long lost identical twin. Don't worry, you'll love him.
Buddy: Who's the best puppy ever? You are! As you may have guessed, it's my golden retreiver's birthday today. w00t!

Ok. Yeah. Whatever. Bye.

P.S. I'd appreciate it if you people would comment every once in a while. Please and thank you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

9/8/08 and 9/9/08

Ok, I've been starting to feel really bad for my last entry! I think I really pushed some buttons. I'm sorry if I insulted people by calling them boring or my views on politics. I understand SOME 13 year olds actually have views and care and stuff. Key word: some. And my mother would like you guys to know she and my father are "undecided." Bah.

But my last blog entry did verify some of my suspicions brought up by Sars. Apparently, I'm scary, unapproachable, and self-centered. But the thing is, I can't deny it when Sars says that because then I'd sound more self-centered. I can't be all, "I'm a friendly, approachable, loving person!" Because only a self-centered person would say that. So I have to get other people to say it. Because no one agrees with Sars. Except my parents who think I talk to much about myself. And people who are sarcastic. I'm starting to see why sarcasm annoys my sister so much. Because last week, Sars bought ice-cream. And she was sharing the ice-cream with other people and she wouldn't give any to me. And I got upset because I thought she was mad at me. And later, Julia is all, "Sars told me what you did. I can't beleive it!" And stuff like that. I got really upset. So all weekend on AIM I bugged them, and because stubborness is the key to life, they told me they were just trying to annoy me! Which is really mean! Sars is a mean person. I'm really wondering why I'm friends with her........ LOL Sars.........
Update as of 9/9/08: Sars now says I'm not only scary and unapproachable in certain photographs and that I'm only a little self-centered, but everyone is. That is a humungos compliment coming from Sars. She rarely says positive things about anyone.

Ugh. I have nothing to say. School is boring and annoying. And exhausting. And P.E. is physically demanding. Probably not to anyone except me, the freakishly unathletic person......

Now it is 9/9/08

Speaking of P.E............ We picked football teams today!!!! YAY! Not. Guess who was picked last? Well, technically, I wasn't picked last. I wasn't picked at all! Because we had 10 teams, and there were 5 people left over, one of them being me. So our teacher told us to pick what ever team we want as long as we all went to different teams. I picked the team that was laughing the hardest at what ever it was they were talking about, out of curiousity. When I went there, they were all, "You shouldn't have picked this team. We're gross." And they are. But I mean, I've heard worse. And later, the team captain noted that we didn't have great athletic ability on our team. So another guy says, "But we're the funniest!" This same guy later goes, "It doesn't matter if you win or loose, but how much you insult the other team." So that is our team motto now. w00t.

Also today in Language Arts, we were working on this project we have to do about words. And all the good words topics were taken, so my group and I are doing a project about compound words. It was really boring yesterday during computer lab research, and we thought we wouldn't be able to get anyone's attention. But today we had a creative breakthrough and it's surprinsingly entertaining. We're making a compound word chart. Like flap + jack = flapjack. Except with pictures. We'd have a picture of someone flapping his wings, then a picture of some kid climbing up a hill to fetch a pail of water, and then a picture of pancakes. It's really fun. I pointed out to the rest of my group though, that only geeks as big as us can find fun in compound words. Sigh.....

On Sunday night, Sars, Snickers, Julia and I made these tie dye t-shirts at the orientation for this community service thing we're doing to help special needs kids. So today, we wore our shirts to school. And Sars and I decided to have a contest to see whose shirt was cooler. We actually tied! We each got the same number of vote! Who weird is that we tied, in a tie dye t-shirt contest......... Strange.............

Well, this is a short entry. Oh wait, birthdays. I'm too lazy to do yesterdays so I'll skip to today's.
Hugh Grant: Umm.... you're British and famous so you're awesome! Happy birthday!
Adam Sandler: Umm.. I loved 50 First Dates!! And I love your dog Matzo Ball. He's awesome. Happy Birthday!
Michelle Williams: Little Matilda is adorable! You're a good mother to her! Have a great birthday!

Ok, bye for now!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Guess what, guys?????????????? Ok, well, none of you are guessing so I'll tell you. But I have to give you background information first.

Most of you know I hate politics SSSSOOOO much. I just think it is rude and impolite and horrible. All they do is make their competetor look bad instead of making themselves look good. And if I hate anything, it is these two things: The word hate and disrespect. I mean, I say hate, but I would never, ever, EVER tell another person I hated them. Except Hitler but he's dead. And Sars, but thats sarcasm, it doesn't count. My social studies teacher says we should address the presidential candidates and Senator Obama and Senator McCain. Well, I usually don't do that, but I do think they deserve the proper amount of respect. Also George Bush. He deserves respect too. How many of you are president of these United States? That's what I thought.

I also think it is especially inappropriate for people unelligble to vote to advertise for the candidates. Examples: T-shirts stating, "Obama Fo Yo Momma," (I especially hate that one, it;s getting REALLY old)"My Dog is Smarter than a Democrat," "Barack the Vote," and many more. Seriously, I don't think it's very good for 13 year olds to advertise for their parents presidential party. I know it's their choice, but as I've said before, most people who aren't voting, don't have enough information to know how to vote. When people ask me who I support, I say, "I don't think I have the proper amount of information to answer that question, but my parent's are voting for (Senator) McCain."

My point being, even in my hatred towards politics, I have always wanted to be involved in the student body. As long as I've been able to, I've ran for class representitive. I've never even gotten close. Because it's a humongo popularity contest. Want proof? In 6th grade I ran for representitive againt one other girl named Sammy. I typed up a speech with good points and presented it in front of the class. Sammy's speech went something like this:
Hi. I'm Sammy. Vote for me.
And guess who won? Well, it wasn't me.
But every year I've ran for fun just for the hell of it. And today, I was on a role! In choir every year, the older members get to run for president. Today I made my speech, and I tied for first place. I'm the co-president of something! That's NEVER happened to me before! It's insane! And, and, AND, in RAD (homeroom, basically) I got 2nd place to be our representitive! That's soooooo strange! I was just having such a weird day! These things NEVER happen to me. The only thing I've ever been president of was the A.P.T (don't ask) but I made that up so it doesn't count. I think I was a co-vice president of "Weirdville" (HA HA) in 3rd grade, but I don't remember.

It's just soooooooooo strange. It's like suddenly, people like me. But then I started getting the impression people didn't. I'm starting to think I annoy everyone except Snickers. She's the only person that listens when I talk. My dad says that's because I'm always talking and never listening. But I always have something to say. And other people are boring. No offense. Some of them are interesting, but I enjoy talking to other people, not listening. I think that's why I'm good at writing, it's a one-way conversation, but somewhere, someone is listening. Reading. Whatever. And also, making skits. I make good skits. Ok, I have to stop bragging, I sound obnoxious to myself.

But I mean, all the jobs in the world that interest me are jobs that tell stories. Acting, writing, what ever. I enjoy telling other people stuff. But apparantly, the stuff I tell other people is boring to everyone except Snickers. But I think Snickers might be getting bored of it too. Well, comment if you aren't bored of me then. Even if you are, I'll keep writing because I make myself laugh. Blogging is very self-fufilling. Well, not really. I was talking to someone about blogging and she said she probably couldn't do it because she's never been able to keep a diary. Well, I've never been able to either. Honestly, they never last. So I said I guess blogging works for me because it benefits other people, not just myself. Like in my most recent diary attempt, I had to let Snickers read some of it, it was just so funny! Ok, bragging again, got to stop... Well, I just write funny things. Like last night, I wrote a story about a giraffe. I like to think I'm a good writer, but I can never think of a more then 4 page story. If I do it's to similar to my life or to similar to other books. I mean, I COULD write about my life, but the story would end up being very embarassing and unpleasent for people who know me to read. I mean, I could give it to a random stranger, it might entertain them. But it would be awkawrd for me friends or what ever. Or teachers. I'd probably say mean things about them. Well, not really, but enough to piss someone off.

Umm.... birthdays. Only one today because I can only remember one and I'm to lazy to research again:
Skander Keynes: I have a friend that's kind of obsessed with you. HA HA. Anyways, I love The Chronicles of Narnia (Chronia Narnia as Max calls it) and have a great birthday and keep acting. And you're from London! I love London and people who come from it! w00t!

Well, I hope you enojyed the entry. Remember, post if I'm not annoying/boring you! PLEASE!