Monday, September 8, 2008

9/8/08 and 9/9/08

Ok, I've been starting to feel really bad for my last entry! I think I really pushed some buttons. I'm sorry if I insulted people by calling them boring or my views on politics. I understand SOME 13 year olds actually have views and care and stuff. Key word: some. And my mother would like you guys to know she and my father are "undecided." Bah.

But my last blog entry did verify some of my suspicions brought up by Sars. Apparently, I'm scary, unapproachable, and self-centered. But the thing is, I can't deny it when Sars says that because then I'd sound more self-centered. I can't be all, "I'm a friendly, approachable, loving person!" Because only a self-centered person would say that. So I have to get other people to say it. Because no one agrees with Sars. Except my parents who think I talk to much about myself. And people who are sarcastic. I'm starting to see why sarcasm annoys my sister so much. Because last week, Sars bought ice-cream. And she was sharing the ice-cream with other people and she wouldn't give any to me. And I got upset because I thought she was mad at me. And later, Julia is all, "Sars told me what you did. I can't beleive it!" And stuff like that. I got really upset. So all weekend on AIM I bugged them, and because stubborness is the key to life, they told me they were just trying to annoy me! Which is really mean! Sars is a mean person. I'm really wondering why I'm friends with her........ LOL Sars.........
Update as of 9/9/08: Sars now says I'm not only scary and unapproachable in certain photographs and that I'm only a little self-centered, but everyone is. That is a humungos compliment coming from Sars. She rarely says positive things about anyone.

Ugh. I have nothing to say. School is boring and annoying. And exhausting. And P.E. is physically demanding. Probably not to anyone except me, the freakishly unathletic person......

Now it is 9/9/08

Speaking of P.E............ We picked football teams today!!!! YAY! Not. Guess who was picked last? Well, technically, I wasn't picked last. I wasn't picked at all! Because we had 10 teams, and there were 5 people left over, one of them being me. So our teacher told us to pick what ever team we want as long as we all went to different teams. I picked the team that was laughing the hardest at what ever it was they were talking about, out of curiousity. When I went there, they were all, "You shouldn't have picked this team. We're gross." And they are. But I mean, I've heard worse. And later, the team captain noted that we didn't have great athletic ability on our team. So another guy says, "But we're the funniest!" This same guy later goes, "It doesn't matter if you win or loose, but how much you insult the other team." So that is our team motto now. w00t.

Also today in Language Arts, we were working on this project we have to do about words. And all the good words topics were taken, so my group and I are doing a project about compound words. It was really boring yesterday during computer lab research, and we thought we wouldn't be able to get anyone's attention. But today we had a creative breakthrough and it's surprinsingly entertaining. We're making a compound word chart. Like flap + jack = flapjack. Except with pictures. We'd have a picture of someone flapping his wings, then a picture of some kid climbing up a hill to fetch a pail of water, and then a picture of pancakes. It's really fun. I pointed out to the rest of my group though, that only geeks as big as us can find fun in compound words. Sigh.....

On Sunday night, Sars, Snickers, Julia and I made these tie dye t-shirts at the orientation for this community service thing we're doing to help special needs kids. So today, we wore our shirts to school. And Sars and I decided to have a contest to see whose shirt was cooler. We actually tied! We each got the same number of vote! Who weird is that we tied, in a tie dye t-shirt contest......... Strange.............

Well, this is a short entry. Oh wait, birthdays. I'm too lazy to do yesterdays so I'll skip to today's.
Hugh Grant: Umm.... you're British and famous so you're awesome! Happy birthday!
Adam Sandler: Umm.. I loved 50 First Dates!! And I love your dog Matzo Ball. He's awesome. Happy Birthday!
Michelle Williams: Little Matilda is adorable! You're a good mother to her! Have a great birthday!

Ok, bye for now!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

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