Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wow you guys, I've decided to update TWO, count then TWO, days in a row because of the awesome reviewing from my post yesterday. Thank you so much you guys! I never get so much positive feedback like that. Keep the reviews coming, and for those of you that didn't review, look at those for examples! They were the most amazing reviews ever!

Ok, breaking news: My best-friend-since-kindergarten Julia who you have heard of before in this blog has made her own blog! YAY! It's called bored and I really hope you check it out. It's basically her writing when she's bored, and considering we have really strange conversations when we're bored, it will probably be very interesting.

In case any of you were wondering, I am still very sick. I woke up this morning excpecting to be better, and I was worse. I recently lost my sense of smell. I'm so clogged up. All this morning I sat on the couch watching movies with a box of tissues. Not because they were sad (though sad movies are always fun) but because I constantly needed to use one! The movies I watched where The American Mall and Zathura. I guess I'm going to talk about them.....

The American Mall: It was a combination of High School Musical and Camp Rock. Those two should not mix. It actually worked better then I thought it would, but it was a bit sloppy in the foot work and heavy on the auto-tune. It was for an older crowd then HSM and Camp Rock, and it appealed to that more then I expected. Some of the songs were really catchy while others were just pointless.

Zathura: Ok, I'll be honest. I only saw this movie because Kristen Stewart was in it. But I mean really, do you expect me to pass up a chance to examine a Twilight cast member? Anyways, it was really cutesy but predictable. And I was kind of upset because Kristen Stewart's charcter Lisa was frozen for a good chunk of the movie. Don't ask. And the kid that played the youngest brother was so adorable!!!! His name is Jonah Bobo, which is a kind of sucky name but he is adorable! Anyways, it was a good kid movie I guess.

I also saw The Women this afternoon but it was pretty bad. An amazing cast, a bad script. Sorry!

Last night I watched part of The Little Princess with Shirley Temple. I couldn't finish it because it was NOTHING like the book. Nada.

Ok, I got to rap it up, I have to watch my dogs. Happy birthday Gwenyth Paltrow! I love you all! I'll love you more if you review!

Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm so sorry everyone I haven't updated in FOREVER! I was going to force myself to update yesterday, but a) it was my mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and b) Ugly Betty was on. I figured it out! What was going to happen I mean. When I told one of my friends this bit of information (that I always figure out what's going to happen) she said if there was a book and I was the main character I would always save the day. I'm flattered. Really, I am. But then I asked Snickers (who knows my REALLY well) what she thought of the matter and she said something along the lines of, "Sort of. I mean, you'd figure out what you needed to do, but you wouldn't always do it. Like you wouldn't jump off a cliff and run through a field of spiders to save someone." Which is true. Unless it was someone I really, really, REALLY cared about and the jump off the cliff wouldn't kill me in the process and the spiders weren't huge and poisinous. But I doubt I'll ever be in a situation where I have to jump off a cliff and run through a field of spiders to save someone......

But then I realized how true that was. That I always know what to do but I don't always do it. Wait.... now I'm confusing myself. I mean, when we run in P.E., I know it's important to run at a good speed and try hard and stuff, but I don't always do. Sometimes, I just really don't want to run. So I don't. I mean, I run enough that my teacher won't take points of my grade, but you know what I mean.

Anyways, lots of funny stuff has happened since the last time I updated on Friday. For example, that night I had a sleepover at Snickers house. My entire family went over for dinner actually, and then they left my there. But it was really funny, because for a really long time we just sat on the stairs talking about hands. Long story.

But that night, one of the funniest things happened. Not as funny as what happened in math that day, but that's not exactly G-rated. Anyways, it was the middle of the night and I wake up to this:
Snickers: mumble....mumble...... WEAPONS! *pause* You can't bring those to school! *pause again* You'll get in trouble! *last pause, I promise* BELEIVE ME!
It was really creepy and menacing. Snickers is quite the sleep talker. She said she only sleep talks when there is a change in her environment though. Like at sleepovers. Which is weird, because I'm there enough that it shouldn't be a change in the environment.

That reminded me of one time when my brother was really little when he was sleep talking. My mom and I rushed into his room when we heard him crying.
Max: Grandma! Where's my ketchup!
Me or my Mom: Grandma's not here.....
Max: But I want my ketchup....
I don't remember how the rest of it goes except that he fell asleep. It was very entertaining.

I slept talked once. But technically, it wasn't sleep talking, because I was awake I was just in some kind of haze and wasn't one hundred percent there. I woke up and turned to my clock and it said 12:00. So I run out of my room to awaken my mother.
Me: Mom, it's already 4th period! Why didn't you wake my up? I'm late for school!
Mom: Stephanie, it's dark outside. It's 12 a.m. Go to sleep.
Me: Oh.....
Yeah, I was totally oblivious to the fact that it was dark. I guess I put on mental blinders or something.

Umm...... I don't have much to say. I could go into more details of Snicker's and my sleepover but I'm really sick and really tired right now. Basically, happy birthday to Olivia Newton-John. I'm way to out of it to link that, so I'm just going to assume that all of you know who she is. Because you should. Bye now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello dudes and dudettes. Do you guys remember when it was cool to be called a dudette? Wait, maybe that never happened, but in 3rd grade or something, there was some fad where everyone was called a dude and all the girls would go, "I'm a dudette, gosh." So yeah. Lately I've gotten into the habit of calling people Dude so I thougt I'd bring that up.

Ok guys, are you ready to laugh? 'Cause I decided I need to make up for the unfunniness of the past and be super hilarious in this late night entry. (As of now it is 9:21 Pacific Standard Time. Oh so late, I know.)

I think I might be turning into a kitty cat. Because I accidently meowed earlier. I don't know what I was aiming for, I was annoyed at my mom, and I tried making one of those throaty obnoxious sounds, and it turned into a meow. It was really creepy! I tried to do it again, but it didn't work. Speaking of cats, we most sing the kitty cat song (composed by Sars):
(to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down) I'm a kitty kitty cat, with a song, and a rap! (random beatboxing) Kitty go meow!
Isn't that an amazing song. There is also the puppy song written by Snickers and I:
(to the tune of Barbie Girl) I'm a puppy dog, in a puppy world! Life is furry, in a hurry! I can wag my tail, and even fetch your mail! My puppy palace, even has a mattress!
My friends and I have been very songy this year. It's weird.

Hey, you guys care about me right? And if I was your child, you would make sure I got my proper nutirients, right? Well, tell my parents that! Because today, my dad brought home pizza from our favortie local pizzaria (it's kosher, and everyone knows kosher tastes better). My dad remembered to get sauceless pizza for my sister, pasta for my brother, mushroom pizza for himself, but he forgot my ravioli. HE DIDN'T REMEMBER THE RAVIOLI. Every single time (or at least 99% of the times) we go there, I get ravioli with no melted cheese on top! I just have a thing for cheese filled pastas. Tortelini is also awesome as my friends found at lunch today when another friend brought some and I went bezerck. But I mean, I always get the ravioli. And my own father, who has known me my entire life (except for those two seconds in the hospital where he "wasn't aloud to see me") forgot it! And I'm his oldest child too, he should remember me the best. I will show you a snippet of the analogy I used explaining this to my father:
Me: I'm the original! Abby's the sequel, and Max is the 3rd! No one likes them!
Abby: Max is an origanal too, he is the first boy.
Me: He's like Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It may have been the first animated version, but that doesn't mean people liked it!
Personally, I enjoyed that analogy. It makes sense.
Later that night:
My father was on and he remembered to buy a new carseat for my brother, and birthday present for his mother, and nothing for me. My birthdays 3 days after his moms! It shouldn't be that hard to remember! And my brother? His birthdays in APRIL! There is something wrong with this picture.

Another messed up picture for you: I keep seeing these weird bugs everywhere. I think I might be hallucinating like the girl on House the other night. Or it could be the apple core I left in my room and just remembered to through out...Speaking of House: Wilson's a meanie head! He can't just do that! He can't break up with House! That came out wrong... He's House's only friend, he can't do that to him! GGGRRR!!! (or should I say meow?) Also, I feel really bad for Thirteen! Speaking of Thirteen, I just found out her real name (the character's real name) is Dr. Hadley. Yay! She isn't just randomly unnamed! w00t.

Speakin of Thirteen: I heard about this new Broadway show opening up called 13. It is the first and only Broadway production with an entire cast and band of TEENAGERS! Just like me! Except more talented... Anyhoo, I REALLY want to see this. Like, REALLY bad. I'm going to enter a contest to see it. And no, the contest does not require a skill of any kind, it is a random draw. Because if the contest required skill, I'd loose. I don't have a skill. But if I could choose any skill in the world, it would be the skill to be able to do one of these Broadway shows. Because they look amazing.

No important birthdays today guys. Sorry. And also, I just realized when I said it was the 50th blog, it was actually the 49th. Which kind of sucks. And that was 11 posts ago, and I'm just realizing this now...

Anyways you guys, it past 10, and I should be asleep. I think this post is enough for now, so have fun.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey guys, sorry for being so tragically unfunny in my last entry, but let's just say I wasn't in the best mood. I'm still not in the best mood (killer headache) but I'm fine. I don't have much to say though........ Let me think.....

Oh no! What if I've lost my funny and won't ever have the ability to be funny again? This is terrible! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm over it. I'm just having an off day. Speaking of off-days, how many times a week would you like me to post? Now I post whenever I feel like it, but I think that if you guys know how often I'm posting you'll remember to check in and read it. So comment on this issue please! Even if you don't have feelings towards the issue comment anyways! No one ever comments!

Well, I couldn't find a single intresting birthday today. There were a million yesterday. But I'm not acknoweldging them. So ha.

Oh, I got to go to school! I'll talk more later! Sorry for more unfunniness!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Warning: The following blog may contain minor cursing. Sorry, I don't like to do it, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Who ever you are the commented on my blog (not Nat): I'm not going to loose my temper, and I am all for freedom of speech and all that, but I need to get this off my chest: Why the hell did you have to call me a bitch? You don't even know me! Unless you do know me, and the only person I think of that knows me who could call me that is the girl I insulted in my last entry from science class, but I doubt that's you. Even if it IS you, I'm sorry for insulting you, but I'm not sorry for saying it, because it's true and you better shape up if you want to get anywhere in life. Well, you probably aren't her, so why the hell did you feel the need to call me a bitch? Really, you don't know anything about me or what I do, and I didn't say anything insulting at all in that last entry! So just leave me alone!

On a happier note happy birthday to Marco Polo.

More later. I'm too angry to be funny.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Sorry I haven't been updating, but as many of you know, I have a problem with technology. BASICALLY Wednesday night, I broke two computers. *shmile* I know, it's totally NOT funny, but I was laughing really hard and my mom got all mad at me for breaking more stuff but I just couldn't stop laughing. As you can see, we got at least one computer to work. The other........ I shudder at the thought............

I really wish I could have updated for 9/11, but I really don't know what I would have said. I can't put my feelings for that day into words. But Meg Cabot did a pretty good job. Read it. It is one of the many things that have made me cry. El sobo.

El sobo. That's Spanish right? Just like uno secioso? I don't know. But I know someone who does know! SPANISH MIKE! He's this dude on YouTube who wrote the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song. Nachos grande, and cinamon (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT???) twists......

Anyways my homies, Sars is weird. She did some gross stuff today at school. But this blog is strictly PG rated, so I can't tell you the story! It's PG-13. Oooooh........... It's not that bad you guys, Sars was just being gross and I don't want to mention it. Sorry. (Or as the Canadians say it Soooooorry.)

Ok, I know I don't hate people, but I hate when certain people are put into my life. Like my science lab group. They're just so.......... UGH! When ever we do an experiment, the other girl texts the entire time, two of the guys don't do anything, and the other guy yells at me and criticizes my math skills! If I use a calculator (because it's science, and we can!) he'll be all, "That's SO easy, even I can do that!" And he's in a math level lower then me! Or, if I don't understand a question, he'll be all, "I need to know the answer!!!!!!!!" And I'll mentally scream, "IF YOU WANT THE ANSWER SO BAD, FIND IT YOURSELF!" But I don't actually scream. I'm a non-confrontational person. I mean, I know less confrontational people then me. I've had a few confrontations (special lead, ha ha, I'll talk about that later) but I prefer to seem approachable and kind (Sars) then to pick fights (Sars).

So anyways, today we got our first science test back, and in my group, I was the only person to get an A. One of the guys that doesn't do anything got a B, which is pretty good in my opinion, because I thought the test was really hard and I had a dream that I would fail, and supposedly dreams come true. But I got an A! The other guy that doesn't do anything and the guy that yells too much got D's and the girl that texts all the time got and F. FOR FAILURE. And it's really funny, because they were all, "I'm so not gonna show my dad, he'll kill me!" So I chimed in with, "My dad wouldn't kill me if I got a failing grade, as long as I improved from my last grade." But I'm starting to think that's only because I get straight A's and they've never had to deal with me failing something. Because I never fail tests. That matter. I mean, if the test doesn't matter, I basically don't care and get what ever I get. And then there are those stupid tests with 3 problems and if you get one wrong, you're already down to a D. But otherwise I get A's and B's. Except in geometry. Geometry is my worst subject. I'm not visual! I'm completley verbal! I also have no hand-eye coordination what so ever! Speaking of, my football team SUCKS. But we have more fun than the other football teams, so all is well.

(special lead, ha ha, I'll talk about it later) Now is later my friends! I've probably already gone over this, but too bad, I'm going over it again! This one time, in math class, this annoying guy was standing in front of me in line to ask our teacher something (this is last year by the way). He had a mechanical pencil, and kept pressing the button so all the lead would come out. Here's the conversation the followed:
Him: I'm going to poke you and give you lead poisoning.

Me: That's graphite not lead.
Him: No, it's special lead.
Me: You're special lead.
Then Snickers and I burst out laughing for a solid 15 minutes and totally ruined the moment. But it was fun. I usually don't think of those things until later. That's why it's easier to write, I can come back later and change something.

Ok, I'm only going to do two birthdays today because I'm uber lazy and don't feel like acknowledging everyone else. Don't worry. You're still special.
Emmy Rossum: OMG, (I sound stupid) you're amazing! I love, love, LOVE Phantom of the Opera, and you have the most amazing voice ever. By the way, Nat and I decided you are not getting together with Raol, you are now married to Edward's long lost identical twin. Don't worry, you'll love him.
Buddy: Who's the best puppy ever? You are! As you may have guessed, it's my golden retreiver's birthday today. w00t!

Ok. Yeah. Whatever. Bye.

P.S. I'd appreciate it if you people would comment every once in a while. Please and thank you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

9/8/08 and 9/9/08

Ok, I've been starting to feel really bad for my last entry! I think I really pushed some buttons. I'm sorry if I insulted people by calling them boring or my views on politics. I understand SOME 13 year olds actually have views and care and stuff. Key word: some. And my mother would like you guys to know she and my father are "undecided." Bah.

But my last blog entry did verify some of my suspicions brought up by Sars. Apparently, I'm scary, unapproachable, and self-centered. But the thing is, I can't deny it when Sars says that because then I'd sound more self-centered. I can't be all, "I'm a friendly, approachable, loving person!" Because only a self-centered person would say that. So I have to get other people to say it. Because no one agrees with Sars. Except my parents who think I talk to much about myself. And people who are sarcastic. I'm starting to see why sarcasm annoys my sister so much. Because last week, Sars bought ice-cream. And she was sharing the ice-cream with other people and she wouldn't give any to me. And I got upset because I thought she was mad at me. And later, Julia is all, "Sars told me what you did. I can't beleive it!" And stuff like that. I got really upset. So all weekend on AIM I bugged them, and because stubborness is the key to life, they told me they were just trying to annoy me! Which is really mean! Sars is a mean person. I'm really wondering why I'm friends with her........ LOL Sars.........
Update as of 9/9/08: Sars now says I'm not only scary and unapproachable in certain photographs and that I'm only a little self-centered, but everyone is. That is a humungos compliment coming from Sars. She rarely says positive things about anyone.

Ugh. I have nothing to say. School is boring and annoying. And exhausting. And P.E. is physically demanding. Probably not to anyone except me, the freakishly unathletic person......

Now it is 9/9/08

Speaking of P.E............ We picked football teams today!!!! YAY! Not. Guess who was picked last? Well, technically, I wasn't picked last. I wasn't picked at all! Because we had 10 teams, and there were 5 people left over, one of them being me. So our teacher told us to pick what ever team we want as long as we all went to different teams. I picked the team that was laughing the hardest at what ever it was they were talking about, out of curiousity. When I went there, they were all, "You shouldn't have picked this team. We're gross." And they are. But I mean, I've heard worse. And later, the team captain noted that we didn't have great athletic ability on our team. So another guy says, "But we're the funniest!" This same guy later goes, "It doesn't matter if you win or loose, but how much you insult the other team." So that is our team motto now. w00t.

Also today in Language Arts, we were working on this project we have to do about words. And all the good words topics were taken, so my group and I are doing a project about compound words. It was really boring yesterday during computer lab research, and we thought we wouldn't be able to get anyone's attention. But today we had a creative breakthrough and it's surprinsingly entertaining. We're making a compound word chart. Like flap + jack = flapjack. Except with pictures. We'd have a picture of someone flapping his wings, then a picture of some kid climbing up a hill to fetch a pail of water, and then a picture of pancakes. It's really fun. I pointed out to the rest of my group though, that only geeks as big as us can find fun in compound words. Sigh.....

On Sunday night, Sars, Snickers, Julia and I made these tie dye t-shirts at the orientation for this community service thing we're doing to help special needs kids. So today, we wore our shirts to school. And Sars and I decided to have a contest to see whose shirt was cooler. We actually tied! We each got the same number of vote! Who weird is that we tied, in a tie dye t-shirt contest......... Strange.............

Well, this is a short entry. Oh wait, birthdays. I'm too lazy to do yesterdays so I'll skip to today's.
Hugh Grant: Umm.... you're British and famous so you're awesome! Happy birthday!
Adam Sandler: Umm.. I loved 50 First Dates!! And I love your dog Matzo Ball. He's awesome. Happy Birthday!
Michelle Williams: Little Matilda is adorable! You're a good mother to her! Have a great birthday!

Ok, bye for now!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Guess what, guys?????????????? Ok, well, none of you are guessing so I'll tell you. But I have to give you background information first.

Most of you know I hate politics SSSSOOOO much. I just think it is rude and impolite and horrible. All they do is make their competetor look bad instead of making themselves look good. And if I hate anything, it is these two things: The word hate and disrespect. I mean, I say hate, but I would never, ever, EVER tell another person I hated them. Except Hitler but he's dead. And Sars, but thats sarcasm, it doesn't count. My social studies teacher says we should address the presidential candidates and Senator Obama and Senator McCain. Well, I usually don't do that, but I do think they deserve the proper amount of respect. Also George Bush. He deserves respect too. How many of you are president of these United States? That's what I thought.

I also think it is especially inappropriate for people unelligble to vote to advertise for the candidates. Examples: T-shirts stating, "Obama Fo Yo Momma," (I especially hate that one, it;s getting REALLY old)"My Dog is Smarter than a Democrat," "Barack the Vote," and many more. Seriously, I don't think it's very good for 13 year olds to advertise for their parents presidential party. I know it's their choice, but as I've said before, most people who aren't voting, don't have enough information to know how to vote. When people ask me who I support, I say, "I don't think I have the proper amount of information to answer that question, but my parent's are voting for (Senator) McCain."

My point being, even in my hatred towards politics, I have always wanted to be involved in the student body. As long as I've been able to, I've ran for class representitive. I've never even gotten close. Because it's a humongo popularity contest. Want proof? In 6th grade I ran for representitive againt one other girl named Sammy. I typed up a speech with good points and presented it in front of the class. Sammy's speech went something like this:
Hi. I'm Sammy. Vote for me.
And guess who won? Well, it wasn't me.
But every year I've ran for fun just for the hell of it. And today, I was on a role! In choir every year, the older members get to run for president. Today I made my speech, and I tied for first place. I'm the co-president of something! That's NEVER happened to me before! It's insane! And, and, AND, in RAD (homeroom, basically) I got 2nd place to be our representitive! That's soooooo strange! I was just having such a weird day! These things NEVER happen to me. The only thing I've ever been president of was the A.P.T (don't ask) but I made that up so it doesn't count. I think I was a co-vice president of "Weirdville" (HA HA) in 3rd grade, but I don't remember.

It's just soooooooooo strange. It's like suddenly, people like me. But then I started getting the impression people didn't. I'm starting to think I annoy everyone except Snickers. She's the only person that listens when I talk. My dad says that's because I'm always talking and never listening. But I always have something to say. And other people are boring. No offense. Some of them are interesting, but I enjoy talking to other people, not listening. I think that's why I'm good at writing, it's a one-way conversation, but somewhere, someone is listening. Reading. Whatever. And also, making skits. I make good skits. Ok, I have to stop bragging, I sound obnoxious to myself.

But I mean, all the jobs in the world that interest me are jobs that tell stories. Acting, writing, what ever. I enjoy telling other people stuff. But apparantly, the stuff I tell other people is boring to everyone except Snickers. But I think Snickers might be getting bored of it too. Well, comment if you aren't bored of me then. Even if you are, I'll keep writing because I make myself laugh. Blogging is very self-fufilling. Well, not really. I was talking to someone about blogging and she said she probably couldn't do it because she's never been able to keep a diary. Well, I've never been able to either. Honestly, they never last. So I said I guess blogging works for me because it benefits other people, not just myself. Like in my most recent diary attempt, I had to let Snickers read some of it, it was just so funny! Ok, bragging again, got to stop... Well, I just write funny things. Like last night, I wrote a story about a giraffe. I like to think I'm a good writer, but I can never think of a more then 4 page story. If I do it's to similar to my life or to similar to other books. I mean, I COULD write about my life, but the story would end up being very embarassing and unpleasent for people who know me to read. I mean, I could give it to a random stranger, it might entertain them. But it would be awkawrd for me friends or what ever. Or teachers. I'd probably say mean things about them. Well, not really, but enough to piss someone off.

Umm.... birthdays. Only one today because I can only remember one and I'm to lazy to research again:
Skander Keynes: I have a friend that's kind of obsessed with you. HA HA. Anyways, I love The Chronicles of Narnia (Chronia Narnia as Max calls it) and have a great birthday and keep acting. And you're from London! I love London and people who come from it! w00t!

Well, I hope you enojyed the entry. Remember, post if I'm not annoying/boring you! PLEASE!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


IT'S SEPTEMBER! Dun, dun, dun.

Did you know most cars horns are in the F key????

I did. 'Cause according to Ashley, I know everything. Don't ask me what that is, because I don't know. All I know is the key in life to getting things you want is stubborness, and apparently, "the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42". I just got a sudden urge to play the Impossible Quiz. One moment, please. Ugh. I lost early on because I haven't played in a while. But I am resisting the need to play again so I can write for you lovely readers. You owe me. Just like Sophie owes me a rice cake. Popcorn flavored.

Does anyone know when the Emmy's are? I forgot.........

I am SSSSSOOOO excited for the fall television season. All I get in the summer is Army Wives. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's only my 2nd favorite TV show (in the catergory of HOUR long weekly programs). And I am momentarily pissed off at the writers because they killed my favorite character. Getti doesn't deserve to die!!!!

Anyhoo, I especially can't wait for House to start up again. (my first favorite TV show) Especially because of where the season ended. It was the two part season finale with the whole bus accident thing, and I really don't want to explain it, so basically, in the end, Wilson's girlfriend and doctor (not Wilson's doctor) Amber dies. Sob. But I was reading in Us(even though I prefer People to Us for my entertainment news) this article and it had some insider information about what will happen next season. AND they were:
1. House and Cutty are going to get together!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!
2. Wilson is MAJORLY pissed at House.
3. The old team is going to get back together to do a case-without House's knowledge.
Isn't that AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

I'm also really looking forword to my 3rd and 4th favorite TV shows, Pushing Daisies and Ugly Betty (Henry or Gio?????? I NEED TO KNOW!)

And, of course, Samantha Who, which does not fit into the other catergory becuse it is a 30 minute program, not one hour. I totally freaked out a while ago when I found out Christina Applegate had cancer. I'm REALLY happy she's cancer free!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmmm............. I don't have much to say except that I'm hungry so I'm going to eat something and leave you guys here in sorrow. See ya!