Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm so sorry everyone I haven't updated in FOREVER! I was going to force myself to update yesterday, but a) it was my mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and b) Ugly Betty was on. I figured it out! What was going to happen I mean. When I told one of my friends this bit of information (that I always figure out what's going to happen) she said if there was a book and I was the main character I would always save the day. I'm flattered. Really, I am. But then I asked Snickers (who knows my REALLY well) what she thought of the matter and she said something along the lines of, "Sort of. I mean, you'd figure out what you needed to do, but you wouldn't always do it. Like you wouldn't jump off a cliff and run through a field of spiders to save someone." Which is true. Unless it was someone I really, really, REALLY cared about and the jump off the cliff wouldn't kill me in the process and the spiders weren't huge and poisinous. But I doubt I'll ever be in a situation where I have to jump off a cliff and run through a field of spiders to save someone......

But then I realized how true that was. That I always know what to do but I don't always do it. Wait.... now I'm confusing myself. I mean, when we run in P.E., I know it's important to run at a good speed and try hard and stuff, but I don't always do. Sometimes, I just really don't want to run. So I don't. I mean, I run enough that my teacher won't take points of my grade, but you know what I mean.

Anyways, lots of funny stuff has happened since the last time I updated on Friday. For example, that night I had a sleepover at Snickers house. My entire family went over for dinner actually, and then they left my there. But it was really funny, because for a really long time we just sat on the stairs talking about hands. Long story.

But that night, one of the funniest things happened. Not as funny as what happened in math that day, but that's not exactly G-rated. Anyways, it was the middle of the night and I wake up to this:
Snickers: mumble....mumble...... WEAPONS! *pause* You can't bring those to school! *pause again* You'll get in trouble! *last pause, I promise* BELEIVE ME!
It was really creepy and menacing. Snickers is quite the sleep talker. She said she only sleep talks when there is a change in her environment though. Like at sleepovers. Which is weird, because I'm there enough that it shouldn't be a change in the environment.

That reminded me of one time when my brother was really little when he was sleep talking. My mom and I rushed into his room when we heard him crying.
Max: Grandma! Where's my ketchup!
Me or my Mom: Grandma's not here.....
Max: But I want my ketchup....
I don't remember how the rest of it goes except that he fell asleep. It was very entertaining.

I slept talked once. But technically, it wasn't sleep talking, because I was awake I was just in some kind of haze and wasn't one hundred percent there. I woke up and turned to my clock and it said 12:00. So I run out of my room to awaken my mother.
Me: Mom, it's already 4th period! Why didn't you wake my up? I'm late for school!
Mom: Stephanie, it's dark outside. It's 12 a.m. Go to sleep.
Me: Oh.....
Yeah, I was totally oblivious to the fact that it was dark. I guess I put on mental blinders or something.

Umm...... I don't have much to say. I could go into more details of Snicker's and my sleepover but I'm really sick and really tired right now. Basically, happy birthday to Olivia Newton-John. I'm way to out of it to link that, so I'm just going to assume that all of you know who she is. Because you should. Bye now!


Anonymous said...

you should do more COOL posts like these. that was fun. GRANDMA WHERE'S MY KETCHUP?!?!?!?!? AHHHH KETCHUP

~ said...

Wow I wish I could have a sleep talker in my family it sounds fun. I wonder if I sleep talk. What do you think I'd talk about? :P But I probably don't because I'm good at controlling myself both consciously and subconscously. I'd like to see more sleeptalking posts. Freud hasn't talked about sleeptalking yet in the book. I wish he would.


Snickers said...

LOL, that was funny....anyway...FRED!!!!!! Srry, felt like ackgnowledging (spelling???) his awesomeness!!!! YAY!!!! And...WEAPONS!!!!! LOL.