Sunday, March 27, 2011

Type A Personality

"The theory describes a Type A individual as ambitious, aggressive, business-like, controlling, highly competitive, impatient, preoccupied with his or her status, time-conscious, and tightly-wounded. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving 'workaholics' who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence."

This is the Wikipedia definition of my personality. I have to say it fits quite well. However, lately this affliction has been causing me great frustration. Like usual, things haven't been going exactly my way, and the little Type A voice inside my head has been angry. Recently I have encountered an assortment of external obstacles that have made me so internally crazy... ugh. I'll just name a few, so you know what I mean.
  • I keep losing things. I prefer winning.
  • My grades haven't been up to par, and not even because I don't understand, just because I haven't been doing as well on tests as I usually do.
  • Other people keep being faced with problems I don't know how to solve, and usually I'm good at solving other peoples problems.
  • My entire schedule keeps getting shifted due to changes of plans.
  • I have to make a decision regarding two important events happening at the same time.
  • I got a new cell phone and I miss my old cell phone.
  • There are probably a lot of other things I can't think of right now.

So needless to say I've been irritated. All week I've been in a less than great mood, and I don't know if the impending doom of another school week will do anything to make it better. It's just so irritating to be out of control of my environment. Yes, I am somewhat a control freak. I am extremely OCD. What I could really use right now is more controls and more scheduling. If I was busier and always occupied, I would have less time to think, and then I wouldn't have time to dwell on anything, so I'd probably be in a better mood right now. Oh, well.

Happy birthday to Gloria Swanson, Charles Lang, Quentin Tarantino, Fergie, and Brenda Song. Additionally, I have to send birthday wishes to my second favorite fictional father, James Potter.

Sorry this post was so short, but I really do have English homework to be avoiding.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


As you may or may not know, I do have an account on Twitter. I rarely use it, mainly because I have nothing to say to all six of my followers, but I do like to find out what my favorite celebrities are up too. However, my favorite part of my "timeline," which in case you don't know is the equivalent of a Facebook news feed, is the role players.

My account was made for me by my friend Brian, and being aware of my obsession with the Harry Potter universe he followed a bunch of Harry Potter "RPers" for me. I ended up deleting most of them because they were really stupid, but there are three who I absolutely love. One is @Lord_Voldemort7 simply due to his hysterical interpretation of Voldemort's personality. My other two favorites are @RonTheAuror and @TheMione.

These two Ron and Hermione RPers are obsessive. Voldemort tweets every once in a while, and they are usually just witticisms- he doesn't really interact with other characters. Ron and Hermione, on the other hand, are involved on a full on story line. Currently, Ron and Hermione are in Azkaban because Hermione accidentally incendio-ed their house in a fit of range and suffered minor burns. At the hospital, Ron was accused of attempted murder and was blamed for starting the fire. Hermione left the hospital and got help from someone in the Ministry so she could talk to Ron, and now she's stuck for at least two days, and both of them under the influence of the happiness-sucking dementors.

HOW DO THESE PEOPLE DO THIS? I simply do not understand. I know that they're students, and if they value their studies they shouldn't have time to do this. Also, these plots are so intricate and seem improvised. Additionally, they move the story along 140 characters at a time. It's like those camp games where everyone sits in a circle and tells one word of a story, except different.

Another interesting aspect of these peoples cyber lives is when they tweet "OOC," or out of character. Ron almost never tweets out of character, but Hermione, who I have discerned is actually named Kennedy, tweets as herself all the time. It's hysterical, because she is also friends with all the other people on Twitter who pretend to be Hermione. She communicates with them and tells them how much she loves them, even though none of them have ever met in person. It really takes a different kind of individual to be more emotionally attached to her relationships through Twitter than the people she lives and goes to school with.

My favorite moment in this RPing universe happened a little bit over a year ago, when Kennedy got really, really upset about something. It was unclear what was going on, except that it was drama and someone she trusted had betrayed her. Her tweets quickly took a turn for the depressing, she sounded semi-suicidal, and before I knew it she had deleted her account. I was genuinely scared for her life and I was thoroughly convinced she had committed suicide. All of her "friends" were freaking out, and since they don't actually know her they couldn't do anything about it.

A little bit under 48 hours later, she reactivated her account and was back in the Harry Potter role playing and tweeting universe. My timeline was filled with exclamations of love and sentiments, and Kennedy made sure everybody knew that cancelling her account was the worst decision she ever made and her two days without Twitter were the most depressing and horrible days of her life.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

I feel like a horrible person for getting perverse pleasure out of this girl, who clearly isn't emotionally well off. But honestly, if I was a psychoanalyst I could probably do a full one study of this girl just based on how she presents herself online. Which reminds me, I'm taking a psychology class next year and I'm really excited. Anyway, I just feel like the internet let's people get away with... a lot.

I'm about to sound like an insensitive bitch. Trust me, I'm not. You would be surprised how many emotionally unstable people I deal with on a daily basis, one of them being myself. But my opinion is that the internet has created a world where everyone thinks they deserve attention. And yes, everyone deserves some attention. But with all the social networking websites and blogs (yes, I realize how hypocritical this currently sounds) people think that they are really important. When truthfully, not everyone is. That was cold. But, to quote The Incredibles, saying everyone is special is just another way of saying no one is.

Saying these things makes me feel horrible, but let me give a more concrete example. My pet peeve is when people try to elicit sympathy through an ambiguous and passive aggressive Facebook status. We all have friends that do that. Truthfully, it doesn't make me feel bad for them. It makes me mentally say, "attention whore," and then keep scrolling through my news feed.

I'm a real bitch.

Happy birthday to Tennessee Williams, Sandra Day O'Connor, Leonard Nimoy, Alan Arkin, Nancy Pelosi, Diana Ross, Steven Tyler, Kenny Chesney, Keira Knightley, and Jonathon Groff.

Can I just say that I love Jonathon Groff? Last year when I saw Glee in concert, the entire time I was complaining about how Jonathon Groff should be there. Towards the end of the performance, Lea Michele brought him on stage as a surprise. I almost peed in my pants.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I Watch Sister Wives

Recently, TV lovers such as myself have been blessed with what should be considered the best reality TV show ever, Sister Wives. Sister Wives documents the life of Kody Brown and his four wives- Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and their 16 children.

I love this show. I genuinely find it interesting and entertaining, and it really bugs me that they've been getting all this crap from the law. They've been accused of bigamy. But even though Kody is married according to his church to four women, legally he is only married to one, so he isn't breaking any laws. It's like walking into a gay couples house and saying their breaking the law by living together. They aren't evading the law or tricking anyone, they're just living their lives.

And I think their lives are pretty damn interesting. Because I was thinking about it, and there are way worse things people can do then polygamy. This family isn't a cult, they aren't marrying off their daughters the second they turn 12- they aren't even forcing their children into the lifestyle. Obviously, it takes a certain kind of person to be in a plural marriage. Any psychologist worth their degree would have a field day with this family. But who cares? Nothing their doing has a direct effect on my life, except for entertainment. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

I guess that was my rant for the day. I'm trying to write everyday again. This was the best I could do. I could talk about shopping, but that's kind of boring. Not for me, but for you guys.

Happy birthday to Neil Sedaka, William H. Macy, Dana Delany, and a very happy birthday to L. Ron Hubbard, otherwise known as the man the world has to thank for Scientology. Thank you for providing me, and pretty much any other individual who has ever tried to be funny with endless hours of material.

My room smells like cookies and I don't know why. I wish I had a cookie.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Power of a Quote

Words are magical. I know that sounds cliche and stupid and stupid and cliche, but as an amateur writer I like to think I really notice these things. And some of my favorite works of word magic are quotes.

I love quotes. When people have the ability to say something so powerful or funny, yet so concise and so meaningful that someone will remember it, I think that is a gift. Anyone can write a nine page essay on some boring topic, but when someone really makes a statement in no more than a sentence or two, that is true talent. Think of the inaugural speeches we remember. No one remembers the ridiculously long and boring ones. People remember JFK's, which I believe was the shortest one in history. "Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country." I would like to believe that all Americans know that sentence, up there with "Four score and seven years ago..." which isn't nearly as important in retrospect. Obviously, the Gettysburg Address is important, but why anyone remember the first line is beyond me. It's like how most famous poems are recognized by their first line (i.e. "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day...") except for "The Walrus and the Carpenter." The first stanza of that poem is:
The sun was shining on the sea
shining with all it's might
it did it's very best to make
the billows smooth and bright
and this is odd because it was
the middle of the night
But no one remembers that stanza, everyone remembers:
The time has come, my little friends
to talk of other things
of shoes and ships and ceiling wax
and cabbages and kings
and why the sea is boiling hot
and whether pigs have wings
That stanza really has little value to the meat of the poem, the plot. But it's so Lewis Carroll-y that people can't help but remember it. It's beautiful. It's nonsensical and random and wonderful. Well, that was Lewis Carroll in one sentence.

I just wish more people understood words. People see a pretty picture and know that it's pretty. Obviously more people need to appreciate things that aren't pretty; Leonardo da Vinci (random note: I wrote di Caprio and then had to erase it...oops) did this whole study and analysis and filled sketchbooks upon sketchbooks of drawings of ugly people. But that's a story for another day. Anyway, I wish more people read things and saw the beauty in a well crafted sentence. We live in a world where teenagers have developed a habit of reducing words to the minimum amount of letters possible and their idea of deep is liking a Facebook page with the quote, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift- that's why we call it the present." Ugh, teenagers.

I like to think I'm quotable. Having other people quote me is probably one of my favorite things ever. Especially when it's their Facebook status and everyone knows I'm funny.

... I didn't mean that. You know that right?

Happy birthday to Julia Lennon, Jack Kerouac, Edward Albee and Liza Minelli. Isn't it funny that I went on my quote rant today, the birthday of two of the world's most influential writers? And two other really awesome people? Yeah.

Today was the last day of Student Advisory Committee. Endings are sad.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beware the Ides of March

The title has nothing to do with what I'm going to talk about. I just thought it was appropriate considering, you know, it's March.

And speaking of March, March and May are probably my two busiest months ever. I'm not 100% sure of this year's May schedule yet, so instead I will tell you about my March schedule. No, you do not have a choice. Just listen/read.
March 1- I took the Jeopardy Teen Tournament qualifying test (more on that later)
March 5- second to last Center Theatre Group Student Advisory Committee meeting
March 6- volunteering in the morning and Avenue Q in the evening
March 9- choir clinic
March 12- last ever CTG SAC meeting (super depressing) and possible after party
March 18 and 19- THEATRE FESTIVAL (that I am not prepared for in any way shape or form)
March 22- CHOIR CONCERT (at the middle school, so it doesn't really count)
March 27- Walk-a-Thon for Friendship Circle (

That's it for now. But I can almost guarantee you there will be more. I will update you on future events as they come, but for now, let's discuss the Jeopardy situation.

So, I was really excited to take the Jeopardy test. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm really good at Jeopardy. Yes, I am one of those people that screams at the screen. Naturally, I decided to take the online qualifying test to be in next year's teen tournament. I was so excited and was practically counting down the days until today, when the test would be online and ready to be taken. I signed on half an hour early, even though Alex Trebek (or who ever runs the website) only recommended twenty minutes. I took the test, and I made a couple more mistakes than I would have liked, but no regrets, right? When the test was over, I read the after test tutorial, which basically told me the following:
You can be notified anytime within the next YEAR. Your test are being sent straight to scorers, but due to the large amount of qualifiers taking this test, random selection will be used for part of the process.

Basically, Jeopardy contestants are picked randomly. Now I actually have to find a realistic way to pay for college. FML.

Today is a big day in birthdays- Happy birthday to Frederic Chopin, Lana Wood, Alan Thicke, Ron Howard, Javier Bardem, Ke$ha, Justin Beiber, and the amazing beyond belief Ron Weasley. That is a group of people I would have never guessed had something in common...

T Pain (I don't know who he is, but apparently he's famous?) was at my school today to shoot a commercial for a microphone that automatically auto-tunes your voice. I can sing the song "California Gurls" with little to no irony.