Saturday, February 28, 2009


OK, I haven't updated in about two weeks. I'm a meanie head. I haven't updated much recently, because nothing really that exciting has happened. I mean, I got sick and slept a lot and then went to Starbucks and got math advice from a guy in a Harley Davidson jacket. But no one wants to hear about that.

But no fear! I am quickly approaching my second busiest point of the year. The "m" months are the two over all busiest points. March and May. They both have the most performing arts related shticks, for me at least, a lot of homework, and a ton of birthdays! I guess the holidays are pretty busy too, but in a more exciting and less stressful way. Well, they're stressful in their own way but, well you get the point!

The major business is basically March 9th to March 17th-ish. March 11th is opening night of The Music Man production I'm in, and so March 9th and March 10th I will have longer rehearsals then usual. Then March 11th through the 13th are the performances, and on the 13th is the cast party that could go really late at night. March 14th Snickers and I have to drive into L.A. to compete in History Day. I'm overjoyed.

March 15th and 16th I get to "relax" but March 17th is the spring choir concert/art show (with the tacky theme of friendship. BLEH. My idea was Around the World. And I am co-president, so shouldn't I get the co-final say?) This concert includes my sister, Abby, and I singing a duet. W00t w00t. And I think I might have to through away my 20's-esque black heels because the strap broke and I'll have to wear flats to the concert and be short. Because we have to wear black shoes and my character shoes are out of the questions. Do you think I could get away with my black rain boots with white polka dots?

So even though it's bound to be really hectic, it will be tons of fun. And it's just dawned on me that I should be glad that I'm sick now, because if I got sick in a week or so I would be dying. Seriously. I'd need all my energy and my voice to be okay. And I'm recovering.

But I'm really behind on my science project which is due Tuesday and I have to finish tomorrow because I have rehearsals on Monday! BLECH! Did I mention all my teachers decided next week would be a great time to give me tests and I could have this past week off? THEY ALL DECIDED THIS! I think once a week all the teachers should have a conference where they split up the days where they can assign projects due and have tests on. Because once in the 6th grade I had four projects due on the same day (day after spring break) and the day before I wasn't done with any of them (because I'm a procrastinator. People say I should work on that. I also know for a fact that four to six of my friends hate working with me on projects because of this. And I complain a lot) so I got a major migraine, threw up, and then took seven Tylenol. I don't remember how late I stayed up that night. But I'm pretty sure I got A's on three out of four of those projects. The other one I got a C on. FOR NO REASON! Seriously. I do not know what was wrong with that project. I know it wasn't insane and grandiose like some of the other projects but I didn't do anything wrong.

So I'm avoiding my science project. Old habits die hard. But at least I'm getting my creative juices flowing.

Speaking of: Did I tell you that my six page story based on the "every kiss begins with Kay" commercial got sent to the school literary magazine by my language arts teacher and now all my friends that are on the staff of the magazine have read the story???????? Wait-did I even tell you I wrote that story? Let's back track a second.

In language arts we read Flowers for Algernon and we made inkblots like they did in the book. We had to write a story based on what we saw in our inkblots. I saw a bench in my inkblot. That was the best I could come up with. And I couldn't think of any story! My teacher said it could be at the least a paragraph; I could easily do that. But no! The "every kiss begins with Kay" commercial had to come on. Well I think it was Kay. It could have been Zales. But it wasn't Jareds. I hate those commericals. So anyways it was the commericial where he proposes to the girl on a park bench. So I kind of used that idea......... and wrote a 6 1/2 page historical piece set in the 1930's and 40's. And it was really corny. And tacky. So of course my teacher loved it. I knew she would when I wrote it. I got an 100% on it.

But she sent it to the Lit. magazine! I was flattered at first, but when my neighbor told me he'd read it, I realized the callaber of diasaster (LOL Music Man refrence, couldn't help it) brought on by this. I hope it doesn't get in. I wish they had put in my Snow White story from last year. It was from Dopey's point of view. I loved it. I got a 95% on that one. And apparently, everyone loved it and wanted it to get in but my teacher said it was fan fiction and couldn't.

Fan fiction. Psh.

Wow. This is long. Shoot. This is a time consumer. Wait! Birthdays:

Happy birthday to Tommy Tune (the Michael Jordan of Broadway, tee hee) and Bernadette Peters (who looks 20 years, or at least 10, younger then she is)!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day (or as my friends and I call it, Single Awareness Day) yesterday and President's Day tomorrow!!! Yay! Don't you love the holidays?

Ok, so, yeah. It's a three day weekend. I don't have much to do. Tomorrow I have a 5 1/2 hour play rehearsal. Not only is it that, but we are having a "costume parade" (I don't even want to know what that is) and I am going to be required to wear a leotard. And a toga. There's no business like show business.

I love play rehearsal though. I don't know how the people that hate rehearsal stand it. I can't spell rehearsal though. I'm probably spelling it wrong and I don't know how to make Blogger spell check.

Wait a sec. Do you guys think a button that has an AB and C across the top with a check under it means anything?

Wow. I clicked on the button and all the times I wrote rehearsal were highlighted. That's funny. I'm going to go find out how you actually spell it.

I just went back and fixed it all! So now they aren't spelled right!!!! I shall never forget how to spell rehearsal again!

Back to what I was saying, rehearsal is great. You know all that junk about how "it's the journey, not the destination"? Well I've never believed that. For example, I hate most forms of exercise, but the benefits are great.

The only time I can honestly say the journey is just as fun as the destination though, is being in a show. I love all the people involved and the process. I become so close with all these people who I never would have met otherwise and I have a blast with them. The night of the show is amazing too, but that's still technically part of the journey. If we were professionals on Broadway and not some amateur kids, the journey wouldn't be over until we found out if the show was a hit. But I don't really know when the journey's over for us. It kind of just.... ends. Sadly. Closing night is always sad. A few of us cried last year. Yes, I was one of the few. I'm emotional ok! GOSH!

Well. I had an eventful and uneventful day. Yesterday I had a nothing day where I lounged around in pajamas and ate Valentine's Day chocolates and watched High School Musical 2. (I watched the 1st one on Friday afternoon). SO today I had to clean up my act. I took a shower and got dressed and went to Barnes and Nobles and had Mexican food with my mom and my sister at the Promenade. Then I came home and went back to the Promenade with my friend Julia and ate Chinese food and then saw a movie.

Here's the thing about suburbia. We don't have many places to hang out. I normally would not tell you I spend all my time at the Promenade. But seriously, everywhere I go there is a Promenade. People need to think of more origanal names for their shopping centers.

So, I live in a cluster of cities in suburban SoCal. My city is the smallest. And basically, we have nothing. Because none of our citizens want anything. They just want their ponies to remain undisturbed. But I won't bore you with my cities politics. So basically, our closest neighboring city has the Promenade, which mainly consists of Barnes and Nobles and a movie theatre, two places where I spend a lot of time. It's where basically every teenager in town spends their time though. Especially on weekends.

So tonight my friend Julia and I saw He's Just Not That Into You. I didn't like it. At all. It was the kind of thing that would work really well in a book (what it was based on) but didn't transfer well to screen. It's hard to explain, you have to see it to get it. Which sucks, because I read a quote the other day that said, "Good writing is when you don't have to say 'I guess you'd have to have been there.'" So I guess I'm not as good a writer as I thought. Way to burst my bubble you guys.

Well after the suckish movie was over I was taking Julia home, when we drove by two girls. This normally would not be unusual. But the two girls where wearing those head flashlight things. They were also sitting on lawn chairs. Their lawn chairs were on top of skateboard that were rolling down hills. Now that is an unusual sight.

We rolled down the window and asked them what they were doing and they said they were skateboarding with lawn chairs down a hill. They asked if we wanted to try but we politley declined the offer. Maybe I'll take my brothers Spongebob Squarepants skateboard one day and try it.

Happy birthday to Jane Seymour. Awesome....

That's it. Bu bye!

P.S. To appease Snickers if any of you have any questions, you can just ask! I don't want to turn this into a full blown advice column, but apparantley I'm good with advice. So if you ask a question or something, I'll answer, but this isn't going to turn into some stupid Ask Aunt Stephanie thing. You happy now Snickers?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


From the last post: It was Fairly Odd Parents! DUH! I looked for a clip to show you but I cannot seem to find one. I know you're all crying on the inside.

Speaking of crying on the inside, I had to get a book of poetry for a project I'm doing in language arts. I got a book with 100 poems and one of the poets it features is a man by the name of Sir John Suckling. He must have been ridiculed a bit in ye olde sandbox or whatever it was the kids played in back then. I haven't read his poems yet but I hope it doesn't suck as much as his name. Ha ha. That was funny.... Well not really but I bet my dad laughed.

Anyhoo, I unfortunatley don't have anything funny to say. I'll just talk about my poetry project some more to bore you guys. OH! NEVER MIND! I'll talk about the field trip I went on!

On Tuesday, the top readers of my school (me and my friends being included in that group, the geeks that we are) went to a library with a bunch of really old books and original manuscripts. We saw A LOT of interesting stuff. We saw one of the origanal Gutenburg Bibles and Snickers and I forgot to tell our 7th grade social studies teacher about that! Shoot! He was obsessed with the printing press. So we were going to brag about seeing an origanal. Well we'll find a way.

We also saw an original copy of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. And I started laughing hysterically and the docent looked at me weirdly. It's an inside joke with The Music Man cast. I'm in this song.... Well it's hard to explain. Just watch this video. It's kind of my big scene. I'm one of them in the production I'm in. Yeah....

We also saw a bunch of Shakespeare stuff. Including the original manuscript of Hamlet! I started giggling like mad! And all my friends started laughing because they knew why.

Did you know if you turn to the last page of an original manuscript of Hamlet and read the first letter of the last fourteen lines, it will read "I am a homosexual?"

That should cover it. I also saw Jack London's rough draft of one of his books. That made me bang my head against my friends in frustration.

After the guided tour we all went off to do our own thing. My friends and I became particulary attached with some 6th grade boys that I (and one or two others) already knew from the play. But Sophie absolutley feel in love with one of the kids. It was hysterical. And creepy.

But all the older kids (me being an older kid) wanted to go off on their own, without chaperones. But the teachers wouldn't let us take the younger kids (including the 6th grade boys) with us. It was very emotional. I think the teachers thought we were going to corrupt their youthful innocence.

So my friends and I explored on our own. We took a million pictures and they are hysterical! I wish I could post them here. But I won't. Too bad, so sad.

After we spent a good hour and a half exploring we went back to the group and found out we were the only kids that didn't get yelled at by the security guards and dragged back to the teachers! The security guards were nice to us! They even took our pictures when we asked, and gave us directions! If they had known that Sars, Nat, and K.C. had gone into the staff only zone, they might not have. But they never found out. Shh...

Another stupid thing my friends did is that K.C. and Sophie picked up a prickly pear fruit. Isn't that smart of them? They had thorns in their fingers all day.

For some more stupidity they all decided to climb a palm tree. I was about to get in but Mel came to her senses and told everyone to get out so they wouldn't get in trouble.

All in all it was a very nice trip. I had a great time. And it was WAY better then school!

Happy birthday to John Deere, Charles Dickens, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Eddie Izzard, and Chris Rock!

Did you know Charles Dickens was anitsemetic so in Oliver Twist the antagonist Fagin was Jewish? BUT in the play, Oliver! the composer Lionel Bart, who was Jewish, made Fagin a more comical character and not someone you would call evil. The origanal production even featured Ron Moody, Georgia Brown, and Martin Horsey, all of whom were Jewish!


Now I'm done.