Saturday, February 7, 2009


From the last post: It was Fairly Odd Parents! DUH! I looked for a clip to show you but I cannot seem to find one. I know you're all crying on the inside.

Speaking of crying on the inside, I had to get a book of poetry for a project I'm doing in language arts. I got a book with 100 poems and one of the poets it features is a man by the name of Sir John Suckling. He must have been ridiculed a bit in ye olde sandbox or whatever it was the kids played in back then. I haven't read his poems yet but I hope it doesn't suck as much as his name. Ha ha. That was funny.... Well not really but I bet my dad laughed.

Anyhoo, I unfortunatley don't have anything funny to say. I'll just talk about my poetry project some more to bore you guys. OH! NEVER MIND! I'll talk about the field trip I went on!

On Tuesday, the top readers of my school (me and my friends being included in that group, the geeks that we are) went to a library with a bunch of really old books and original manuscripts. We saw A LOT of interesting stuff. We saw one of the origanal Gutenburg Bibles and Snickers and I forgot to tell our 7th grade social studies teacher about that! Shoot! He was obsessed with the printing press. So we were going to brag about seeing an origanal. Well we'll find a way.

We also saw an original copy of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. And I started laughing hysterically and the docent looked at me weirdly. It's an inside joke with The Music Man cast. I'm in this song.... Well it's hard to explain. Just watch this video. It's kind of my big scene. I'm one of them in the production I'm in. Yeah....

We also saw a bunch of Shakespeare stuff. Including the original manuscript of Hamlet! I started giggling like mad! And all my friends started laughing because they knew why.

Did you know if you turn to the last page of an original manuscript of Hamlet and read the first letter of the last fourteen lines, it will read "I am a homosexual?"

That should cover it. I also saw Jack London's rough draft of one of his books. That made me bang my head against my friends in frustration.

After the guided tour we all went off to do our own thing. My friends and I became particulary attached with some 6th grade boys that I (and one or two others) already knew from the play. But Sophie absolutley feel in love with one of the kids. It was hysterical. And creepy.

But all the older kids (me being an older kid) wanted to go off on their own, without chaperones. But the teachers wouldn't let us take the younger kids (including the 6th grade boys) with us. It was very emotional. I think the teachers thought we were going to corrupt their youthful innocence.

So my friends and I explored on our own. We took a million pictures and they are hysterical! I wish I could post them here. But I won't. Too bad, so sad.

After we spent a good hour and a half exploring we went back to the group and found out we were the only kids that didn't get yelled at by the security guards and dragged back to the teachers! The security guards were nice to us! They even took our pictures when we asked, and gave us directions! If they had known that Sars, Nat, and K.C. had gone into the staff only zone, they might not have. But they never found out. Shh...

Another stupid thing my friends did is that K.C. and Sophie picked up a prickly pear fruit. Isn't that smart of them? They had thorns in their fingers all day.

For some more stupidity they all decided to climb a palm tree. I was about to get in but Mel came to her senses and told everyone to get out so they wouldn't get in trouble.

All in all it was a very nice trip. I had a great time. And it was WAY better then school!

Happy birthday to John Deere, Charles Dickens, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Eddie Izzard, and Chris Rock!

Did you know Charles Dickens was anitsemetic so in Oliver Twist the antagonist Fagin was Jewish? BUT in the play, Oliver! the composer Lionel Bart, who was Jewish, made Fagin a more comical character and not someone you would call evil. The origanal production even featured Ron Moody, Georgia Brown, and Martin Horsey, all of whom were Jewish!


Now I'm done.

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I think this was your worst blog ever. Mostly because I didn't read it. I read the first paragraph. Then I got bored to tears and started crying because it was so bad. I love you!