Friday, August 29, 2008



Sorry for the temporary emotional outbreak, but I recieved some bad news this morning. There is a story that goes with it, and I don't want to waste story time with screaming, so here we go:

From when I got home from school yesterday, until I went to school this morning, I cried 5 times and almost cried a 6th time. (I am very quick to tears as many of you may know). The first piece of information I recieved was that my parents are letting me do the school play!!!!!! YAY! (This one almost made me cry) They were going to force me to do Hebrew High instead, but my stuborness (or the craftiness of Snicker's mom for finding another class for me and Snickers) suceeded and I get to do the play after all. w00t!!!!!!!!

Then, I watched a very emotionally over-powering YouTube video called "Christian the Lion (the full story)" ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! Watch it please! It is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! WATCH IT!

Later, during dinner, I was reaching over the table and my arm touched the top of a pot of rice. It hurt really bad. I have a red mark on my arm now. Ow.

THEN, I watched a movie called We Were the Mulvaneys on Lifetime Movie Network. Because yes, I am the kind of girl that cries during Lifetime movies. But this one was soooooooo sad! And it was amazing! I bet the book is better, but I'm afraid if I read it I'll be emotionally scarred for life (THE CANTELOPE *shudders*) and we don't want that, now, do we? OMG, I just found out that movie was released the day my brother was born!!!! AWESOME. Nothing happened when I was born........ Well, something probably did, but who knows? I'm to lazy to look it up and there is no way I'm putting my birthday on the internet. Sorry peeps.

Ugh, right now my sister is watching Return to Neverland (the rip off Peter Pan sequel). Ok, that was harsh. It's okay I guess. But without the origanal voices it's just so wrong. Without Bobby Driscoll and Kathryn Beaumont, what's the point? Woah, I just found out Kathryn Beaumont's alive. Awesome.... An even bigger Peter Pan rip off was the 2003 version. That movie's just not good. I just found out Jason Isaacs was in that. Doesn't it suck when bad movies happen to good actors????

Okay, I just got WAY off topic. Let's get back on track.

Time number five when I cried and/or almost cried was while I was reading Breaking Dawn last night. SPOILER ALERT: I was at the part where Bella had to get the fake documents for Jacob and Renesmee so they could escape and she got all uber depressed. I always cry at that part. Well, all two times I've read it. I read up to the beginning of the meeting with the Volturi. I actually just finished the book. Again. It's better the second time. The first time you are in too much shock at the outcome of events to notice. Same for New Moon. SPOILER OVER.

And the 6th and final time I cried was this morning when I found out Midnight Sun (Edward's version of Twilight) has been put on hold for an unknown period of time. I.E. Stephenie Meyer is so pissed off at who ever LEAKED THE ENTIRE UNEDITED MANUSCRIPT on the internet that she is in no writing condition. I am compltley pissed off too. I was REALLY looking forword to this. (In case you didn't figure it out already, this is the reason for my screaming.) I had read the first chapter on her website and it was AMAZING. Now 264 unedited, mistake ridden, pages are on the internet. Out of respect I have chosen not to read it. It is a complete violation of her rights, and even though she put a link on her site and said she wouldn't deny us the right, I don't feel it is right to read the stolen contact. My friend Jane has faith that in the end she'll pull through and publish it, and I'm holding on to that shred of hope to. I'm just thinking it will take a lot longer then we expected.

Sorry for the depressing-ness people, but I'm honestly really upset about this. The range of reactions from my friends today was very funny though. From K.C.'s "Oh, that sucks," to Snickers and Sophie's utter shock and Sars's need to slap me, we all reacted differently. But we all agree with K.C. that it most definiley sucks.

On a happier note, we have some birthdays to celebrate today.

John McCain: Well, I'm pretty sure my parents are voting for you. I probably would to if I could. I don't want to get into politics though, so happy birthday and good luck!

Joel Schumacher: The Phantom of the Opera is absolutley amazing due to your directing skillage!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!!

Temple Grandin: You've done some pretty awesome stuff. Don't ask me what, 'cause I'm not 100% sure.

Michael Jackson: Dude, you creep me out. But you're a good singer. Even if you sound like a girl. And when I was little I saw a picture of you and heard you sing, and when I saw you're name, I'm all, "Oh, Michelle Jackson." And my brother's afraid of you.

That's all I have to say for right now. YAY! My mom is making my favorite chicken for dinner tonight. The recipe's been in our family for generations. Well, not exactly, but for at least one. That reminds me, I had this conversation with Sars today:


Sars: Do you think it's okay if for my social studies homework I called Jesus magical?

Me: What kind of a Jew are you??????

Then she showed me the context and it was okay. Later the topic came up again. Our friend Kira asked us to get her something from the snack bar and I put on the whole, "We're on a mission...." voice over act on. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: We're on a mission.....

Sars: FROM G-D!

Me: No.....

Sars: Ok, one step lower. From Jesus!


Sars: He's G-d's off spring....

Me: *snort*

Sars: Ok then..... From Moses! We're on a mission from Moses!!!!

So that's how Sars and I ended up on a mission from Moses. To get Kira a brownie. Dun dun dun.

Now I'm done. Or am I? I guess I am.... sort of. IDK. Oh, go to Kira's blog. It's an Asian-American themed blog. And I read it anyway because Julia and I are totally Asian. Yeah. You better beleive it... Ok, not really, but we figured if you go back far enough, we are, because Judiasm origanated in the Middle East. Which is in Asia. Or "messed-up Asia" as this kid I know once called it. But it's still Asia! So HA! I'M ASIAN!

Now I'm really, truly, done. OMG, isn't there a song or quote that uses those words? UGH. I hate it when this happens. Like last night when I watched We Were the Mulvaneys and the main character's name was Mary-Anne, I hear this little voice in the back of my mind yelling, (as I write right now it is actually Saturday the 30th, but I am simply finishing up from yesterday and will NOT do more birthdays or anything!) "Mary-Anne! Mary-Anne!" And I had no idea who it was! The only thing I could remeber was that it was a classic movie, most likely Disney and animated. So I went to school and spoke to Mel Mel, who probably knows as much or more about Disney then I do and with our combined brain power we figured out it was from Alice and Wonderland. In the part right before Alice eats the cookie and becomes a giant, the White Rabbit calls her Mary-Anne for what ever reason. I really want to watch that movie now. And The Lion King. I'm in the mood for classics. Maybe over Labor Day I'll have a movie marathon with Sars or something. She wants to see West Side Story. I don't blame her, it's an amazing movie. But my priority right now is to watch The Music Man so I can study up, because that's the play we're doing this year. A bunch of people said I should be Mrs. Shin, except Mel Mel who said I should be the mayor's older daughter. But who know's? I'll watch the movie I guess.

OKAY! I'm done! Sorry for the uber long entry. A bunch of people are probably going to yell at me because of the longness. But to bad! Deal with it! Just read it and go away! BAH!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


NAT! I CAN'T BELEIVE YOU SAID RACHAEL RAY CAN'T COOK!!! CLEARLY YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER PERSONAL BACKGROUND! Really! She's been cooking her entire life, and she did so much with her life involving food BEFORE she got a TV show. Read her Wikipedia page if you don't beleive me! And don't do the whole Wikipedia is an unreliable source shtick, because we all know it totally is. And if you know me at all, you should know by now that I'm always right.....

Anyhoo, thank you SO much to Kira for reading my blog! I'm glad you found it entertaining! I'm going to check your's out ASAP. Now let the REAL blogging begin:

Wow! Being back at school is so weird! It's so different, but so the same. As I've talked about before, our campus is totally rearranged and everyone is completley disoriented, but sitting with my friends at lunch, it's like nothing ever changed. And I also have the same English teacher I've had since 6th grade with most of the same students. That class has such a weird relationship. We act more like an elementary school class then a middle school class, but we disobey the teacher a lot more. It's not that we disobey her really, more that we do what ever we want during the class period most of the time and then have a million piles of homework. But what the hey?

Also, during lunch, my dear friend Sophie and had a long and heated debate over when the exact center of the school day was. Our day is from 9:00 to 3:10 (very short, I know) so the exact center would be 12:05. Sophie had the whole explanation to why it was inbetween 3rd and 4th period, and then later when she agreed with me she was all, "So I'm right!" And I'm all, "No, I was right, you just agreed with me." (Once again, I am always right...) And then the rest of our friends are like, "There are 7 periods, so 4th period is the middle!" And we're (me and Sophie) all, "NO, there is also RAD (homeroom/study hall like class) and passing period and...." So eventually we just figuired I was right which I knew all along. It's one of those you had to be there things.

This one I'm hoping will be funnier. In RAD for some reason, Shirley Temple came up in our conversation. The following chaos ensued:
Casey: Shirley Temple's REAL! I thought she was a drink!
Sarah: I thought she was a drink!
(A lot of, "of course she's real you idiot"s and explanations later)
Ilana: She's a person AND a drink.
Sarah: She lives in a drink?
Ilana: No she's dead.
Sarah: She died in the drink?
Me: SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!
She's 80 and 1/3 and 5 days to be precise. It bugs me when people don't know these things. I mean, who hasn't seen her movies? Seriously, even if you haven't you should know she EXISTS. Really, some people just have NO appreciation for classics.....

Also, now all the math classes are on top of this hill, and the way up and down is like rush hour traffic. It's torcher. And my friends are a bunch of rabblerousers (Potter Puppet Pals has extended my vocabulary greatly) so we tripped and pushed and I got elbowed in ways that hurt REALLY badly a lot. It's horrible! If I was saying this all aloud you'd know I say horrible and horrendous and words like that with a weird accent. It's the only thing about me I do weirdly. I also don't pronounce the "t" in often, but that's how you're supposed to do it right? I'll check. TO DICTIONARY.COM!!!!!!! One sec... Ha, ha! I am right, and Snickers is wrong. Observe:
[aw-fuhn, of-uhn; awf-tuhn, of-]
Wait, does the mean we're both right? I hate when two people are right. It's very annoying. You'd think this thought would make me like math but I totally don't. It's so concrete it's not fun. Like today, when we found out in language arts that we're going to have to do a small research project about the history of words, Sars and I (we always do projects together, it's tremondusly (spelling???) entertaining. It's more play then work, but we're A students so it works) started spit balling words we'd like to research. Some of my favorite suggestions:
shenagins (Wait, is this a real world? Wait... Okay good, it is!)
And Sarah, of course suggested her favorite word: Pechanga.
Sars: Pechanga is an Indian resort and casino. It is a proper noun. Yes it is a word, but it is not an onomatopoeia. It is not the sound someone makes when the punch someone. It may be the sound you make when you punch someone, but sane people usually grunt or something like that. Yeah, basically she's saying that she is partially right because she said it was a word. But I never denied it as a word, I just denied it as an onomatopoeia.

Well, I guess that's it. Umm..... birthday time!!!
Sybille de Seyls Longchamps: I don't know who you are but you have a cool name! w00t!
Shania Twain: I have a bunch of your songs on my iPod!!!!! That should be an honor considering I have very few non-musical songs!!!!!!!
Jack Black: Well, um, this is awkward, but I don't really like you're sense of humor..... but..... umm...... Happy Birthday, bye!
There's a bunch of other birthdays today but I decided to be picky/lazy and only include these peeps. You're special! But so is everyone else.....

Okay. Well. Bye.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated in forever!!!!! My computer is really stupid and spazzy so it usually kicks me off the internet, which is necessary for a blog. But I'll probably have a new computer tomorrow! Hopefully. I need one for school (gag).

The 2008 Summer Olympics came to a close last night. It was a very beautiful ceremony. I especially loved the pass off to London. It was so amazing. I love London! It's my favorite place in the world. Well, I've never been there. But I know I'd like it if I ever did go there. I just love anything British. Well, I've talked about this before so let's move on.

I really love the Olympics and everything they stand for. Over 200 countries coming together and forgetting their differences for just a few weeks and competing in sports and having a lot of fun. It's very nice.

Ok, there is honestly no point in this entry. I just havent updated in forever. Soooo... birthday time I guess.
Leonard Bernstein: Umm.. Well, you're kind of dead, but in case you happen to be reading this: West Side Story= AMAZING. And also, GO POLISH-JEWS! We're awesome...
Regis Philbin: You have a TV show. Yay. Umm. Happy Birthday!
Gene Simmons: OMG my 5th grade teacher dated you! I can totally see why that didn't work out.... And you're Israeli! How awesome is that!
Tim Burton: I love your movies! Most of the time... LOL. Well actually they kind of creep me out. But I always say a good movie/book makes you feel something, and creeped out is something... But tell Helena Bonham Carter I said, "Hi." She's amazing too.
Billy Ray Cyrus: Umm... wow. You have managed to raise some beautiful kids with great values. And my cousins and I really enjoy singing Achey Breaky Heart. It seems to annoy people.
Rachael Ray: I LOVE all of your television shows, especially your talk show! I have your cookbooks too! Keep up the good work! I totally can't wait for your new season to start!
Rachel Bilson: Umm.... I don't know much about you... But it's your special day and I hope you have a good time!
Blake Lively: I loved you in the Sisterhood movies! Happy Birthday!
Josh Flitter: In the few things I've seen you in you've been absolutley hysterical! Keep acting!

Wow, a lot of birthdays today.... Well I have nothing to say. Bye!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was never one to beleive in curses. Until now.

That was a creepy way to start my blog wasn't it? HA HA! Now let's get back on track.

Everything bad seems to happen to people in my grade. After I left my elementary school in 5th grade, it completley changed. They started getting Jamba Juice delivered every Thursday! I don't like Jamba Juice personally, but I can see why that annoys people. Also right after we left, the got an electric message board and new paint jobs and all that jazz. Even worse is when the people my age at out neighboring school YB, left 5th grade, they moved to a new and improved gorgeous campus.

In 8 days I am going to start 8th grade. For 12 years (since most people in my grade were one) they have been planning to remodel my school. For 12 years they have told the staff that they would be getting new classrooms and a brand new science lab and performing arts center, and the list goes on. When do they decide to start construction? Now. When I am in 8th grade. I will be sitting in class all year listening to the sounds of jackhammers in the distance. Approximatley two years after I graduate from my school, construction will be complete. BUT, as a result of this construction, I will not get a locker, (at our school, only 8th graders get lockers because there aren't enough for everyone) nor will I gain access to the 8th grade lawn. The 8th grade lawn is a lawn in the center of campus that only 8th graders can walk across. I mean, I walk across it anyway, but it would be nice to be allowed.

Also, when I start high school, another school will move onto our campus and share it with us. Normally this would be a problem because it would be to crowded or what ever. But the school that's moveing in with us is the local school for the bad children. The school that they send kids to for a reason. And I'm just so happy I get to share my campus with them.

I was thinking all these things were mere coincedences. Then I realized something. My grade will graduate high school, in 2013. And if the Mayaans or who ever is right, the world will be over by then, so who cares? Really, I totally think my whole "unlucky class of 2013" is correct.

I also have this article to back me up that curses might kind of sort of exist. CREEPY.

Ok, I read A LOT of entertainment related articles, because that's what interests me. I've started to realize how biased some of these are. I was reading an article about trailers for the rest of the years movies. Their review for Harry Potter was pretty good. Except a) it's not coming out this year anymore and b) they wrote about what a bad actor Daniel Radcliffe is. And they spelled Radcliffe wrong. Why can no one spell Radcliffe? And I agreed with them sort of, I mean the kid can't cry on demand to save his life. Or Cedric Diggory's life. But he can act. Sort of. I mean, he did that whole naked horse thing. SPEAKING OF I saw this article head line:
Daniel Radliffe Gets Nude Again: This Time for Harry Potter?!?!?!???!
OMG! I've read all these books! THERE ISN'T A NUDE SCENE! But then he said that the scene would be in HP7 and he's all, "I thought I'd be wearing pants!" and I new exactly what scene he's talking about. Because in my opinion it's one of the most heartwarming parts of the book. (Chapter 19 for people who've read it) Ok, don't think I'm a sicko for thinking the nude scene is heartwarming, but in the book, he is in fact wearing pants as Daniel Radcliffe suggested. I'd post a link to the article but I lost it! I found it yesterday and it's yet to be found again! LE GASP!

But my whole point of the bias of the article is their review of the Twilight trailer.
Twilight: Yawn. Is it just me or does the main guy in this trailer look suspiciously like a girl trying to pass herself off as a guy? The trailer indicates that Twilight is based on a hugely popular book, but I never heard of it. If you're going to go through the trouble of making a vampire movie, why not do something we've not seen a thousand times? Hey, here's an idea: a family of vampires trying to fit into suburbia and get away from their legacy as bloodsucking freaks.
DUDE: Clearly, you know nothing about Twilight. It IS a family of vampires struggling to fit in with other humans! I did laugh though when he said Robert Pattinson looks like a girl. 'Cause that's funny. Even if I don't agree it's still funny. And this ISN'T like every vampire movie/book out there as I've tried to tell my mother repeatedly.

YAY! My brother just put on The Wizard of Oz (i.e. The best movie ever! Well, my personal favorite. Isn't it kind of sad, that not only do I know the words to all the songs and most of the lines, but I know the background music also?)!

I was just talking to my mom about my blog and I said that it seems like it's and entertainment blog, because that's what I talk about a lot. She comapred it to Sex and the City. You know, Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker's character) column in the newpaper. But I mean I wouldn't know, I never watch that show... (wink wink)

Singin' in the Rain is an amazing movie. See it. I saw it for the first time yesterday and watched it again this morning. AFI called it the best musical of all time. I don' think I've seen enough musicals (I have seen a lot though) to verify, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Except it sure rains a lot in that movie, it takes place in Hollywood. But they do point out that it's raining more then usual.

Birthday time!
Bill Clinton: Umm... I'm pretty sure my parents voted for you.....
John Stamos: Full House is funny! Well. Sometimes. I mainly like it because Stephanie is portrayed in a good way and has an awesome catch phrase. But she's blonde. Why is she blonde?
Matthew Perry: Friends is one of the best TV shows EVER! W00T!

You know what really annoys me? That Octavian changed his name to Augustus. Octavian is a MUCH cooler name. Seriosuly, if I had to name my first born son either Octavian or Augustus, I'd totally go with Octavian. No doubt in my mind there.

That's all for today homies. See ya later!

Friday, August 15, 2008



I have been waiting SO long for this movie, and TONS of people have been waiting longer then me! IT'S SO UNFAIR! Warner Bros. has decided to do this so there is a smaller gap between this movie and the final two. But now there's a HUGE gap between the 5th and 6th! UGH! I NEED THIS MOVIE FOR MY SANITY!

But, there is another movie I need for my sanity equally. And that is Twilight. Some people think that the fact that this movie was going to be released 3 weeks after HP6 caused the move. But as I said before, that is not the reason. BUT Summit Entertainment seized the oppurtunity and took the date that HP left open and moved Twilight 3 weeks up. I am dead serious. It is not a rumor.

But I would rather have HP and Twilight within a 3 week interval of eachother then having one sooner and the other 7 months later. Really, movie people are insane. But I love 'em. "There's no people like show people...."

Ok, we have a lot of birthdays today: Debra Messing, Ben Affleck, Joe Jonas, and one of my bestest buddies Julia. I'm starting another new tradition and that's writing birthday cards to all the people. Something like this:
Debra Messing: Will and Grace is one of the best TV shows. EVER. They make me laugh SO hard and you are definitley a magnificent comedienne.
Ben Affleck: I don't really care... You're just famous so I'm acknowleding that... (Am I the only one that thinks of that duck when I here his last name?)
Joe Jonas: Dude, YOU CAN'T SING! Get a life. Please. Oh yeah, you can't act either. But you have nice hair. It looks kind of greasy thoug, maybe you should get that checked out... One more thing, PLEASE TELL ME CAMP ROCK 2 IS A RUMOR! I BEG OF YOU!!!!! OH NO! IT ISN'T! WAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Julia: I've said it all already, I don't want to give my finger a blister typing it.

Wow. I was so pissed about HP6 and now I've got the Camp Rock 2 bomb dropped on me. Aren't you guys glad I check a variety of reliable sources everyday?

Do you guys realize this is my 50th blog? Shouldn't it be more special then this? Well. Umm... I fell like I should say something special. Did you guys notice how much my blog has changed? It used to be so mouch more random. I really hope I'm not losing my randomness. I think they have gotten funnier though.

Well that's all I really have to say. My fingers kind of hurt. I'll talk to you guys later then.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok, I know everyone thinks their family is seriously messed up and stuff, but I was totally born into one of the weirdest families in the history of the unverse. Ask any of my family, they'll admit to it. But guess this: I'm the normal one! Or at least I think so... Don't worry, I have a point in this ramble. Today I am focusing on the weirdness of my various family members.

Exhibit A: My sister Abby
My sister decided, since she is starting middle school in 2 weeks (LE GASP) that she wanted to borrow one of my middle school yearbooks. I said no because at least 58 people (I was bored one day so I counted) wrote deeply personal messages to me all over it. Some writing more then one. And I just didn't feel comfortable having my little sister reading some of this stuff. I mean, it's MY (sad excuse for a) social life. It's not something I want my sister to know all the gory details of. In this scenario my mom sided with my sister that it is just a book and she will look at the pictures and not read the messages. My dad sided with me! HA! OVER RULED! Ok, the weirdness will officially start now:
My sister was totally desperate to get me to give her this yearbook. She ever offered to play Harry Potter Scene It with me. Which I can creme anyone at. And Abby hates losing. But I said no anyway. Later we had a conversation sort of like this:
Abby: I love you Stephanie.
I guess I was spaced out or something, because then Abby goes
Me: Yeah me too, but we already knew that.
A few minutes later, my sister had huffed off into her room and kept coming down with pieces of paper with snide comments like:
On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a negative 1,000!
Somethings never change, like how much we hate each other!
You're a jerk, spoiled brat, meanie.....
And the list goes on. Most people in my situation would react (or the way Abby hopes most people in this situation would react) is by crying to her shouting apologies and saying something gooey like:
Oh, Abby! I'll do anything I can to make you love me [like you did two minutes ago] again! I'll let you keep my yearbook forever and ever and you can read all the personal messages and I'll do what ever you want for the rest of our lives!
Well, sorry Abs, not gonna happen. I know you to well for that.

So that was one reason why my sister is weird.

Exhibit B: My brother Max
Yesterday, my brother lost a tooth. Since then, our dog Buddy has eaten said tooth, but that is beside the point. My point is that my brother is the biggest miser in the history of 6 year olds. His tooth had started to get loose at my grandparents house, and being good Jewish Bubbe and Zeide (even though we don't call them that) they gave him a dollar right then and there. And said they'd send him two more when the tooth actually fell out. And of course my parents would give him a dollar when it came out. He then says to me:
Grandpa gave me a dollar, Grandma gave me a dollar, Mommy gave me a dollar, Daddy gave me a dollar, now you have to give me one.
And he held out his hand. I'm just all, "No way!" This kids is rich. I borrowed 14 bucks from him once to go out to lunch with my friends 'cause I was totally broke. Now I have money because I'm constantly babysitting, but that was a while ago. And here's the even weirder part:
My brother got my dad to tell him the tooth fairy wasn't real before he ever lost a tooth. But he tells people he beleives in her to get the money. What is with this kid?

Exhibit C: My loving Ma and Pa, and of course, the tooth fairy
On the subject off tooth fairies, I'd like to talk a little about my siblings and my upbringing. Because we're Jewish we'd never beleived in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or any of that. But for some reason, my parents found it necessary to lie to us all about the tooth fairy. I will tell you the story of each of our experiences with "her."
Me: I lost teeth really early on. When I was about 4 and a half I lost my first tooth. I was really mentally unprepared for this so I thought it was a horrible bad thing and walked around the house all day covering my mouth so no one would find out. But then I discovered the tooth fairy. My mom also made up this story about how she would email the tooth fairy and tell her the tooth had fallen out. That was also her excuse when ever she didn't remember to put anything under our pillow. "I forgot to send the email, sorry!" I kept loosing teeth of course, but in 3rd grade when I was about 8, I showed up at school with a missing tooth. I was so excited to show my two new best friends (key word NEW) the gap. These two new friends were Snickers and Shadow (don't ask, nickname, long story). Our conversation went something like this:
Me: Guess what guys! I lost a tooth!
Them: *sarcasm filled tone* Did you get anything from the tooth fairy? Did she bring you money?
Me: *catching on to their tone* Umm... yeah.
Them: *looking like they really shouldn't have said something* Oh....
And then I figured it out. And I went home and my mom gave me the whole, "She's real if you want her to be," speech. Which a year later I heard again when I witnessed Shadow figuring out that Santa didn't exist. It wasn't pleasent.

Abby: To this day, as an 11 year old girl starting 6th grade, no one has told my sister the tooth fairy isn't real. Some days I want to go and let her down easy because that will be more pleasent then her friends telling her later. Really, Mom and Dad, I know you're reading this. Just tell her!

Max: My brother figured it out on his own when he was about 4. Which kind of sucks. My brother is the least little kidish little kid ever. Even though he pretends to beleive in the tooth fairy, it's still no fun not even getting to be all excited amd witness his happiness.
See, most of the time, Disneyland is more fun if you go with a little kid (even though my friends strongly disagree). I just think it's much more worth while going and watching their faces light up when they see their favorite characters walking around like they own the place. That was always such a huge deal for me and my sister. Now when we go, my sister and I still freak out over them (what's the point of going to Disneyland if you can't forget reality for a while?) while my brother goes:
Their just actors in costumes. That's not really Mickey. It's just someone playing pretend.
What kind of 6 year old is this kid? He totally ruins the Disney vibe!

So that's why my family is very, very, weird. And why the tooth fairy sucks.

P.S. Mom, this was not a blog I wrote in my angst against my family. I just thought it would be a funny topic. I'm not resentful towards any of you. But don't deny that any of this isn't true, because we both know it totally is!

P.P.S. Happy Birthday to Annie Oakley and Alfred Hitchcock! If either of you are reading this (wait, both of you are dead...) Annie, you're life was made into an amazing play which I had the honor of being in and everytime I hear the story of how you and Frank died I totally chock up and sometimes cry! Alfred, I'm to much of a chicken to watch you're movies but I've heard they're amazing!

P.P.P.S. Do you know how long it took me to figure out the P.S. stood for post script? I never got that...

P.P.P.P.S. I'm going to the Santa Monica Pier with Sars and Snickers tomorrow! If any of my devoted fans (snort) want to meet me there, I'll be the one wearing... oh who knows? I never plan what I'm wearing a day ahead. Who does that?

P.P.P.P.P.S. I just had to give my mom 10 bucks to give my siblings because she forgot to get money from the ATM, I mean the tooth fairy. I only gave it to her because she said she'd tell my sister the truth tomorrow and she needs the money to soften her up.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. My mom thinks it's only fair that you all know the reason my sister does these things is because she has autism. Hardy har har. See? That's not funny! This is a comedy blog thing! It's not funny to talk about all the weird things my autistic sister does! It's only funny if the audience doesn't know she has autism. But now I've ruined it for them and they're going to feel all bad about laughing add it. But I don't want them too, I was TRYING to make them laugh, not mope in despair. Le duh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i feel bad for famous people. I know I've done the ramble before about how people assume their spoiled rotten without even getting to know them, but I have a new reason now. Sort of. This is more for the REALLY famous people. The ones with high expectations. I feel so bad for them. Because every once in a while, they screw up. They star in a bad movie, write a bad book, or turn out to be horrible singers. But they get so hugely criticized for it. And not in a constructive way, I might add. Read any tabloid, and they're talking trash about someone. Ok, I read tabloids constantly, but for constructive purpouses only. Like I've said before, I enjoy being in the know. Like Brad and Angelina's $14 million baby photos. I mean, yeah, it's WAY too much money for a baby photo but man those kids were cute!

As I was saying, the people that write these things can just be so mean. I don't want to sound like Chris Crocker (that guy has problems) or something (LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Ha ha!) but yeah, they kind of should leave them alone. Not now though... I mean, they can always do it later or something. I like how Meg Cabot put's it in her YouTube video, Tabloids.

You are all probably thinking why I brought this up. Again. Well, I was at Barnes and Nobles (again) and started leafing through a copy of Entertainment Weekly. There was a review for Breaking Dawn in there. It was one of the meanest reviews I have ever read. And isn't that kind of hypocritical because a month ago they dedicated their cover to the Twilight movie and this same issue had an article about the Twilight saga and movie plus a completley different and pretty lengthy article just about the sucess of Stephenie Meyer? (inhlaes deeply)

Ok then. That was just my little ramble of today. Oh, I saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince two days ago! It was BEAUTIFUL. I mean, I'd scene it a million times on the internet, but on the big screen.... *sigh*. I totally hyperventilated. But it kind of sucked because I was seeing Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 with a bunch of people who don't appreciate the genuis of J.K. Rowling like I do. One of the family friends I saw it with mostly freaked out over the High School Musical 3 trailer. And then she brought up it was my fault she was obsessed with it. She watched it with me back when she was my babysitter. But the trailer was a total cheese fest. Watch it, hopefully you'll get a good laugh. And considering I have a love for almost all things cheesy and corny, and I think this is overly corny, it must be bad.

I also saw the trailer for The Tale of Despereaux. It looks cutesy. I've read the book and that's what it is, cute. The book was very good though, and the movie looks like it will live up to expectations. I mean, with Matthew Broderick, Emma Watson, Tracy Ullman, Dustin Hoffman, Stanley Tucci, and Robbie Coltrane in the star-studded cast, I think it will turn out very good. All in all, I'm very excited for it.

Ummm........... yeah. I could go into a lot more detail of this stuff but I don't want to bore you guys to death. I could also tell you about a dream I had last night! Oh yeah, I forgot how much everyone hates that....

Birthday time! Happy birthday to Ann M. Martin one of my sister's favorite authors (she actually just bought her newest book at Barnes and Nobles), and another one of those people that probably didn't enjoy the playground too much, Jaques Tits, the Belgian mathmatician. Happy Birthday Mr. Tits.

That's all for today. I think I'll go read. Or play the Impossible Quiz again...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Have you ever heard one of those names and think, "Well that kids gonna get beat up on the playground,"? Well duh, of course you have. Like Apple. I think she's Gwenyth Paltrow's daughter. But in my research for today's birthdays I found out that today is Phillip Phillips birthday. Congrats Phillip. Also in today's birthdays is Alyson Stoner. Sorry Alyson, but High School Musical was much better then Camp Rock. Partially becasue HSM had a plot and a good message for young children. Partially because the Jonas Brothers can't sing. I don't care what their parents have told them. They can't sing.

And another person's birthday I am celebrating is (drum roll please) SNICKERS! w00t. Speaking of, Snickers: ANSWER THE PHONE. Well, happy birthday Snickers and I really wish I could be celebrating with you but everytime I called I was put straight to voice mail so I guess you're out galivanting with your cousins or something like that. Call me.

ANYHOO I was reading the daily random facts I get on my iGoogle page, and today's was that a human blinks over 10,000 times a year. And I'm just like, "Duh. If you do the mental math this implies that I blink 4 to 5 times a day. I blink more then 4 to 5 times a minute. This fact thing is screwed up." Really, how pointless is that?????

Speaking of iGoogle, EVERYTHING STARTS WITH I!!!!!!!!! IT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! I was at my friends house, and her dog's cage said, "iCrate," on it. I'm not kidding. Is it an MP3 player or something? It's a dog cage, you can't check your email with it! Eh, sooner or later who knows what technology they'll come out with in the world of dog cages.......

Also at this friends house, I think I got stung by a wasp or something because it looks like there's a red itchy tennis ball growing out of my upper arm. I know, "I think I got stung." Well, I assumed it was a bee, but I didn't get a good look at it, because I did the one thing you aren't supposed to do in that situation: Freak out. I dove under water (don't worry, I was already in the pool, it's not like I jumped in with my clothes on) and the insect of some sort stung me. Under water. Isn't it supposed to drown or something? Well, I came out, we got the insect and the stinger off of me. It stung, a lot, but it stopped after a while and it was kind of white ish. But since yesterday it's been swelling. And I've gotten stung by a bee before, and I don't remember it swelling. I also remember I was six or seven and I screamed a lot more and the adults spent a lot more time with the tweezers getting it out. Who knows? I'm just hoping it will go away.

Well I'm pretty bored. Earlier today Julia and I hung out at Ashley's house. Ashley desperatly wanted to make a smoothie so I said, "I bet if you turn the video camera on, something funny is bound to happen." We ended up making a cooking show. And something did happen. There was an orange juice malfunction. It kept coming out of the hole in the blender that the smoothie is supposed to come out of when you pull on the tab. But we weren't pulling on the tab. So yeah, it was fun. And Ashley totally gets technology and stuff so we were able to edit it and everything. It was great.

And now I have a headache. I think I'm going to go get some water (best drink ever) and then play the impossible quiz. Most addictive thing ever. And I have no life so I have time to get to question 74 or something like that. It's pretty fun. Enjoy getting addicted. How the hell do you spell that? I've tried a million combinations. I hope I spelled it right I'm too lazy to check. Ok then. Bye...

Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy Olympics Day everyone!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited to watch them. Don't ask me why, I'll have no idea what's going on. But you know, the opening cermeony is always fun to watch. Anyhoo....... I'm going to start a new tradition for TMTS. Considering other traditions I've tried to start (word of the day) I don't exactly know how this will go, but considering I've had this tradition with myself for a very long time, I think I'll make it work. Here it is:
Birthdays! I love birthdays, and since every day is SOMEONE'S birthday, everyday I acknowledge that fact. Today I am celebrating the birthdays of Dustin Hoffman, Michael Urie, Katie Leung, and MY GRANDMA! YAY! Well, it's a bunch of other peoples birthdays too, but I am not acknowleding them. Sorry peeps.

So that was the boring part of my blog. Last night I planned a non boring part of the blog that I will try to remember as much of as possible. Here we go:

The scariest thing in the world happened to me last night! The only thing I can think of scarier then what happened, is my reaction to what happened.

A spider was on my pillow. I was about to lie down and I see a big, black spider. Ok, it wasn't that big, but to me it was. It had a huge abdomen (now let's all sing the adbomen song! Ha, ha!). Normally, I would have let out a blood-curling scream (which I am very good at issuing) but NO.

I picked up the pillow, walked into my backyard, and let the spider escape.


I don't know how I did it, it was like some spirit of a person much braver then me possesed me. I honestly used to think I was an arachnaphobe! I used to scream everytime I saw one! Now suddenly I'm sparing their lives! Something is most definitley wrong with me.... Was it something I ate? Last night for dinner I had.... macaroni and cheese and some French bread on the side. Nothing wrong there. Was it a chemical? I did go to a mall I usually don't go to. And my body doesn't handle unfamiliar scents well. Yeah, I think that's it... I was feeling a little queezy earlier.....

OK, speaking of the mall, I was there. With my friend "Julmaster" and her mom. We were walking down the hallway (is that what you call it? It seems like such a school-ish word.) and we see these mall cops run by with riffles. I am not kidding, riffles. Like old western movie riffles. Anyhoo, Julia's mom goes into mother-bear-mode as I call it and put's a hand on each of our backs and hurries us away. We had just gotten past Zales when we are someone scream, "HE'S GOT A GUN!!!!" at the top of his lungs. "Julmaster" and her mom take out on full sprint and I willingly follow. We then hide out in Nordstroms. Until we get hungry and decide to go to Panda Express.

That was more then enough excitment for me for one day. Except later I went to Barnes and Nobles, one of my favorite places in the universe. Except when it makes me sick. Sometimes being in huge bookstores does that to me. Especially Borders! UGH, Borders! Barnes and Nobles only does occasionally. I go there so much I think I have an aquried immunity to it. You know, like the flu shot. Which by the way are made out of unborn chickens. So yeah, now I only get sick at Barnes and Nobles if I take long breaks from going there. I got this book called Airhead by Meg Cabot, one of my FAVORITE authors. "Julmaster" told me it was really sad so I was totally prepared to sob all over it, because seriously, EVERYTHING makes me cry. I used to never be able to cry at books or movies (my own life always made me cry though) but now I always cry at works of fiction, and less in the real world (which isn't saying much, because less for me is like, 100x more to others. Just ask Snickers. I've seen her cry three times in the five years we've known eachother, and she's seen me cry to many times to count)! It's like some strange personality flip! So basically, I thought Airhead would make me blubber like a baby but it totally didn't. (Did I just say blubber? What is WRONG with me?) Yeah, it's sad but as most of the books I read are, it was told in the first person and the main character in this book isn't exactly the most weepy person, so I didn't cry. Because she didn't make me feel bad for her. Except with that one part, about Christopher. But I still only shed, like, one tear. (That sounded so Valley Girl! I'm pathetic!) Wait, none of you know what I'm talking about. Let me do a brief summary:
Basically, a Plasma TV falls on Emerson Watts's head, and when she wakes up a month later she's in the body of supermodel Nikki Howard. And that is the VERY brief summary.
But I'm not even done with it, so who knows? It might get more sad in the next 100 pages. Well more like 59 pages. 59, 100, big difference.

So that's how I entertained myself almost all of yesterday. Except between 11 and 12 o'clock p.m. when I watch Friends. My favorite episode was on! Well one of them anyways. It's "The One with the Cop." Phoebe finds an NYPD badge and pretends to be a cop. It's really funny. But the funniest part of the episode, in my opinion, is when Ross buys a new couch. When him Rachel, and Chandler, are trying to bring it up the stairs to his aparment he keeps yelling at them to, "Pivot, pivot, pivot, PIVOT!" It's one of my favorite quotes from this show. Because when ever from some strange reason, I do a pivot turn (dance term, don't ask me how I know what it is, but I think it has something to do with the 70's show I did in 5th grade...) it reminds me of the couch.

Oh, you know what else I did yesterday????? I was reading this article about the 10 worst movies of the last 10 years, one coming from each year. I was reading it and I'm thinking something like this:
I've hardly heard of any of these movies! Well, the ones from the earlier years I wasn't even born yet. Wait, I WAS born in 1997 wasn't I? WASN'T I????

Yes my friends, I momentarily forgot how old I was. And as a matter of fact, I was alive in 1997. Contrary to popular beleif. It's amazing, I usually forget things in the summer. But I've never forgotten my birthday. WOW. This is making me feel unlimitedly stupid.

By the way people, some people beleive I use bad spelling in my blog. And I'm sorry, but Blogger does not have spell check. I do edit each of my entries multiple times before I post it though. You do not want to see the unchecked versions. Usually I'm an amazing speller. I was the first person in my science class who could spell osteoporosis without looking at the text. Oh, yeah, I went there. But seriously, I think my problem is I can't use a keyboard. I know where everything is but my fingers just kind of drag across the whole things. I'm not exactly great with technology....

Umm..... yeah. That's it really. I'm bad at ending these things......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hola peoples. Wow, I am blogging a lot more then usual latley. I mean, it's summer and I have nothing better to do. Besides read. But I've done that. A lot. And I've also made some cash. I've actually made a lot of money babysitting, because basically, I'm always available. During the school year I have school, homework, the play, or what ever else I'm doing. Suddenly, loads of free time! So now if someone asks me, I just say yes. I rarely have other plans. But now Snickers is mad at me for steeling potential clients. She's only babysat once. And I was there. And we ended up eating stale bread. Long story. I beleive we also blew up something? I don't remember all the details. ANYHOO...

I spent the day at the Ventura County Fair today. It was WEIRD.

Ok, let me verify. If you know me well, which not many of you do, you would know one of my favorite words is picturesque because it sounds like it's French but it isn't! YAY! And I also like picturesque things. You know, because they are... picturesque. SO, I'm down at my cousins house in Ventura so we can go to the fair in Ventura even though I do not live in Ventura. The city or county. I totally felt like I was intruding. Because it's not my county. But my point on the whole picturesque thing, is that the area I was in is very picturesque. You know, the way people who don't live in California picture California. All the houses were in walking distance from the beach and people were walking around in shorts and tanktops or bathing suits and there were bikes and dogs and........ well, you get my point. But people, most of California is NOT like that. California has one of the most diverse climates in the United States. We have beaches of course, big cities (LA IS NOT ALL OF CALIFORNIA, NOR DO YOU SEE CELEBRITIES EVERYWHERE), small towns, suburbs, the inland valleys, the mountains, Northern California, and of course awesome SoCal.

And umm.............. what was I saying? Just people that don't live in California have a totally screwed up version of what we're like. And I was in Ventura which is what everyone thinks we're like and I went to the fair. Oh yeah, the fair! First we go on the Ferris Wheel. Wow, I just had a thought. I'll have to go to Wikipedia later...... As I was saying, we go on the Ferris Wheel and it just keeps going and going and going.... And I was just waiting for it to stop! It was so annoying! The first time I went around I totally flipped because it was to high and I've had bad experiences on Ferris Wheels (Sars, another friend of ours, and I got stuck on the top of the one at the Santa Monica Pier) but after the first time around it was just plain annoying. I wanted it to stop.

Eventually we get off and our cousin Dyl Dyl (nickname that no one likes but we call him anyway) trys to get me into this ride called Starship. Basically you go in this circular room and lean against the wall (no seatbelts) and it spins. Really fast. And you're totally pushed up against the wall. I was completley prepared to go on. I get in, my heart stars pounding, and I flip. I mean, it was dark and there were no seatbelts... basically, I go into claustrophobic mode and run out of there. And I'm not that much of a claustraphobic. I mean, I guess the fact that it was dark freaked me out. I just couldn't handle it. It was kind of embarassing. Eh, I'm over it. I've had worse. A lot worse.

Later that day:

We were going on this slide, where you walk up this fun little obstacle course on the way to the top (it's pretty high) and then you get to this really small and tight spiral staricase to get to the top of the slide. I'm in the spircal staircase, and this girl starts crying. She freaked out. Being me, I couldn't let her fend for herself and I had to help her and her little friend out of the staircase. I didn't take her all the way down because I had to stay with my brother and cousin but I had to get her out of the staircase. She was totally petrified. Things like that always happen when I'm around. I think it's because I can handle it. Speaking of, I was babysitting these kids yesterday and the youngest was a four year old girl. She's going through that obsessed with make-up phase that I went through when I was six. At first, she was pretending that Lubriderm was makeup and using it on her baby doll. It was cute as long she didn't make a mess. Which she did. She dropped an entire box of Q-tips. But it's ok! Then she takes this fake make-up compact out, so I let her give me a "makeover." She pretended to put blush on me about a million times when I jokingly asked, "What about lipstick and eyeshadow?" I should not have asked this question! She runs and breaks out the (dun dun dun) REAL MAKEUP. You know, one of those kits little kids have. I definitley had my fair share of those. But none of them were as abused as hers. It was definitley well used. So she then gives me a real make up makeover. The lipgloss she gave me was REALLY sparkly and made everything taste bad for a while. But I mean, I was paid for this. And it was fun. Besides everything tasting bad for a while.

What was my point of this? I don't know. I just wanted to do something. And umm... Well last night I couldn't sleep and I had an entitre blog planned in my head. But I forgot it. I forget most things. Not really actually. I remember more things then I forget. But if I need to remember something, I forget it. What ever I'm confusing myself.

Well bye I guess...............

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, I'm upset. I've just had my fear verified. People really do hate my dreams!

See, I like to know a lot of stuff, you know, have something to say in a conversation, so I like reading things and gaining information and stuff. Ok, that made no sense, so I'll cut to the chase. I was reading something about Stephenie Meyer and how Twilight was inspired by a dream. And she goes, "And I didn't wanna call up somebody and be, like, 'Oh, let me tell you about this dream.' Everybody hates that."

And I'm just all, "Oh shitake mushrooms." Because like I've said before, I'm the person that always does that! But I have really good dreams! Like last night, I had a REALLY good one where I was basically the female version of Harry Potter and I got to fight Voldemort with Ron and Hermione and everything, but there was a twist! After the end of the 7th book (not saying what happens because I know some of you aren't there yet) I went to sleep and woke up and I was 11 again and had to start all over! It was sooooooooo weird. And Voldemort was really, really, scary!

Oops, I'm sorry! I don't want to annoy you, really! I just find my dreams very funny and entertaining, so I thought other people would too. I'm REALLY sorry.

But I;m starting to think that article was unrealible. I mean, it was from CBS but they spelled Eclipse wrong! They wrote Elipse. How stupid is that? And in the article, Stephenie Meyer said 'you know' a lot the way I do, and now I know that that's annoying too! Why don't people tell me these thing!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anyhoo, enough of my wrath. Now I will right about an observation I made while I was watching the Teen Choice Awards last night. I was listening to their thank you speeches. Most of them thanked all the appropriate people like their parents and siblings and the people that worked on their show/movie/song/etc. And of course Miley Cyrus thanked Jesus. Usually more people thank him. But what ever, just an observation. And I'm thinking, if by some weird twist of fate I got to accept an award up there, who would I thank? Obviously, my parents, siblings, friends, extended family, who ever helped my pull off what ever I'm winning for (cast and crew, etc.), but I also thoguht of some other people I would thank. The people that have kept me from going insane from boredom. The people that have constantly entertained me to no end. These people have made me laugh, cry, think, and stare in shock at the things they've written. Yes, you've got me, authors! All my favorite authors! Without them, I'd be some stupid kid who spent all their time on the t.v. or computer! I mean, I do spend a lot of time in front of the t.v. or computer, but this summer, I've already read 8 or 9 books, not including books I'v reread do to lack of interesting things to do. This thought also got me to thinking:
This award show is honoring movies, television, sports, fashion, music, and they even had a MySpace page award thing. WHERE ARE THE BOOKS?!?!?!?!?
I know, I'm a geek, but I'm guessing a good percentage of people that watch that show have read a book. Well, maybe not, but even the Kid's Choice Awards on Nickelodeon have a book award! I mean, Harry Potter always wins, but who cares? At least it shows that kids actually read. But apparantly teens don't. That just frustrates me.

Well, I have not much else to say. Except read a book! I just finished this book called Ever. It pretty good in my opinion. It was by Gail Carson Levine, and I've read a lot of most of her books, so I knew I liked her style. She's very fantasy. Little girlish. It's fun to read, cutesy. But Ever was creepishly similar to Twilight. And it was the first book I read after Breaking Dawn so I kind of flipped. I mean, and immortal boy and a mortal girl fall in love and they have to find a way to make Kezi (the girl) live forever. Because she's gonna die in 30 days. Tee hee. OK, just read it.

Enoguh about me then, go on with your lives! BYE!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hola peoples! OK, I have no good introduction for my little schtick thingy today, but what ever, I'll just talk:

You know what I've noticed? (I say that a lot, it annoys people. Wait, that's not what I noticed!) That villains in movies or books, usually movies, could always win, if they didn't have one major fault: Their egos!!!!!

Seriously, watch any Harry Potter movie. More specifically, watch a scene where he is fighting Voldemort. If Voldemort was smart, which I'm glad he isn't, Harry would have been dead a long time ago. BECAUSE, Voldemort has this weird addiction to long and dramatic speeches. He does this every time! He always has this huge speech about why he's going to kill Harry and how awesome he is for doing it, and during this speech Harry has some time to ponder and think and figure out how to escape.

Really, most villians in movies do this, and if they didn't, the bad guy would always win. But that's why we love movies right? The good guy always wins.

OK, this is totally random, but yesterday I went to the beach with a bunch of my friends (and got a major sun burn on my shoulders) and we kept naming stuff. First, Snicker's younger sisters and cousins found a bunch of crabs. We named them:
Home Slice
Tom Riddle
And a bunch of others that I forgot. I only remember those. Also, we were standing in the ocean right, and a wave comes in. Ili (Snicker's little sister) starts screaming because something touched her leg. It was a dead octopus! It was sooooooooooooo gross. I named it James (Jimmy for short) and we dug it a grave and had a burial and everything. By now, the grave has probably been sucked in by the waves or destroyed by some kids. Who knows? We also found a rock and named it Edward. But ET (I need to think of a new codename for her, she hates ET) through it in the ocean. But Edward doesn't have to breath so all is good. Then, when Snickers, ET, and I were walking along the waves, I suddenly saw a bright patch of color in the water. Our conversation went like this:
Me: A brick!
Snickers and ET: What?
Me: A brick! (I pick it up and show them)
Snickers: A SEA brick!
We then named it Emmett and made it a sea weed bow tie and and algae afro. Snickers took it home with her and we all signed it and wrote on it. It was very fun. One of Snicker's cousins found another sea brick, and we named it Jasper. Another one of Snicker's sisters, let's call her.....Cupcake (?) made a cupcake out of sand and named it Horris.

So basically, yesterday I was obsessed with naming things. Most of the names are characters from books so you probably won't get it. Or they're inside jokes. A lot of them are just random.

Also, on Friday night/Saturday morning I went to a release party for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!! Now when I go to Barnes and Nobles, it's way to quiet! When I was there, we did so many fun things! There was a costume contest (I was to lazy to enter), a Edward vs. Jacob board, fake tatoos (I didn't want one), a scavenger hunt,a pin the tail on the werewolf game (me and my friends all aimed for the eye), a thing where we took pictures with the "Edward" and "Jacob", and a trivia game where I creamed EVERYONE!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Anyhoo, I bought the book and did not eat or sleep until I finished it. Ok fine, I slept for five hours and had to go to Sar's bat mitzvah which made me hungry so I ate, but other wise I hardly ate. If you subtract all the time I was doing other stuff, it took me less then 14 hours to finish. That's no where near my record, but still good for a 754 page, three part, novel. And I read pretty fast considering I act the whole thing out in my head.

WELL.......................................... I have nothing else to say. Besides I go my registration forms for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANNA GO BACK!

Enough about me then. Bye!