Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy Olympics Day everyone!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited to watch them. Don't ask me why, I'll have no idea what's going on. But you know, the opening cermeony is always fun to watch. Anyhoo....... I'm going to start a new tradition for TMTS. Considering other traditions I've tried to start (word of the day) I don't exactly know how this will go, but considering I've had this tradition with myself for a very long time, I think I'll make it work. Here it is:
Birthdays! I love birthdays, and since every day is SOMEONE'S birthday, everyday I acknowledge that fact. Today I am celebrating the birthdays of Dustin Hoffman, Michael Urie, Katie Leung, and MY GRANDMA! YAY! Well, it's a bunch of other peoples birthdays too, but I am not acknowleding them. Sorry peeps.

So that was the boring part of my blog. Last night I planned a non boring part of the blog that I will try to remember as much of as possible. Here we go:

The scariest thing in the world happened to me last night! The only thing I can think of scarier then what happened, is my reaction to what happened.

A spider was on my pillow. I was about to lie down and I see a big, black spider. Ok, it wasn't that big, but to me it was. It had a huge abdomen (now let's all sing the adbomen song! Ha, ha!). Normally, I would have let out a blood-curling scream (which I am very good at issuing) but NO.

I picked up the pillow, walked into my backyard, and let the spider escape.


I don't know how I did it, it was like some spirit of a person much braver then me possesed me. I honestly used to think I was an arachnaphobe! I used to scream everytime I saw one! Now suddenly I'm sparing their lives! Something is most definitley wrong with me.... Was it something I ate? Last night for dinner I had.... macaroni and cheese and some French bread on the side. Nothing wrong there. Was it a chemical? I did go to a mall I usually don't go to. And my body doesn't handle unfamiliar scents well. Yeah, I think that's it... I was feeling a little queezy earlier.....

OK, speaking of the mall, I was there. With my friend "Julmaster" and her mom. We were walking down the hallway (is that what you call it? It seems like such a school-ish word.) and we see these mall cops run by with riffles. I am not kidding, riffles. Like old western movie riffles. Anyhoo, Julia's mom goes into mother-bear-mode as I call it and put's a hand on each of our backs and hurries us away. We had just gotten past Zales when we are someone scream, "HE'S GOT A GUN!!!!" at the top of his lungs. "Julmaster" and her mom take out on full sprint and I willingly follow. We then hide out in Nordstroms. Until we get hungry and decide to go to Panda Express.

That was more then enough excitment for me for one day. Except later I went to Barnes and Nobles, one of my favorite places in the universe. Except when it makes me sick. Sometimes being in huge bookstores does that to me. Especially Borders! UGH, Borders! Barnes and Nobles only does occasionally. I go there so much I think I have an aquried immunity to it. You know, like the flu shot. Which by the way are made out of unborn chickens. So yeah, now I only get sick at Barnes and Nobles if I take long breaks from going there. I got this book called Airhead by Meg Cabot, one of my FAVORITE authors. "Julmaster" told me it was really sad so I was totally prepared to sob all over it, because seriously, EVERYTHING makes me cry. I used to never be able to cry at books or movies (my own life always made me cry though) but now I always cry at works of fiction, and less in the real world (which isn't saying much, because less for me is like, 100x more to others. Just ask Snickers. I've seen her cry three times in the five years we've known eachother, and she's seen me cry to many times to count)! It's like some strange personality flip! So basically, I thought Airhead would make me blubber like a baby but it totally didn't. (Did I just say blubber? What is WRONG with me?) Yeah, it's sad but as most of the books I read are, it was told in the first person and the main character in this book isn't exactly the most weepy person, so I didn't cry. Because she didn't make me feel bad for her. Except with that one part, about Christopher. But I still only shed, like, one tear. (That sounded so Valley Girl! I'm pathetic!) Wait, none of you know what I'm talking about. Let me do a brief summary:
Basically, a Plasma TV falls on Emerson Watts's head, and when she wakes up a month later she's in the body of supermodel Nikki Howard. And that is the VERY brief summary.
But I'm not even done with it, so who knows? It might get more sad in the next 100 pages. Well more like 59 pages. 59, 100, big difference.

So that's how I entertained myself almost all of yesterday. Except between 11 and 12 o'clock p.m. when I watch Friends. My favorite episode was on! Well one of them anyways. It's "The One with the Cop." Phoebe finds an NYPD badge and pretends to be a cop. It's really funny. But the funniest part of the episode, in my opinion, is when Ross buys a new couch. When him Rachel, and Chandler, are trying to bring it up the stairs to his aparment he keeps yelling at them to, "Pivot, pivot, pivot, PIVOT!" It's one of my favorite quotes from this show. Because when ever from some strange reason, I do a pivot turn (dance term, don't ask me how I know what it is, but I think it has something to do with the 70's show I did in 5th grade...) it reminds me of the couch.

Oh, you know what else I did yesterday????? I was reading this article about the 10 worst movies of the last 10 years, one coming from each year. I was reading it and I'm thinking something like this:
I've hardly heard of any of these movies! Well, the ones from the earlier years I wasn't even born yet. Wait, I WAS born in 1997 wasn't I? WASN'T I????

Yes my friends, I momentarily forgot how old I was. And as a matter of fact, I was alive in 1997. Contrary to popular beleif. It's amazing, I usually forget things in the summer. But I've never forgotten my birthday. WOW. This is making me feel unlimitedly stupid.

By the way people, some people beleive I use bad spelling in my blog. And I'm sorry, but Blogger does not have spell check. I do edit each of my entries multiple times before I post it though. You do not want to see the unchecked versions. Usually I'm an amazing speller. I was the first person in my science class who could spell osteoporosis without looking at the text. Oh, yeah, I went there. But seriously, I think my problem is I can't use a keyboard. I know where everything is but my fingers just kind of drag across the whole things. I'm not exactly great with technology....

Umm..... yeah. That's it really. I'm bad at ending these things......

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