Monday, August 11, 2008


Have you ever heard one of those names and think, "Well that kids gonna get beat up on the playground,"? Well duh, of course you have. Like Apple. I think she's Gwenyth Paltrow's daughter. But in my research for today's birthdays I found out that today is Phillip Phillips birthday. Congrats Phillip. Also in today's birthdays is Alyson Stoner. Sorry Alyson, but High School Musical was much better then Camp Rock. Partially becasue HSM had a plot and a good message for young children. Partially because the Jonas Brothers can't sing. I don't care what their parents have told them. They can't sing.

And another person's birthday I am celebrating is (drum roll please) SNICKERS! w00t. Speaking of, Snickers: ANSWER THE PHONE. Well, happy birthday Snickers and I really wish I could be celebrating with you but everytime I called I was put straight to voice mail so I guess you're out galivanting with your cousins or something like that. Call me.

ANYHOO I was reading the daily random facts I get on my iGoogle page, and today's was that a human blinks over 10,000 times a year. And I'm just like, "Duh. If you do the mental math this implies that I blink 4 to 5 times a day. I blink more then 4 to 5 times a minute. This fact thing is screwed up." Really, how pointless is that?????

Speaking of iGoogle, EVERYTHING STARTS WITH I!!!!!!!!! IT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! I was at my friends house, and her dog's cage said, "iCrate," on it. I'm not kidding. Is it an MP3 player or something? It's a dog cage, you can't check your email with it! Eh, sooner or later who knows what technology they'll come out with in the world of dog cages.......

Also at this friends house, I think I got stung by a wasp or something because it looks like there's a red itchy tennis ball growing out of my upper arm. I know, "I think I got stung." Well, I assumed it was a bee, but I didn't get a good look at it, because I did the one thing you aren't supposed to do in that situation: Freak out. I dove under water (don't worry, I was already in the pool, it's not like I jumped in with my clothes on) and the insect of some sort stung me. Under water. Isn't it supposed to drown or something? Well, I came out, we got the insect and the stinger off of me. It stung, a lot, but it stopped after a while and it was kind of white ish. But since yesterday it's been swelling. And I've gotten stung by a bee before, and I don't remember it swelling. I also remember I was six or seven and I screamed a lot more and the adults spent a lot more time with the tweezers getting it out. Who knows? I'm just hoping it will go away.

Well I'm pretty bored. Earlier today Julia and I hung out at Ashley's house. Ashley desperatly wanted to make a smoothie so I said, "I bet if you turn the video camera on, something funny is bound to happen." We ended up making a cooking show. And something did happen. There was an orange juice malfunction. It kept coming out of the hole in the blender that the smoothie is supposed to come out of when you pull on the tab. But we weren't pulling on the tab. So yeah, it was fun. And Ashley totally gets technology and stuff so we were able to edit it and everything. It was great.

And now I have a headache. I think I'm going to go get some water (best drink ever) and then play the impossible quiz. Most addictive thing ever. And I have no life so I have time to get to question 74 or something like that. It's pretty fun. Enjoy getting addicted. How the hell do you spell that? I've tried a million combinations. I hope I spelled it right I'm too lazy to check. Ok then. Bye...

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