Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hola peoples. Wow, I am blogging a lot more then usual latley. I mean, it's summer and I have nothing better to do. Besides read. But I've done that. A lot. And I've also made some cash. I've actually made a lot of money babysitting, because basically, I'm always available. During the school year I have school, homework, the play, or what ever else I'm doing. Suddenly, loads of free time! So now if someone asks me, I just say yes. I rarely have other plans. But now Snickers is mad at me for steeling potential clients. She's only babysat once. And I was there. And we ended up eating stale bread. Long story. I beleive we also blew up something? I don't remember all the details. ANYHOO...

I spent the day at the Ventura County Fair today. It was WEIRD.

Ok, let me verify. If you know me well, which not many of you do, you would know one of my favorite words is picturesque because it sounds like it's French but it isn't! YAY! And I also like picturesque things. You know, because they are... picturesque. SO, I'm down at my cousins house in Ventura so we can go to the fair in Ventura even though I do not live in Ventura. The city or county. I totally felt like I was intruding. Because it's not my county. But my point on the whole picturesque thing, is that the area I was in is very picturesque. You know, the way people who don't live in California picture California. All the houses were in walking distance from the beach and people were walking around in shorts and tanktops or bathing suits and there were bikes and dogs and........ well, you get my point. But people, most of California is NOT like that. California has one of the most diverse climates in the United States. We have beaches of course, big cities (LA IS NOT ALL OF CALIFORNIA, NOR DO YOU SEE CELEBRITIES EVERYWHERE), small towns, suburbs, the inland valleys, the mountains, Northern California, and of course awesome SoCal.

And umm.............. what was I saying? Just people that don't live in California have a totally screwed up version of what we're like. And I was in Ventura which is what everyone thinks we're like and I went to the fair. Oh yeah, the fair! First we go on the Ferris Wheel. Wow, I just had a thought. I'll have to go to Wikipedia later...... As I was saying, we go on the Ferris Wheel and it just keeps going and going and going.... And I was just waiting for it to stop! It was so annoying! The first time I went around I totally flipped because it was to high and I've had bad experiences on Ferris Wheels (Sars, another friend of ours, and I got stuck on the top of the one at the Santa Monica Pier) but after the first time around it was just plain annoying. I wanted it to stop.

Eventually we get off and our cousin Dyl Dyl (nickname that no one likes but we call him anyway) trys to get me into this ride called Starship. Basically you go in this circular room and lean against the wall (no seatbelts) and it spins. Really fast. And you're totally pushed up against the wall. I was completley prepared to go on. I get in, my heart stars pounding, and I flip. I mean, it was dark and there were no seatbelts... basically, I go into claustrophobic mode and run out of there. And I'm not that much of a claustraphobic. I mean, I guess the fact that it was dark freaked me out. I just couldn't handle it. It was kind of embarassing. Eh, I'm over it. I've had worse. A lot worse.

Later that day:

We were going on this slide, where you walk up this fun little obstacle course on the way to the top (it's pretty high) and then you get to this really small and tight spiral staricase to get to the top of the slide. I'm in the spircal staircase, and this girl starts crying. She freaked out. Being me, I couldn't let her fend for herself and I had to help her and her little friend out of the staircase. I didn't take her all the way down because I had to stay with my brother and cousin but I had to get her out of the staircase. She was totally petrified. Things like that always happen when I'm around. I think it's because I can handle it. Speaking of, I was babysitting these kids yesterday and the youngest was a four year old girl. She's going through that obsessed with make-up phase that I went through when I was six. At first, she was pretending that Lubriderm was makeup and using it on her baby doll. It was cute as long she didn't make a mess. Which she did. She dropped an entire box of Q-tips. But it's ok! Then she takes this fake make-up compact out, so I let her give me a "makeover." She pretended to put blush on me about a million times when I jokingly asked, "What about lipstick and eyeshadow?" I should not have asked this question! She runs and breaks out the (dun dun dun) REAL MAKEUP. You know, one of those kits little kids have. I definitley had my fair share of those. But none of them were as abused as hers. It was definitley well used. So she then gives me a real make up makeover. The lipgloss she gave me was REALLY sparkly and made everything taste bad for a while. But I mean, I was paid for this. And it was fun. Besides everything tasting bad for a while.

What was my point of this? I don't know. I just wanted to do something. And umm... Well last night I couldn't sleep and I had an entitre blog planned in my head. But I forgot it. I forget most things. Not really actually. I remember more things then I forget. But if I need to remember something, I forget it. What ever I'm confusing myself.

Well bye I guess...............

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