Monday, August 25, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated in forever!!!!! My computer is really stupid and spazzy so it usually kicks me off the internet, which is necessary for a blog. But I'll probably have a new computer tomorrow! Hopefully. I need one for school (gag).

The 2008 Summer Olympics came to a close last night. It was a very beautiful ceremony. I especially loved the pass off to London. It was so amazing. I love London! It's my favorite place in the world. Well, I've never been there. But I know I'd like it if I ever did go there. I just love anything British. Well, I've talked about this before so let's move on.

I really love the Olympics and everything they stand for. Over 200 countries coming together and forgetting their differences for just a few weeks and competing in sports and having a lot of fun. It's very nice.

Ok, there is honestly no point in this entry. I just havent updated in forever. Soooo... birthday time I guess.
Leonard Bernstein: Umm.. Well, you're kind of dead, but in case you happen to be reading this: West Side Story= AMAZING. And also, GO POLISH-JEWS! We're awesome...
Regis Philbin: You have a TV show. Yay. Umm. Happy Birthday!
Gene Simmons: OMG my 5th grade teacher dated you! I can totally see why that didn't work out.... And you're Israeli! How awesome is that!
Tim Burton: I love your movies! Most of the time... LOL. Well actually they kind of creep me out. But I always say a good movie/book makes you feel something, and creeped out is something... But tell Helena Bonham Carter I said, "Hi." She's amazing too.
Billy Ray Cyrus: Umm... wow. You have managed to raise some beautiful kids with great values. And my cousins and I really enjoy singing Achey Breaky Heart. It seems to annoy people.
Rachael Ray: I LOVE all of your television shows, especially your talk show! I have your cookbooks too! Keep up the good work! I totally can't wait for your new season to start!
Rachel Bilson: Umm.... I don't know much about you... But it's your special day and I hope you have a good time!
Blake Lively: I loved you in the Sisterhood movies! Happy Birthday!
Josh Flitter: In the few things I've seen you in you've been absolutley hysterical! Keep acting!

Wow, a lot of birthdays today.... Well I have nothing to say. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Hello Stephanie. Guess who. ^_~ I decided to create a blog because I'm bored. And all the stuff you said about blogging being for other people. Anyway your blog is hilarious. I hope you come visit mine sometime. I don't know if there's a link to get to it from the post or if you should just go to it here:

Thanks for everything~

RandomNatalie said...

do you realize that rachel ray is a TV cook, as in, she couldn't cook if her life depended on it? her cookbooks are made by someone else.

Anonymous said...

omg are you kidding? ms. pope dated gene simmon!?!?