Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was never one to beleive in curses. Until now.

That was a creepy way to start my blog wasn't it? HA HA! Now let's get back on track.

Everything bad seems to happen to people in my grade. After I left my elementary school in 5th grade, it completley changed. They started getting Jamba Juice delivered every Thursday! I don't like Jamba Juice personally, but I can see why that annoys people. Also right after we left, the got an electric message board and new paint jobs and all that jazz. Even worse is when the people my age at out neighboring school YB, left 5th grade, they moved to a new and improved gorgeous campus.

In 8 days I am going to start 8th grade. For 12 years (since most people in my grade were one) they have been planning to remodel my school. For 12 years they have told the staff that they would be getting new classrooms and a brand new science lab and performing arts center, and the list goes on. When do they decide to start construction? Now. When I am in 8th grade. I will be sitting in class all year listening to the sounds of jackhammers in the distance. Approximatley two years after I graduate from my school, construction will be complete. BUT, as a result of this construction, I will not get a locker, (at our school, only 8th graders get lockers because there aren't enough for everyone) nor will I gain access to the 8th grade lawn. The 8th grade lawn is a lawn in the center of campus that only 8th graders can walk across. I mean, I walk across it anyway, but it would be nice to be allowed.

Also, when I start high school, another school will move onto our campus and share it with us. Normally this would be a problem because it would be to crowded or what ever. But the school that's moveing in with us is the local school for the bad children. The school that they send kids to for a reason. And I'm just so happy I get to share my campus with them.

I was thinking all these things were mere coincedences. Then I realized something. My grade will graduate high school, in 2013. And if the Mayaans or who ever is right, the world will be over by then, so who cares? Really, I totally think my whole "unlucky class of 2013" is correct.

I also have this article to back me up that curses might kind of sort of exist. CREEPY.

Ok, I read A LOT of entertainment related articles, because that's what interests me. I've started to realize how biased some of these are. I was reading an article about trailers for the rest of the years movies. Their review for Harry Potter was pretty good. Except a) it's not coming out this year anymore and b) they wrote about what a bad actor Daniel Radcliffe is. And they spelled Radcliffe wrong. Why can no one spell Radcliffe? And I agreed with them sort of, I mean the kid can't cry on demand to save his life. Or Cedric Diggory's life. But he can act. Sort of. I mean, he did that whole naked horse thing. SPEAKING OF I saw this article head line:
Daniel Radliffe Gets Nude Again: This Time for Harry Potter?!?!?!???!
OMG! I've read all these books! THERE ISN'T A NUDE SCENE! But then he said that the scene would be in HP7 and he's all, "I thought I'd be wearing pants!" and I new exactly what scene he's talking about. Because in my opinion it's one of the most heartwarming parts of the book. (Chapter 19 for people who've read it) Ok, don't think I'm a sicko for thinking the nude scene is heartwarming, but in the book, he is in fact wearing pants as Daniel Radcliffe suggested. I'd post a link to the article but I lost it! I found it yesterday and it's yet to be found again! LE GASP!

But my whole point of the bias of the article is their review of the Twilight trailer.
Twilight: Yawn. Is it just me or does the main guy in this trailer look suspiciously like a girl trying to pass herself off as a guy? The trailer indicates that Twilight is based on a hugely popular book, but I never heard of it. If you're going to go through the trouble of making a vampire movie, why not do something we've not seen a thousand times? Hey, here's an idea: a family of vampires trying to fit into suburbia and get away from their legacy as bloodsucking freaks.
DUDE: Clearly, you know nothing about Twilight. It IS a family of vampires struggling to fit in with other humans! I did laugh though when he said Robert Pattinson looks like a girl. 'Cause that's funny. Even if I don't agree it's still funny. And this ISN'T like every vampire movie/book out there as I've tried to tell my mother repeatedly.

YAY! My brother just put on The Wizard of Oz (i.e. The best movie ever! Well, my personal favorite. Isn't it kind of sad, that not only do I know the words to all the songs and most of the lines, but I know the background music also?)!

I was just talking to my mom about my blog and I said that it seems like it's and entertainment blog, because that's what I talk about a lot. She comapred it to Sex and the City. You know, Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker's character) column in the newpaper. But I mean I wouldn't know, I never watch that show... (wink wink)

Singin' in the Rain is an amazing movie. See it. I saw it for the first time yesterday and watched it again this morning. AFI called it the best musical of all time. I don' think I've seen enough musicals (I have seen a lot though) to verify, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Except it sure rains a lot in that movie, it takes place in Hollywood. But they do point out that it's raining more then usual.

Birthday time!
Bill Clinton: Umm... I'm pretty sure my parents voted for you.....
John Stamos: Full House is funny! Well. Sometimes. I mainly like it because Stephanie is portrayed in a good way and has an awesome catch phrase. But she's blonde. Why is she blonde?
Matthew Perry: Friends is one of the best TV shows EVER! W00T!

You know what really annoys me? That Octavian changed his name to Augustus. Octavian is a MUCH cooler name. Seriosuly, if I had to name my first born son either Octavian or Augustus, I'd totally go with Octavian. No doubt in my mind there.

That's all for today homies. See ya later!

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