Monday, August 4, 2008


Hola peoples! OK, I have no good introduction for my little schtick thingy today, but what ever, I'll just talk:

You know what I've noticed? (I say that a lot, it annoys people. Wait, that's not what I noticed!) That villains in movies or books, usually movies, could always win, if they didn't have one major fault: Their egos!!!!!

Seriously, watch any Harry Potter movie. More specifically, watch a scene where he is fighting Voldemort. If Voldemort was smart, which I'm glad he isn't, Harry would have been dead a long time ago. BECAUSE, Voldemort has this weird addiction to long and dramatic speeches. He does this every time! He always has this huge speech about why he's going to kill Harry and how awesome he is for doing it, and during this speech Harry has some time to ponder and think and figure out how to escape.

Really, most villians in movies do this, and if they didn't, the bad guy would always win. But that's why we love movies right? The good guy always wins.

OK, this is totally random, but yesterday I went to the beach with a bunch of my friends (and got a major sun burn on my shoulders) and we kept naming stuff. First, Snicker's younger sisters and cousins found a bunch of crabs. We named them:
Home Slice
Tom Riddle
And a bunch of others that I forgot. I only remember those. Also, we were standing in the ocean right, and a wave comes in. Ili (Snicker's little sister) starts screaming because something touched her leg. It was a dead octopus! It was sooooooooooooo gross. I named it James (Jimmy for short) and we dug it a grave and had a burial and everything. By now, the grave has probably been sucked in by the waves or destroyed by some kids. Who knows? We also found a rock and named it Edward. But ET (I need to think of a new codename for her, she hates ET) through it in the ocean. But Edward doesn't have to breath so all is good. Then, when Snickers, ET, and I were walking along the waves, I suddenly saw a bright patch of color in the water. Our conversation went like this:
Me: A brick!
Snickers and ET: What?
Me: A brick! (I pick it up and show them)
Snickers: A SEA brick!
We then named it Emmett and made it a sea weed bow tie and and algae afro. Snickers took it home with her and we all signed it and wrote on it. It was very fun. One of Snicker's cousins found another sea brick, and we named it Jasper. Another one of Snicker's sisters, let's call her.....Cupcake (?) made a cupcake out of sand and named it Horris.

So basically, yesterday I was obsessed with naming things. Most of the names are characters from books so you probably won't get it. Or they're inside jokes. A lot of them are just random.

Also, on Friday night/Saturday morning I went to a release party for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!! Now when I go to Barnes and Nobles, it's way to quiet! When I was there, we did so many fun things! There was a costume contest (I was to lazy to enter), a Edward vs. Jacob board, fake tatoos (I didn't want one), a scavenger hunt,a pin the tail on the werewolf game (me and my friends all aimed for the eye), a thing where we took pictures with the "Edward" and "Jacob", and a trivia game where I creamed EVERYONE!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Anyhoo, I bought the book and did not eat or sleep until I finished it. Ok fine, I slept for five hours and had to go to Sar's bat mitzvah which made me hungry so I ate, but other wise I hardly ate. If you subtract all the time I was doing other stuff, it took me less then 14 hours to finish. That's no where near my record, but still good for a 754 page, three part, novel. And I read pretty fast considering I act the whole thing out in my head.

WELL.......................................... I have nothing else to say. Besides I go my registration forms for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANNA GO BACK!

Enough about me then. Bye!

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