Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I know this is going to sound wierd, but lately, I've been wondering how the human brain works. I've been pshyco(is that you spell it)-analyzing people and stuff. I just want to know why we all think so differnetly. I know, genes and stuff. But, what makes some people smart and others stupid? What makes two people compatible? What causes our phobias? It just really annoys me. See, I'm sort of smart I guess, and afraid of everything. I think I'm smartish because everyone in my family on both sides is smart and stuff, so I guess it's blood. But my fears? I'm afraid of everything! Spiders, bugs, everything!!!!!!! I'm paranoid, and I know that my fear of needles is a phobia (it's called aichmophobia, and I know it's a phobia not a fear because phobias are irrational to the point where even the mention of a needle scares you). I just don't get it. I'll update later! I need to leave! Bye!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Sorry I haven't written in sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazingly long!!!!!!!!!! My friends Julia wants to say something to all you peeps:

Hi! My name is Julmaster. I am so freakin aaaaaaaaaaawwwwweeeeeeeeesssssssssoooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know your jealous. I am an orc dork, well that's what it says on my buddy icon. Incase you couldn't tell, it means "orchestra dork." Isn't it so freaking uber awesome? For those who don't know what uber means, it mean super in German.

Well, Julia thinks it means super. I thought it meant very. We checked Wikipedia (the best website ever, next to Google) It said it was a mixture of super, hyper, and over. We were both wrong but she's rubbing it in my face that she's partcially right. No for a random thought!

If scientests say the universe is everything, but it is forever expanding, what is it expanding into? If it was everything it would have to expand into nothing, right? I don't understand scientests. Plus, we have more impotant things to worry about then stuff millions and billions of light years away. Like global warming! Recycle everyone! Here's random thought numero dos:

Why are school buses yellow? Yellow is such an ugly color. Well, the yellow on school buses. Light yellow is pretty. What was I saying? Oh, yeah. Is yellow paint cheaper or something? Why can't they be white, or purple! They should be lavender! I love lavender! Well, I walk to school, so I don't have to worry about the ugly buses, except on field trips.

Ta ta for now! I love you all! *Blowing kisses*

Friday, January 18, 2008


Hi my lovely readers!!!!!!!!!!! I've had TWO inspirational bursts of thought today! Count them, TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's numero uno:

How do we know for sure that pi goes on forever? I mean, seriously, what if it terminates and/or repeats at the quadrillionith digit or something??????????????? This seriously annoys me!!!!!

Here's numero dos:

Do cannibals prefer the taste of black or white people? Or Hispanic or Asian people? It's not like I'm going to try it or something, but I'll go find my self a cannibal and ask them.............maybe later.................................

I had a third one but I forgot it. See ya lata ya'll. Don't you love my gangsta?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hi guys! I have a slightly random thought right now. Kinda random, kinda not.

Today in science, this deputy guy came to talk to us about not smoking. He told us that tobacco contains nicotine, which is what makes you addictive, tar, which is what makes you smell bad and look ugly, formaldehyde, which is that stuff the dead animals float in before you disect them, arsenic, which is a rat poisin, carbon monixide and hydrogen something which are both LETHAL, and that stuff that's in nail polish removal. So I'm sitting there thinking, are the tobacco companies insane??????????!????????!?!??!?!??????????????????!!!!!!! Technacilly, they're all accomplices (is that the plural form of accomplive?) to murder because the are killing 1 out of every 7 people!!!!!!!!!! I really don't see why smoking is just outlawed so America can breathe clean air! Is that to much to ask!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!???

That's it. Okay, bye!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hi peeps. I don't have a single idea of what to chat with you guys about today. Oh! Just had an idea! Yay!!!!!!!

We're playing football in my P.E. class. All the guys are totally sexist and tell the girls, "Go block that person over there," thinking we don't have the brain capacity of a monkey and aren't capable of anything else. So, thing number one that pissed my off about the guys playing football is sexist-ism (is that a word?). Number two is they kept yelling cusswords at us!!!!!! What posseses them to yell, "YOU AREN"T DOIN" F***** C***!!!!!!!! YOU'RE A LITTLE B**** SO GET OFF YOU A**!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seriously, they could have said, "Here girls, when we do this, you run over there and try to catch the ball, or pull the flags off the person that has the ball." Okay, they're cussing wasn't that drastic, but they did say all those words at various times. So here is where we come to my random thought. Who invented cuss words and why are they so bad? It's not like I WANT to say them, it's just something to wonder about. I mean, if you consider they're meanings, it's not nice, but poop, female dog, and butt aren't bad words, they just aren't nice. But when you replace those words with the cuss word that has that definition, it becomes horrible. Seriously, the English language is messed up.

That's all for now. What ever. Stop reading! Go on with your lives! Geez............. some people.............

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I'm so sorry I haven't wrote in so long! Okay, I know it's only been since Tuesday, but Tuesday seems like centuries ago. I finally had one of my idea bursts though! YAY! Here it is:

What is with thr seven dwarfs? I mean, the ones mentioned in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There are so many unanswered questions about there past. Where are there parents? I mean, it's implied that they're dead, but how? And when? And how come Dopey can't talk and has no beard? I mean, it's implied (does that sound familiar?) that he's the youngest, but he should still know how to talk. Seriously!

My second thought was, who composed the birthday song? And how did it become so popular, people sing it everyday. It's not even like, a Beethoven masterpeice or something. Speaking of Beethoven, did you know he composed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when he was 5? It was either him or Mozart..... It was also either him or Mozart that payed someone to invent a metrnome, and Beethoven/Mozart was blind! Or was it deaf? I'm so confused!

That's it. I haven't thought of anything else.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what a communist is now! Well, a basic overview. Here's the defintion according to Wiktioanary (Wikipedia dictionary, isn't that awesome!?!?!?!):

Of, relating to, supporting, or advocating communism.

The problem is, I don't know what communism is. Back to Wiitionary!!!!!

Any political philosophy or ideology advocating holding the production of resources collectively.
Any political social system that implements a communist political philosophy.
The international socialist society where classes and the state no longer exist.

I don't get it..................... Well, at least I tried. I'll ask someone, eventually.

Do any of you absolutley hate a particular celebrity? It's okay if you do, but I just want to say something. If YOU were famous and people were walking around saying they hate YOU and they havn't even MET you, how would you feel? You can say, "I hate Miley Cyrus's singing voice," but don't say, "I hate Miley Cyrus." For all you know, she could be the nicest person in the world, and same with other celebritys. I'm sorry, if I'm ranting and stuff, but my friends all hate Hannah Montana/High School Musical and go on and on about what brats they are when they haven't met any of them. So think, if someone said they hated you when they haven't even gotten to know you, they just judge you by your looks or voice, how would you feel?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hi guys! If you remember, yesterday I wondered why people draw hearts the way they do, it's because if you take away all the arterys and veins (leaivng only the atriums, ventricles, and AV valves), it would actually look like that.

My friend Sierra wants you all to know she's emo and proud. She doesn't actually, cut herself or do anything extreme, don't worry, but she acts emo. Except for the fact she's hyper all the time.

Sorry that it's so short, I just haven't had any bursts of ideas.

Also, if anyone knows what a communist country is can you post that in a comment or something??????? No one will tell me. :(

Monday, January 7, 2008


Hi everyone (who ever everyone is...)! My name is Stephanie and this is my blog! I guess you got that though...... well, the reason I've decided to make one of these things is because I'm the kind of person that gets lots of random bursts of ideas and my dad said I should make a blog so these ideas could be on the interent. SOOOOOO here's a little preview to some of these 'ideas' that you will see in the near future:

Today in science we started to learn about the circulatory and respiratory systems. We were labeling the human heart, when i started to think, "How come people draw a heart the way we do? It really looks like a blob, not a perfectrly symetrical thing!" I also started to wonder why a heart symbolizes love. I mean people say, "I have room in my heart for all of you!" But really, you don't, your heart is thw size of a fist and all the people you manage to squeeze in there would probably die of lack of oxygen (if they were in the RIGHT side of the heart) or simply drown in all the blood circultaing in and out of there.

Another thing that happened today was that my language arts teacher said all 7th graders have to go to a mandatory assembly on Wednesday. We are all going to listen to a motivational speaker. Why are only the 7th graders going? Do they think all the 7th graders are emo freaks and need to be MOTIVATED? And why, if that is what they think, aren't the 6th and 8th graders going? They are way more emo then the 7th graders, I'll tell you that...............

So that was your little preview into The Many Thoughts of Stephanie. And I'm REALLY sorry if I offended any emos...........