Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what a communist is now! Well, a basic overview. Here's the defintion according to Wiktioanary (Wikipedia dictionary, isn't that awesome!?!?!?!):

Of, relating to, supporting, or advocating communism.

The problem is, I don't know what communism is. Back to Wiitionary!!!!!

Any political philosophy or ideology advocating holding the production of resources collectively.
Any political social system that implements a communist political philosophy.
The international socialist society where classes and the state no longer exist.

I don't get it..................... Well, at least I tried. I'll ask someone, eventually.

Do any of you absolutley hate a particular celebrity? It's okay if you do, but I just want to say something. If YOU were famous and people were walking around saying they hate YOU and they havn't even MET you, how would you feel? You can say, "I hate Miley Cyrus's singing voice," but don't say, "I hate Miley Cyrus." For all you know, she could be the nicest person in the world, and same with other celebritys. I'm sorry, if I'm ranting and stuff, but my friends all hate Hannah Montana/High School Musical and go on and on about what brats they are when they haven't met any of them. So think, if someone said they hated you when they haven't even gotten to know you, they just judge you by your looks or voice, how would you feel?


Snickers said...

OMG, Stephanie, I started reading this, and I started cracking up. Now I know what goes on in your mind!!!!!!:) About the celebrity thing, how can you be sure they're nice people??? For all you know, they could be the meanest people in the wrold, and you're defending them against reality. And reality is this...MOST CELEBRITYS GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT AND ARE USUALLY SPOILED BRATS CUZ OF IT!!!!!! Take the celeb at our skool, for example...NOT MELMEL!!!!
WEll, HU_no for now....:) CU@SKOOL

Snickers said...

Hi! Its Snoopyfan using Snicker's account! teeehee! If u do not kno who snoopyfan is i will b vry disappointed in u steph! Hint Hint! My other code name is ActingAngel! I am one of our few friends who like Hannah Montana and as u kno i was in High school musical so i obviously dont hate it and sierra is not emo she is goth emo is a form of goth that is suicidle. Go cinamon rolls! I feel random so does Snickers! LAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Snickers sibs r listenin to "Enchanted" soundtrack so its stuck in my head! How do you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE LUVS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 how do u know hes urs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 teeeeeeeeeehehehe happy workin song little voices proud and strong! HOOO YA! o and the actual heart looks a tiny like the drawing the right and left ventricle togethr look like a heart! PS NOT ALLL Celebs r brats or divias. and PSS this mel mel u speak of is not a celeb. nicki nicki nicki wher r u ugh karen is givin me a headache w/ her chantin of the above wow if i thought blogs wer safe i would make a blog cause i have soooooooooooo much on my mind! C U l8er if i knew or didnt know u which i may or may not destinkly know or prob0abk0ly not not not not know u not not! HA No creeps will no who i am cause none does cause i am invisibl i cant c u u cant c me! Srry this prob takes u 4evr to read this o well deal with it please thnx! BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I am finally done or am i ????? Nope Im not ok now i am! Bi!