Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hi peeps. I don't have a single idea of what to chat with you guys about today. Oh! Just had an idea! Yay!!!!!!!

We're playing football in my P.E. class. All the guys are totally sexist and tell the girls, "Go block that person over there," thinking we don't have the brain capacity of a monkey and aren't capable of anything else. So, thing number one that pissed my off about the guys playing football is sexist-ism (is that a word?). Number two is they kept yelling cusswords at us!!!!!! What posseses them to yell, "YOU AREN"T DOIN" F***** C***!!!!!!!! YOU'RE A LITTLE B**** SO GET OFF YOU A**!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seriously, they could have said, "Here girls, when we do this, you run over there and try to catch the ball, or pull the flags off the person that has the ball." Okay, they're cussing wasn't that drastic, but they did say all those words at various times. So here is where we come to my random thought. Who invented cuss words and why are they so bad? It's not like I WANT to say them, it's just something to wonder about. I mean, if you consider they're meanings, it's not nice, but poop, female dog, and butt aren't bad words, they just aren't nice. But when you replace those words with the cuss word that has that definition, it becomes horrible. Seriously, the English language is messed up.

That's all for now. What ever. Stop reading! Go on with your lives! Geez............. some people.............

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