Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hi guys! I have a slightly random thought right now. Kinda random, kinda not.

Today in science, this deputy guy came to talk to us about not smoking. He told us that tobacco contains nicotine, which is what makes you addictive, tar, which is what makes you smell bad and look ugly, formaldehyde, which is that stuff the dead animals float in before you disect them, arsenic, which is a rat poisin, carbon monixide and hydrogen something which are both LETHAL, and that stuff that's in nail polish removal. So I'm sitting there thinking, are the tobacco companies insane??????????!????????!?!??!?!??????????????????!!!!!!! Technacilly, they're all accomplices (is that the plural form of accomplive?) to murder because the are killing 1 out of every 7 people!!!!!!!!!! I really don't see why smoking is just outlawed so America can breathe clean air! Is that to much to ask!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!???

That's it. Okay, bye!

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