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Sorry for the temporary emotional outbreak, but I recieved some bad news this morning. There is a story that goes with it, and I don't want to waste story time with screaming, so here we go:

From when I got home from school yesterday, until I went to school this morning, I cried 5 times and almost cried a 6th time. (I am very quick to tears as many of you may know). The first piece of information I recieved was that my parents are letting me do the school play!!!!!! YAY! (This one almost made me cry) They were going to force me to do Hebrew High instead, but my stuborness (or the craftiness of Snicker's mom for finding another class for me and Snickers) suceeded and I get to do the play after all. w00t!!!!!!!!

Then, I watched a very emotionally over-powering YouTube video called "Christian the Lion (the full story)" ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! Watch it please! It is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! WATCH IT!

Later, during dinner, I was reaching over the table and my arm touched the top of a pot of rice. It hurt really bad. I have a red mark on my arm now. Ow.

THEN, I watched a movie called We Were the Mulvaneys on Lifetime Movie Network. Because yes, I am the kind of girl that cries during Lifetime movies. But this one was soooooooo sad! And it was amazing! I bet the book is better, but I'm afraid if I read it I'll be emotionally scarred for life (THE CANTELOPE *shudders*) and we don't want that, now, do we? OMG, I just found out that movie was released the day my brother was born!!!! AWESOME. Nothing happened when I was born........ Well, something probably did, but who knows? I'm to lazy to look it up and there is no way I'm putting my birthday on the internet. Sorry peeps.

Ugh, right now my sister is watching Return to Neverland (the rip off Peter Pan sequel). Ok, that was harsh. It's okay I guess. But without the origanal voices it's just so wrong. Without Bobby Driscoll and Kathryn Beaumont, what's the point? Woah, I just found out Kathryn Beaumont's alive. Awesome.... An even bigger Peter Pan rip off was the 2003 version. That movie's just not good. I just found out Jason Isaacs was in that. Doesn't it suck when bad movies happen to good actors????

Okay, I just got WAY off topic. Let's get back on track.

Time number five when I cried and/or almost cried was while I was reading Breaking Dawn last night. SPOILER ALERT: I was at the part where Bella had to get the fake documents for Jacob and Renesmee so they could escape and she got all uber depressed. I always cry at that part. Well, all two times I've read it. I read up to the beginning of the meeting with the Volturi. I actually just finished the book. Again. It's better the second time. The first time you are in too much shock at the outcome of events to notice. Same for New Moon. SPOILER OVER.

And the 6th and final time I cried was this morning when I found out Midnight Sun (Edward's version of Twilight) has been put on hold for an unknown period of time. I.E. Stephenie Meyer is so pissed off at who ever LEAKED THE ENTIRE UNEDITED MANUSCRIPT on the internet that she is in no writing condition. I am compltley pissed off too. I was REALLY looking forword to this. (In case you didn't figure it out already, this is the reason for my screaming.) I had read the first chapter on her website and it was AMAZING. Now 264 unedited, mistake ridden, pages are on the internet. Out of respect I have chosen not to read it. It is a complete violation of her rights, and even though she put a link on her site and said she wouldn't deny us the right, I don't feel it is right to read the stolen contact. My friend Jane has faith that in the end she'll pull through and publish it, and I'm holding on to that shred of hope to. I'm just thinking it will take a lot longer then we expected.

Sorry for the depressing-ness people, but I'm honestly really upset about this. The range of reactions from my friends today was very funny though. From K.C.'s "Oh, that sucks," to Snickers and Sophie's utter shock and Sars's need to slap me, we all reacted differently. But we all agree with K.C. that it most definiley sucks.

On a happier note, we have some birthdays to celebrate today.

John McCain: Well, I'm pretty sure my parents are voting for you. I probably would to if I could. I don't want to get into politics though, so happy birthday and good luck!

Joel Schumacher: The Phantom of the Opera is absolutley amazing due to your directing skillage!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!!

Temple Grandin: You've done some pretty awesome stuff. Don't ask me what, 'cause I'm not 100% sure.

Michael Jackson: Dude, you creep me out. But you're a good singer. Even if you sound like a girl. And when I was little I saw a picture of you and heard you sing, and when I saw you're name, I'm all, "Oh, Michelle Jackson." And my brother's afraid of you.

That's all I have to say for right now. YAY! My mom is making my favorite chicken for dinner tonight. The recipe's been in our family for generations. Well, not exactly, but for at least one. That reminds me, I had this conversation with Sars today:


Sars: Do you think it's okay if for my social studies homework I called Jesus magical?

Me: What kind of a Jew are you??????

Then she showed me the context and it was okay. Later the topic came up again. Our friend Kira asked us to get her something from the snack bar and I put on the whole, "We're on a mission...." voice over act on. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: We're on a mission.....

Sars: FROM G-D!

Me: No.....

Sars: Ok, one step lower. From Jesus!


Sars: He's G-d's off spring....

Me: *snort*

Sars: Ok then..... From Moses! We're on a mission from Moses!!!!

So that's how Sars and I ended up on a mission from Moses. To get Kira a brownie. Dun dun dun.

Now I'm done. Or am I? I guess I am.... sort of. IDK. Oh, go to Kira's blog. It's an Asian-American themed blog. And I read it anyway because Julia and I are totally Asian. Yeah. You better beleive it... Ok, not really, but we figured if you go back far enough, we are, because Judiasm origanated in the Middle East. Which is in Asia. Or "messed-up Asia" as this kid I know once called it. But it's still Asia! So HA! I'M ASIAN!

Now I'm really, truly, done. OMG, isn't there a song or quote that uses those words? UGH. I hate it when this happens. Like last night when I watched We Were the Mulvaneys and the main character's name was Mary-Anne, I hear this little voice in the back of my mind yelling, (as I write right now it is actually Saturday the 30th, but I am simply finishing up from yesterday and will NOT do more birthdays or anything!) "Mary-Anne! Mary-Anne!" And I had no idea who it was! The only thing I could remeber was that it was a classic movie, most likely Disney and animated. So I went to school and spoke to Mel Mel, who probably knows as much or more about Disney then I do and with our combined brain power we figured out it was from Alice and Wonderland. In the part right before Alice eats the cookie and becomes a giant, the White Rabbit calls her Mary-Anne for what ever reason. I really want to watch that movie now. And The Lion King. I'm in the mood for classics. Maybe over Labor Day I'll have a movie marathon with Sars or something. She wants to see West Side Story. I don't blame her, it's an amazing movie. But my priority right now is to watch The Music Man so I can study up, because that's the play we're doing this year. A bunch of people said I should be Mrs. Shin, except Mel Mel who said I should be the mayor's older daughter. But who know's? I'll watch the movie I guess.

OKAY! I'm done! Sorry for the uber long entry. A bunch of people are probably going to yell at me because of the longness. But to bad! Deal with it! Just read it and go away! BAH!

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Snickers said...

So SORRY I haven't reviewed in FOREVER!!!! SORRY SORRY SORRY. I will probably see the Music Man also....anyway, you were right when you said that you're blog got less random, but that's just cuz it waas summer. and you're also right when u said that the blog is funnier!!! Cuz I was there!!!!! Wait...I have no idea what I just said...all I can say now is Gseiundheit and if anyone is reading this review besides Stepharoo (cow :) ) I wanna just say...Get your name on a grain of rice!!!! LOL stars and sars!!!!