Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey guys, sorry for being so tragically unfunny in my last entry, but let's just say I wasn't in the best mood. I'm still not in the best mood (killer headache) but I'm fine. I don't have much to say though........ Let me think.....

Oh no! What if I've lost my funny and won't ever have the ability to be funny again? This is terrible! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm over it. I'm just having an off day. Speaking of off-days, how many times a week would you like me to post? Now I post whenever I feel like it, but I think that if you guys know how often I'm posting you'll remember to check in and read it. So comment on this issue please! Even if you don't have feelings towards the issue comment anyways! No one ever comments!

Well, I couldn't find a single intresting birthday today. There were a million yesterday. But I'm not acknoweldging them. So ha.

Oh, I got to go to school! I'll talk more later! Sorry for more unfunniness!


Anonymous said...

I read it when I feel like it, so i guess it would make sense for you to post it when you feel like it

Snickers said...

Good idea.
uusally i forget to check this blog becasue i see you so often and im in it so much that i just dont feel the need to until i get bored. or just cuz u want me to. i enjoy this blog tho- it makes me laff. :)