Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello dudes and dudettes. Do you guys remember when it was cool to be called a dudette? Wait, maybe that never happened, but in 3rd grade or something, there was some fad where everyone was called a dude and all the girls would go, "I'm a dudette, gosh." So yeah. Lately I've gotten into the habit of calling people Dude so I thougt I'd bring that up.

Ok guys, are you ready to laugh? 'Cause I decided I need to make up for the unfunniness of the past and be super hilarious in this late night entry. (As of now it is 9:21 Pacific Standard Time. Oh so late, I know.)

I think I might be turning into a kitty cat. Because I accidently meowed earlier. I don't know what I was aiming for, I was annoyed at my mom, and I tried making one of those throaty obnoxious sounds, and it turned into a meow. It was really creepy! I tried to do it again, but it didn't work. Speaking of cats, we most sing the kitty cat song (composed by Sars):
(to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down) I'm a kitty kitty cat, with a song, and a rap! (random beatboxing) Kitty go meow!
Isn't that an amazing song. There is also the puppy song written by Snickers and I:
(to the tune of Barbie Girl) I'm a puppy dog, in a puppy world! Life is furry, in a hurry! I can wag my tail, and even fetch your mail! My puppy palace, even has a mattress!
My friends and I have been very songy this year. It's weird.

Hey, you guys care about me right? And if I was your child, you would make sure I got my proper nutirients, right? Well, tell my parents that! Because today, my dad brought home pizza from our favortie local pizzaria (it's kosher, and everyone knows kosher tastes better). My dad remembered to get sauceless pizza for my sister, pasta for my brother, mushroom pizza for himself, but he forgot my ravioli. HE DIDN'T REMEMBER THE RAVIOLI. Every single time (or at least 99% of the times) we go there, I get ravioli with no melted cheese on top! I just have a thing for cheese filled pastas. Tortelini is also awesome as my friends found at lunch today when another friend brought some and I went bezerck. But I mean, I always get the ravioli. And my own father, who has known me my entire life (except for those two seconds in the hospital where he "wasn't aloud to see me") forgot it! And I'm his oldest child too, he should remember me the best. I will show you a snippet of the analogy I used explaining this to my father:
Me: I'm the original! Abby's the sequel, and Max is the 3rd! No one likes them!
Abby: Max is an origanal too, he is the first boy.
Me: He's like Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It may have been the first animated version, but that doesn't mean people liked it!
Personally, I enjoyed that analogy. It makes sense.
Later that night:
My father was on and he remembered to buy a new carseat for my brother, and birthday present for his mother, and nothing for me. My birthdays 3 days after his moms! It shouldn't be that hard to remember! And my brother? His birthdays in APRIL! There is something wrong with this picture.

Another messed up picture for you: I keep seeing these weird bugs everywhere. I think I might be hallucinating like the girl on House the other night. Or it could be the apple core I left in my room and just remembered to through out...Speaking of House: Wilson's a meanie head! He can't just do that! He can't break up with House! That came out wrong... He's House's only friend, he can't do that to him! GGGRRR!!! (or should I say meow?) Also, I feel really bad for Thirteen! Speaking of Thirteen, I just found out her real name (the character's real name) is Dr. Hadley. Yay! She isn't just randomly unnamed! w00t.

Speakin of Thirteen: I heard about this new Broadway show opening up called 13. It is the first and only Broadway production with an entire cast and band of TEENAGERS! Just like me! Except more talented... Anyhoo, I REALLY want to see this. Like, REALLY bad. I'm going to enter a contest to see it. And no, the contest does not require a skill of any kind, it is a random draw. Because if the contest required skill, I'd loose. I don't have a skill. But if I could choose any skill in the world, it would be the skill to be able to do one of these Broadway shows. Because they look amazing.

No important birthdays today guys. Sorry. And also, I just realized when I said it was the 50th blog, it was actually the 49th. Which kind of sucks. And that was 11 posts ago, and I'm just realizing this now...

Anyways you guys, it past 10, and I should be asleep. I think this post is enough for now, so have fun.

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