Friday, September 12, 2008


Sorry I haven't been updating, but as many of you know, I have a problem with technology. BASICALLY Wednesday night, I broke two computers. *shmile* I know, it's totally NOT funny, but I was laughing really hard and my mom got all mad at me for breaking more stuff but I just couldn't stop laughing. As you can see, we got at least one computer to work. The other........ I shudder at the thought............

I really wish I could have updated for 9/11, but I really don't know what I would have said. I can't put my feelings for that day into words. But Meg Cabot did a pretty good job. Read it. It is one of the many things that have made me cry. El sobo.

El sobo. That's Spanish right? Just like uno secioso? I don't know. But I know someone who does know! SPANISH MIKE! He's this dude on YouTube who wrote the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song. Nachos grande, and cinamon (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT???) twists......

Anyways my homies, Sars is weird. She did some gross stuff today at school. But this blog is strictly PG rated, so I can't tell you the story! It's PG-13. Oooooh........... It's not that bad you guys, Sars was just being gross and I don't want to mention it. Sorry. (Or as the Canadians say it Soooooorry.)

Ok, I know I don't hate people, but I hate when certain people are put into my life. Like my science lab group. They're just so.......... UGH! When ever we do an experiment, the other girl texts the entire time, two of the guys don't do anything, and the other guy yells at me and criticizes my math skills! If I use a calculator (because it's science, and we can!) he'll be all, "That's SO easy, even I can do that!" And he's in a math level lower then me! Or, if I don't understand a question, he'll be all, "I need to know the answer!!!!!!!!" And I'll mentally scream, "IF YOU WANT THE ANSWER SO BAD, FIND IT YOURSELF!" But I don't actually scream. I'm a non-confrontational person. I mean, I know less confrontational people then me. I've had a few confrontations (special lead, ha ha, I'll talk about that later) but I prefer to seem approachable and kind (Sars) then to pick fights (Sars).

So anyways, today we got our first science test back, and in my group, I was the only person to get an A. One of the guys that doesn't do anything got a B, which is pretty good in my opinion, because I thought the test was really hard and I had a dream that I would fail, and supposedly dreams come true. But I got an A! The other guy that doesn't do anything and the guy that yells too much got D's and the girl that texts all the time got and F. FOR FAILURE. And it's really funny, because they were all, "I'm so not gonna show my dad, he'll kill me!" So I chimed in with, "My dad wouldn't kill me if I got a failing grade, as long as I improved from my last grade." But I'm starting to think that's only because I get straight A's and they've never had to deal with me failing something. Because I never fail tests. That matter. I mean, if the test doesn't matter, I basically don't care and get what ever I get. And then there are those stupid tests with 3 problems and if you get one wrong, you're already down to a D. But otherwise I get A's and B's. Except in geometry. Geometry is my worst subject. I'm not visual! I'm completley verbal! I also have no hand-eye coordination what so ever! Speaking of, my football team SUCKS. But we have more fun than the other football teams, so all is well.

(special lead, ha ha, I'll talk about it later) Now is later my friends! I've probably already gone over this, but too bad, I'm going over it again! This one time, in math class, this annoying guy was standing in front of me in line to ask our teacher something (this is last year by the way). He had a mechanical pencil, and kept pressing the button so all the lead would come out. Here's the conversation the followed:
Him: I'm going to poke you and give you lead poisoning.

Me: That's graphite not lead.
Him: No, it's special lead.
Me: You're special lead.
Then Snickers and I burst out laughing for a solid 15 minutes and totally ruined the moment. But it was fun. I usually don't think of those things until later. That's why it's easier to write, I can come back later and change something.

Ok, I'm only going to do two birthdays today because I'm uber lazy and don't feel like acknowledging everyone else. Don't worry. You're still special.
Emmy Rossum: OMG, (I sound stupid) you're amazing! I love, love, LOVE Phantom of the Opera, and you have the most amazing voice ever. By the way, Nat and I decided you are not getting together with Raol, you are now married to Edward's long lost identical twin. Don't worry, you'll love him.
Buddy: Who's the best puppy ever? You are! As you may have guessed, it's my golden retreiver's birthday today. w00t!

Ok. Yeah. Whatever. Bye.

P.S. I'd appreciate it if you people would comment every once in a while. Please and thank you!


RandomNatalie said...

haha who was the guy?

Anonymous said...

wow bitch. wtf is wrong w/ u