Friday, October 17, 2008


Hola me compadres who el reado my blogo. (Yes, that was Spanish....) Anyways, I don't appreciate that the only comment I got on my last entry was, "Oh." Really people, learn how to comment. Constructive criticism is appreciated! (If it is actually constructive.)

This blog is basically a place holder, I am going to be gone from Sunday morning to Friday night, and if I get on the computer (which there is a very very very SLIM chance of) I will try and update, otherwise I will update when I come back.

I don't have much to say. I wrote 3 essays in social studies today. That was joyous.....

It's really hot today. It's October. It's supposed to be chilly!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

I hate weather. It's terrible. I can't stand heat, and I can't stand the cold. I'm always either freezing or boiling. The one temperture I really do like is where you can basically be comfortable wearing anything. A tank top and shorts? No problem. Long pants and a sweater? That's fine too. And don't tell me that doesn't exist. It does. At least in SoCal it does. That's why I couldn't live anywhere but here. Because of life style and weather, and everything else. Even though I always tell people that California isn't what they think it is, that doesn't mean it isn't awesome.

I'm eating an everything bagel right now. Everything includes poppyseeds. I better not take a drug test anytime soon..... (incase you didn't know, poppyseeds show up on drug tests for some reason...)

Maybe that's why the Wicked Witch of the West put the spell on the poppys! You know, to make Dorothy and her amigos fall asleep. It's probably not that hard, considering poppyseeds are sort of drugs and all......

Back on topic to my topic of weather. I mean, if I was ever for what ever reason not living here, I'd live in New York City. Brooklyn at the least. Because that's the only other place that really suits me. I'm human, we're good adpaters, but I'd want to go somewhere I really feel at home. My friend Nat said she could see me as a New Yorker. I can see myself as a New Yorker too. Maybe living there would improve my sense of direction.

But New York is scary also. I'm not as afraid of it as my mom is, she hates taxis and subways way too much to ever live there. But I bet until I got used to being there I'd constantly look over my shoulder because I'm afraid of muggers and pick-pocketers.

The really attractive thought about living in New York though, is living in New York with my friends, all grown up. Like in Friends! We'd be roommates or live across the hall from eachother and we'd go to Central Perk... It would be really fun!

Friends is such a legendary show. Really, it's amazing. Who doesn't know the theme song? I've danced in a fountain before, (at UCLA with Sars, long story) but we probably did not look that cool.

And I love how all the episodes are just called "The One Where/When..." because that's how we refer to them. For example, "The One When the Stripper Cries." I usually refer to it though, as "The One When Joey Plays Pyramid." Really, who can resist yelling, "Paper! Snow! A GHOST!" after seeing this.... Yelling "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" is also very fulfilling.

I'm not going to go through every little snippet of Friends I love with you guys (it would take forever). All the episodes are amazing, and I don't know what else to say. 'Cause I have to leave and I'm going to be lazy.

Happy birthday to IMDB! That's an amazing website, use it! NOW!

I'm going to leave now. I'll miss you guys when I'm gone and I hope you miss me too. Remember to vote in the poll! AND COMMENT!


Anonymous said...

I didn't feel like reading this whole thing. I just came here to comment. =)

ducksrule71821 said...

have fun in yosemite....don't die

MapleLyf said...

HSM -.- feeeeeeh