Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hello my friends and welcome to the much anticipated YouTube edition of The Many Thoughts of Stephanie! Ok, you guys might not have anticapated it much, but I've actually been meaning to do this for a really long time. Personally, I love YouTube, I go on it a lot, and the people there are hysterical. I also think they have nothing to do with their lives, but they are entertaining us so all is good. I've always wanted to make a video blog on YouTube, but I think I'm better at this kind of blogging. Also, I can do this without having to look good or anything. I'm sitting here in my pajamas. Seriously. I haven't even brushed my hair yet. Anyways, today I will show you all YouTube through my eyes, and all the videos I love, and not the ones I hate because I feel like being positive today. So, let's start with the unicorns shall we?

Unicorns are becoming big hits on YouTube. Do not ask me why, for I do not know. All I know is that one unicorn in particular has captured the hearts of me and all my friends. His name is Charlie. Charlie the Unicorn. And the best place to find him is SecretAgentBob's channel, Film Cow Productions. Any other channel with Charlie is a fake. This is where you get the real stuff. He has some other stuff also but none are watched as much as Charlie the Unicorn and it's sequel, Charlie the Unicorn 2. Watch these videos at your own risk. You might start hearing, "Charlie...... Let's go to Candy Mountain Charlie....." "Shun the non-beleiver. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhun....." and other quotes at various times through out the day. It gets slightly scary.

Another fun unicorn video is Planet Unicorn. These are made by someone named tspiers. I have not watched any of his vidoes besides Planet Unicorn, so I don't know about those ones. Like Charlie the Unicorn, Planet Unicorn can be very annoying and you might get the theme song stuck in your head. Ok, you WILL get the theme song stuck in your head. Especially if it is your friends ringtone. Sars. That's enough unicorns for today, let's move on.

The next person I am going to talk about is amazing, one of my favorite people on YouTube and most of my friend's favorite person on YouTube. Especially you Julia. That's right, it's Fred, everyone's favorite 6 year-old with anger management issues. And his cousin goes to my school. How cool is that? Anyways, this guy, Fred, makes videos of him doing various things from celebrating Halloween, to losing his medication, and auditioning for the school play. OMG MY AUDITION! I HAVE TO PREPARE! Sorry about that, I really need to work on my song, but I'll stay here with you guys for a little bit longer. So go see Fred.

A great way to make it big on YouTube is obsession. And two of my biggest obsessions are, you guessed it, Twilight and Harry Potter. So I really like videos themed with these two topics.

If you, like me and most of the world's population, love Harry Potter, (or hate it, I guess you could hate it to like these videos too) go straight to Neil Cicierega's YouTube home. He does insist that he has non Harry Potter related videos, but what made him a YouTube star are his Potter Puppet Pals. Yes, Harry Potter puppet shows. These are hysterical! Harry Potter in puppet form going on his adventures. With appearences by Ron, Snape, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Neville, I can watch these shows over and over again. Like all the other videos these are very quoteable, and it will get on your nerves when all your friend start to belt, "Snape, Snape, Severus Snape!" and other Potter Puppet Pal tunes.

If your obsession is geared more towards vampires then wizards, head straight to NoMoreMarbles. She is a Twilighter and video blogger (who is married and has a son) and can talk for a really long time about Twilight. A really long time, her videos are like 10 minutes each. I have not seen all of her videos because she has a million and I'm not done viewing them yet and some are way funnier then others (for example, the VMAs one and the one with James and Edward) but she is just a hysterical person. So if you love Twilight, watch her videos. Please.

Last but not least, possibly thee most famous people one YouTube, scrath that, THEE most famous people on YouTube, most subscribed to of all time, with over 14,000,000 views, the two coolest Asian-Hawaiin kids ever, Ryan and Sean, NIGAHIGA!!!! (and the crowd goes wild) Seriously, these guys are HYSTERICAL. They started off just lip synching to random songs, then they made the How to Be.... videos, and the shot right into YouTube stardom. Literally, they got a movie deal out of this. A frikken movie deal. Not straight to DVD, but in theatres and all that jazz. Speaking of all that jazz, I recorded Chicago. But my dad won't let me watch it until I do my homework. But I hardly have any! But I also have a feeling Snickers is going to come kidnap me and force me to work on our history project with her. And I don't really want too. But I'm going to anyways so Snickers doesn't eat me. You see, I'm what some would call a major procrastinator. But for your information, it is a life-style choice, and I'm not forcing you to prcrastinate also! Except when people do group projects with me. Then I force them to procrastinate also. That reminds me, I need to call Sophie because she was sick on Friday (sob) and I need to tell her something.

Ok you guys, that's it basically. Happy birthday to Kate Winslet the awesome. Oh, did you guys know she's in another movie with Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, of course you did because I'm always the last to find everything out. I am really excited about that though, and when I force someone to come with me to the movie theatre on October 10th (day Twilight trailer comes out) I am hoping to see a commercial for it.

I really need to go now, I totally need to do my homework. But I'm not going to I'm going to work on my audition. Because frankly, that's more important to me right now. Bye you guys! You're awesome! Review and you'll be way more awesome!


Snickers said...

I LOVE CHARLIE!!! AND FRED!! AND H-h-harry P-p-potter!!!! AND THE HOW TO BEs!!!!!!!!! AND TWILIGHT!!! TEAM EDWARD!!!! Anyway, I was really mad that they didn't have the Twilight movie poster I wanted at Hot Topic!!!! Becasue that store is scary!!! And I made a sacrifice just to get my poster!!!!! Ugh. W/e. I gotta go "do homework" And yes, that does mean work on my play steph.

Anonymous said...

This post was too long, so I did not read the entire thing. You got me all excited because when you said that it was the first "YouTube edition of the many thoughts of stephanie" because I thought you were going to make your blog into a video. That would be.................strange. so then i skimmed the article looking for a link to it, but then i realized you just discussed a whole bunch of youtube videos. now i know who fred is! He's ugly. charlie the unicorn is stupid and i want to throw rocks at it, but i would break our Windows Vista. Oh, by the way, windows/pc is 2,358,932,058,930,285,902,000,000% better than apple/mac. I'M A PC!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you have been watching "What th Buck" on youtube (I am shocked you did not mention him) you would know that now Fred is the most subscribed youtube channel. GO FRED AND MICHEAL BUCKELY!

MapleLyf said...

Huh a vlog? I'm warning you EVERYONE ON YOUTUBE IS NOT NICE AND FRIENDLY LIKE YOU MADE IT SEEM ON YOU BLOG!!! >< THERE ARE SCARY, PERVERTED, HATER, TROLL, FLAMER-PEOPLE THERE!!! You must have [i]very[/i] thick skin to attempt to post anything.

YAY NEIL!!! His creative videos are every bit as good as Harry Potter Puppet Pals. ^^

I can't belive you mentioned Nigahiga without saying [i]anything[/i] about KevJumba! Their rivalry is epic!!

Oh and I want to recommend Koichiben and Tofugu if you want to see amusing vlogs~! ^__~


P.S. I agree with Ashley. Charlie the unicorn is stupid, stereotypican "American" comedy (and I'm saying stereotypical to plant an image in your head, not to make a point of how even Asian scores in English are higher than American scores in English). Oh and PCs FTW!! (For The Win if you don't know seeing how I have to explain a lot of things.)

~MapleLyf~ (Allira)

MapleLyf said...

P.P.S. Happy early birthday again~

Ilana said...

omg stephie it's ilana i luv ur blog!!
check mne out okay?
type in ilana-thegigglegirl