Thursday, October 2, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's OCTOBER already??????? You know what that means?????????????

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the 9th to be exact. No, I will not tell you what year!)

I'm really excited about my birthday this year. Not the actual day though, that's Yom Kippur, the most serious day of the year for me and my homies, the Jewish people. That's what my mom calls all my dad's Jewish friends. His homies. I've taken up the habit. They are strictly my homies though, my home dogs are Buddy and Isabelle, who are in fact my dogs. So yeah, the actual DAY of my birthday won't be that great, but I will be stuck in a hotel all day with a bunch of my friends, who know what will happen? My Hebrew birthday on the other hand, is a little later on a more fun holiday called Sukkot. ANYWAYS, what I'm really looking forword too is the presents.

Ok, I know that sounds really materialistic, but I'm a very material person. Well, in a sense. I could live without some things and not live without others. But I kind of NEED some material items right now. Here is a short list (wink wink nudge nudge):

a) A digital camera. I know, after breaking three you may not trust me with one, but seriously, I really need one. How else will I remember all the great things I do when I am (insert age I am turning here)?

b) A watch. I accidently broke my 4th watch today. But I think my P.E. teacher should buy me a new one. He'll probably end up saying I shouldn't have worn it to P.E. But I wasn't supposed to do P.E.! I got a note from my dad saying a didn't have too! And you know what? He made all the people with medicals search for basketballs in our schools resident forest. Ok, it's basically the unflattened part of the hill the P.E. area sits on top of, but it was really difficult to maneuver. It involved hopping chain link fences. No joke. I felt like a delinquent. And when hopping the fence (a newly required skill, if I may add) my watch got caught and broke. A really good jeweler could probably fix it, but I'd rather have my P.E. teacher pay for a new one. I think that's more satisfying.

c) iTunes money! I haven't gotten a new song in ages, and I really need to listen to some new material!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything else I just want, I don't NEED. Those things I need. Or at least I will benefit from. Want to here about the stuff I might not benefit from but you can get me anyway? Oh, what fun!

a) Tickets to go to New York and see a real Broadway show. I only see them when they come on tour out here. I've never seen a REAL one. Or tickets to go anywhere else actually. Maybe London! They have really good theatre there!

b) Barnes and Nobles gift cards. Wait, I could probably benefit from these, 'cause reading is good for you and all. Here's the thing, I hate gift cards or cash presents. I find those to be excuses for when you don't know what to get someone. So instead go to Barnes and Nobles and get me what ever you find appropriate. Not Borders though. I hate Borders. Barnes and Nobles shall live on! I'm sorry Borders, but the scent of your stores make my puke. It's so industrial. Barnes and Nobles is my home away from home. The scent used to bug me, but I got an aquired immunity. The people who work at my local one actually know me. Some of them. The people that work in the kid's department have practically seen me grow up. And the people in the teen department know me as the really obsessive Twilight fanatic. But who's keeping track?

Ok, I am procrastinating and have A TON of homework to do. Coming up on TMTS though, we have the YOUTUBE edition were I will tell you all about the coolness of YouTube and the best videos on it and why I want to but can't make a video. I've been planning it for a long time so I really hope you enjoy it (cough cough Ashley cough cough). Happy birthday to Annie Leibovitz, Sting, and Tara Lynne Barr! Have a wonderful day you guys! Bye!


Snickers said...

YAY for Steph's birthday! I can't believe you posted it on the Internet though, what with your little stalker who appearantley goes to our school. I doubt they do, anyway. But still. Anyway, you're right abotu the camera. WARNING TO ALL WHO MIGHT BE CONSIDERING GETTING STEPH A CAMERA FOR HER BIRTHDAY: Steph does not do well with technology. Trust me. She's broken two computers in a day, almost broke snoopyfan's Mac, broke threee cameras and two speakers, and probably the security thing in the library. (not that I resent you doing that, Steph, that thing's retarded) So trust me, again. if you are going to get her a camera, it has to be Stephanie-Proof. A.K.A. Indestructable. A watch...well, further proof that she does not do well with technology, but I'll consider getting one for you, Steph....although I'll probably get you something else.... Whatever. Wow, this was a long review... anyway...we should really get together this weekend and phone our secret source..Sunday's the only time I can do it though, ok? ok. And anyway.......yeah. ok. bi. Post again soon!

MapleLyf said...

Wow you plan on making Mr. Smith pay for your watch? I want to see that.