Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi everyone!!!!!! I've actually had a bunch of random thoughts latley, I've just been so busy with projects and this play I'm in, Annie Get Your Gun. Because I have so many thoughts today, tomorrow or Sunday I'll dedicate an entire blog to AGYG! And I've decided not to do word of the day anymore, it's boring.`

When a little kid goes to church, and he learns about Virgin Mary, what does the teacher tell him virgin means? See, I'm Jewish so I wouldn't know. Do kids just not ask? My friend ET (not real name, don't worry, I'm not using and of my friends real names in my blog) said the kids assume it's her title or something, like Mrs. But I don't know, if a 5 year old come up to you and says, "What's a virgin?" what are you going to say? My sister actually asked me that once...

I had another one!!!! Darn, I forgot!!!!! What ever, look forword to the Annie Get Your Gun edition of TMTS, it will be sooooooo hysterical. If you've ever been in a play, you know what it's like. Everyone becomes a big family and the funniest things happen! I'll tell you about it later. See ya!

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RandomNatalie said...

When I was little and went to Bible School, Sunday School, etc., they just called her "Mary" not "Virgin Mary" probably for that reason.....I think when I was a little older and I went to church around Christmas, I learned what "virgin" means.