Monday, March 3, 2008


Hi peeps! One of my reviewers, Snoopyfan (luv ya girlie) asked me to change the font color so she could read it so I did! YAY! Today I'm going to rant about my busy busy schedule tomorrow!

Okay, so we are taking a HUGE writing test tomorrow that my language arts teacher has been preparing us for since January. It's SO huge we get as long as we want and we have a shortened 1st and 2nd period so that we can take it during 3rd. But, my choir instructor did something REALLY stupid. He scheduled our concert for tomorrow night. Yup. He did. So he's making us skip 2nd period so we can havw 1st and 2nd period in his class. He is also making us sing Defying Gravity in this concert. If you haven't heard this song, let me explain. It's hard and professional and meant for a solist or a duet. Not a choir. He got a choral arrangment but pretty much everyone in my choir is obsessed with Wicked (except me because I haven't seen it) and they hate the arrangement because it isn't exactly like the play. Plus, this choir instructor of mine dyed his hair again. It looks horrible! I feel SO bad for his kids, they probably have to endure so much negaitve gossip about him all the time. What ever, I try not to gossip about him, but the hair really is that horrible.

Aside from those things I'm going to be in a play in nine days so we're going into reherseal over drive mode. And character shoes are not the most comfortable shoes in the world. My feet and legs are sore right now from reherseal.

Okay, word of the day time! Thanks to Snoopyfan for the word!

schnitzel (shnit- ZUL) noun; English: A German (I think) recipe for chicken. You roll the chicken (preferably the breasts) in eggs then bread crumbs with spices and then plop the chicken in the frying pan. Check on it reguraly until the bottom side is golden brown. Then flip it over. Now, when the other side is golden brown, you take it out of the pan and eat it! Yay! You just made schnitzel!

Bye everyone! Snoopyfan, keep reading:

(A Capella, Giselle)How does she know you love her?How does she know she's yours?(Marlon Saunders - Calypso Singer)How does she know that you love her?(Giselle)How do you show her you love her?(Together)How does she know that you really really truly love her?How does she know that you love her?How do you show *her* you love her?How does she know that you really really truly love her?(Giselle)It's not enough to take the one you love grantedYou must remind her or she'll be inclined to say"How do I know he loves me?How do I know he's mine?"Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?Send you yellow flowers when the sky is Grey?He'll find a new way to show you a little bit every dayThat's how you knowThat's how you know he's your love(Calypso Singer)You got to show her you need herDon't treat her like a mind readerEach little something to lead her to believe you love her(Giselle)Everybody wants to live happily ever afterEverybody wants to know their true love is trueHow do you know he loves you?How do you know he's yours?Well does he take you out dancing just so he can hold you close?Dedicate a song with words meant just for you?He'll find *someway* to tell you with the little things he'll doThat's how you knowThat's how you know he's your loveHe's your loveThat's how you know he loves youThat's how you know it's trueBecause he'll wear your favorite color just so he can match your eyesPlan a private picnic by the fire's glowHis heart will be yours foreverSomething everyday will showThat's how you know (x5)That's how you know he's your loveThat's how you knowThat's how you know he's your love

OMABCJRE3 I heart that song!!!!!! I luv ya Snoop!!!!!!!!!


Snickers said...

I AM EXTREMELY OFFENDED!!!!! YOU DID NOT WRITE ABOUT MY REVIEW!!! Why exactly do I care though??? B/c u have already written aobut me, nad the only people who actually read and/or know about this blog is ducksrule, snoopyfan, and I, Snickers the Awesome!!!!! *breaks out in EEEEvil laff* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA1!!! WEll, we just celebrated 'ickle sisters' 8th birthday, and she has a new voice recorder that plays what you said over...and over...and, that'll be VERY annoying...gotta go yell at her to stop, ttfn.

RandomNatalie said...

I love schnitzel! It's so tasty!