Monday, June 30, 2008


IT'S THE 30th ALREADY???? Wow, summer is going by WAY to quickly! OK, I have hade a lot of random and not so random thoughts lately and I am going to share them in my blog. 'Cause that's what it's for. I think.

Last night I finished the last book in the Mediator series by Meg Cabot, Twilight. I would say she stole the name from Stephenie Meyer this book was published about two years earlier so I can't blame Meg for theft and I love Stephenie too much to blame her for anything... OK, that sounded SO weird, but both of them are amazing authors and both Twilights were really really really good! But the plots were totally different. I mean, in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, the first installment in the best series ever, there isn't quite enough conflict for my taste. It's an amazing book, but I think the other two in the series were better because they tested her writing ability more and had a great deal of more character development because of it's complex emotional plots. Wow, that sounded fancy! But really, everyone hates the sequels because their kind of depressing but I find them more of a challenge to digest for the reader due to the emotional overpowerment that makes you (okay fine just me) cry at the smallest gesture of love made from Bella to Edward/Bella to Jacob. Wow, more fancyness! I should do this more often. Speaking of, due to my friend Nat's and my analytical brain power combined we have figrued out the ending of the Twilight series as it will happen in the fourth and final installment Breaking Dawn that's coming out August 2nd at 12:01 in the morining and trust me, I will be there. I won't spoil the book in case someone reading this blog hasn't read the series (READ IT OR DIE FROM THE WRATH EXHIBITED IN THIE BLOG) I'd like them to figure it out for themselves. It's actually fairly obvious. And no, it doesn't involve moving to a polygamist compound in Utah.

On the other hand, Twilight be Meg Cabot has ten million grams of conflict! Really, every second you thought you had it figured out a wrench was thrown into the picture. And another wrench, and another wrench... You get the picture. Now for the summary which will be incredibley confusing to all readers who haven't already read the book:

Susannah Simon is a mediator, which means she can talk to ghosts and touch ghosts and see ghosts and hear ghosts and over all she likes helping ghosts move to the next world, what ever that may be (Heaven, Hell, Resurection...). But when she moves to Carmel, California to live with her step-dad and his three sons in their 19th century hotel turned home she finds a very handsome man in her room who is, well, dead. His names Jesse de Silva and he is flippin' awesome. (In my opinion Jesse is tied for 2nd awesomest male lead in a book with Harry Potter who are beat by a landslide by Edward Cullen taking the lead in 1st.) SOOOO as to be assumed because this is in the magical land of novelitude Jesse and Suze fall in love but that won't exactly work out because Jesse's kind of dead and if she wanted to introduce him to her mom or something she'd be all, "Ok, Mom, I'm in love with this guy named Jesse and he's really sweet and he loves my back but only I can see him 'cause he's dead and only me and a few select others can see and communicate with him. But otherwise he's awesome!" I forgot to mention her mom doesn't know about her power. Only other's with the power (Father Domninic [her principal], Paul, and Paul's brother Jack), her step-brother David, and her best friend CeeCee, know she has the power. So that was my quick skim of the first 5 books. Onto the 6th. SOOOOO this Paul guy I told you about who's also a mediator, well he claims that he and Suze can do a lot more then most mediators, which Suze finds out to be true because Paul's grandpappy (...) Dr. Slaski (renamed Mr. Slater because his son thoguht he was a crack pot and was ashamed that he claimed he could talk to the dead) prooved it. But Suze only found this out because Paul loves (or thinks he loves) Suze also and said if she didn't do mediator (or shifters as Dr. Slaski calls them) tutoring with him every Wednesday he'd send Jesse to the next dimension which, previously unknown to Suze, actually is possible. SOOOOO Suze meets the ghost of Mrs. Guiterrez who told her that in her garden she burried $2000 and she wanted Suze to give it to her children. So Suze goes to get it but Paul already got it and he decided to keep it instead of give it to the family who are dirt poor and by the way Paul is filthy rich. Woah. Dirt poor, filthy rich.... That makes no sense! Shouldn't it be like dirt poor and squeaky clean rich or something? That is strange........ Where was I? So he keeps the money. LATER: I don't remember exactly how it happens, but Paul tells Suze that he can do something to Jesse that will involve the 4th dimension or something like that and Suze is all, 'What the flip is the 4th dimension?' so she asks Jesse and he's all, 'It's time.' So Suze put's 2 and 2 together and is all, 'Holy crap! Paul is going to travel back in time and not kill Jesse which is actually really nice if you think about it but mean at the same time 'cause that means I won't meet him and I won't have a big hunk of man candy to satisfy my sweet tooth. I also won't remember he ever existed...' Except not in those words..................... So she asks Dr. Slaski (who is not a crack pot and is actually very smart) how to time travel and he says you have to do it to help a ghost you have met, you have to be holding something that belonged to him, and you have to be standing somewhere they once stood. Then picture the place and your there. You do the same to get home. But what ever you're holding on to will come with you, so don't hold onto you're kitchen counter or something 'cause it will mostlikely take the whole house with you. So she realizes that Paul doesn't own anything of Jesse's so how can he go back in time. Then, Suze is volunteering at the mission school that she attends auction where they are auctioning off a belt buckle belonging to Felix Diego (the dude who killed Jesse) that her brother Brad found in the attic. When Paul uses the money he stole to buy the belt Suze is all, 'Darn, now he has an anchor to the past!' So she momentarily flips out. THEN she realizes that the only place that was around 150+ years ago that they are positive Felix went to is her house and as long as he doesn't get into her house she's fine. LATER she realizes that the mission was around for 300 years and Felix probably went there all the time. Now she's in deep doo doo. SO she tells Jesse, and being the uber manly man he is he's all, 'Suze, let me take care of myself, I don't want you in any harm!' But Suze goes to the past anyway using the portrait she accidently on purpouse stole from the Carmel Historical Society of Jesse. So she's in the past and Mrs. O'Neil (hotel owner) kicks her out of her own house because she's dressed like a lady of the night. So Suze goes to sleep in the barn out back to find Paul there. SO they sleep up there to wait for Felix and Jesse to show up. The next morning Paul acts all nice and even get's Suze a pie to soften her up. But then he ties her to a pole and gags her. That's just the kind of guy Paul is. So she's up there for hours and hours when Jesse comes to check on his horse. Suze gets his attention by banging her heels so he comes up and unties her. Then basically she tells him that he's gonna die that night and she needs to stop his death. So he's all, 'Who ever tied you up here and dressed you in those obscene clothes must have hit you on the head too.' So after a while when she tells him every ounce of information she knows about him (which is more then anyone else because they happen to be soul mates) he beleive her. So he stays with her until Paul gets back (when he threatens to horse whip him) and then Suze explains that he was just trying to help him. Later Felix comes into the barn and Jesse's all, 'I'm just gonna stay here, my horse is under the weathers.' Later that night Felix comes back and Felix and Jesse get into a total slap fight. THEN THE KNIVES ARE BROKEN OUT! DUN DUN DUN! So Suze kind of freaks and tries to get in to the fight but Paul pushes her back and she trips on a lantern and gets trapped between a wall of fire and the back wall of the barn (can't you picture that happening to Bella from the other Twilight??). So Jesse pushes Felix off the second floor of the barn and he breaks his neck and dies. Paul returns to the future. Mean while Jesse gallantly runs through the fire, breaks a hole in the wall, and jumps with Suze out of the hole. Suze thinks so hard about going back home that she accidently goes back home and takes Alive Jesse with her. UH OH! 'Cause you see, time travel isn't healthy for mediators, but it's even worse for normal peeps. So she rushes him right to the hospital (They rushed my right to the hospital! Sure enough, acute appendicits! Sorry, Chorus Line moment..). But this guy's kind of supposed to be dead. So he has no insurance or social security or anything. THEN, major twist time! Ghost Jesse shows up all confused staring at his almost dead body and Suze crying her head off thinking she killed him. In his astonishment he touches his dead bodies leg and get's sucked in! And then Alive Jesse becomes alive for real because his soul has been reunited with his body! w00t! Now Jesse and Suze can have a functional relationship! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, then Suze's dad is able to pass on the the next life because he suceeds in making sure his daughter is happy which was his last mission on Earth. Collective AWWWW!!! That's basically it.

So that was my fancy analysis of Twilight and not so fancy analysis of Twilight. I hoped you enjoyed it!

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