Monday, July 28, 2008


Hey peeps!!! I'd like to welcome you all to TMTS: REPORTING LIVE FROM MY GRANDPARENTS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so it's not that exciting. But many random things have happened to me here. Like this morning, I got overheated!!!! YAY!!!! Go false enthuisiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the reason I had to type this up right away and couldn't wait until I got home was because I had a really random thought right before I fell asleep last night. But guess what! Ok, I'll tell you: I forgot!!!!!! YAY!!!!! More false enthuisiasm!!!!!!

Since I have nothing to say, I will write about funny things my brother has said. w00t.
Well, in order to properly educate my brother, we were watching The Sound of Music on Thursday. Actually, we were watching it to educate Sars... Anyways the next day to further my baby bro's education, we watched Fiddler on the Roof. So, as the budding artist my brother is, he sits down in front of the TV with a drawing pad and a pencil. When I asked him what he was drawing he said he was drawing the shul from Sound of Music. The rest of our conversation went like this:
Me: No, Max, that was a church.
Max: But Jewish people go there too, right?
Me: No.
Max: OK, I'll just change it to the place in Fiddler on the Roof instead.
So my kid brother drew Tevye's house. It was very good actually, he's quite the artist, very visual, good at puzzles. I'm more wordy then visual as you can probably tell. ANYWHO....

What to say, what to say.................... Well there was no traffic getting here. It took two hours. It's taken us four to get here before. And that's with my dad driving, not my mom who drove this time. And my dad drives like a maniac. Seriousy, I am very prone to puking when I go on long road trips with my dad. Basically, the car ride was very short, I only listened to 39 songs on my iPod. At night when I'm reading I listen to about 60. But I really shouldn't listen to music at night, it makes me hyper. I only do it to block out other noises. Speaking of blocking out noise, I just thought of a great topic:
Why do electornics hate me???? (More specifically cameras and ear buds.)
Let's go with my bad luck with cameras first, shall we?
Camera number one: I got it when I went to sleepaway camp for the first time. It worked perfectly for a few months, maybe a year. Then it stopped working.
Camera number two: I spilled water on it on a field trip to UCLA. If you have been reading this blog for a while you will remember that I have bad luck with field trips also.
Camera number three: This one I think lasted the least amount of time, only about two months. I got it at Staples on sale with the easy share printer, it was really cheap. I should have taken that as a warning. It stopped working AT LEGOLAND over Memorial Day. But then again, I went to SeaWorld the day before, so I might have spilled something on it, but I probably didn't.
Ash, if you are reading this: let's hope my luck with digital camera's improves..... (Ashley will understand this better then anyone else...)

I also have horrible luck with ear buds. They always just stop working. Usually the left ear bud goes out. My last pair would give my electric shocks if I touched the wire in certain places. My new ones are really, really, uncomfortable and seem to be magnets to ear wax. I've found using speakers is easier then dealing with all this....

I have the new Miley Cyrus song "Breakout" stuck in my head. It's to catchy!!!! AH!!!!!!

Speaking of songs, I've been rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I find every book I've ever reread is better the 2nd time. Or 3rd. Possibly 4th.... Unless the book was bad to begin with, then it just gets worse. If it's a good book it will keep getting better. And sadder. Seriously, I read the first four Harry Potter books (and started the fifth) when I was seven and they didn't effect me as emotionaly as the do now. Neither did reading Twilight the first time. The second time I read something I laugh harder, cry harder, think harder, or what ever it is I'm doing. My point is, when ever I watch the Harry Potter movies I wonder why the wizards don't use electricity or the internet or phones or anything. I know, the take place in the 90's and all, but Ben Franklin was alive WAY before then. (Yes, the books take place in the 90's. The last bit of the 7th, not including the epilouge is May 2nd, 1998.) So I was all, "They're wizards, I know they don't need electrcity, but a lamp is a lot more convenient then a candle!" But I was reading today and during the whole part with Rita Skeeter and wondering how she knew dirt on everyone, Harry suggests that maybe she bugs people (with mics and other Muggle stuff). Then Hermione ("When are you two going to read Hogwarts, A History?") tells them that Muggle 'substitutes' like electricty go haywire near Hogwarts because there's too much magic in the air. Like aliens. Do not ask my me reasoning into putting this rant in, for I do not know. I just felt an urge to type something and I forgot my random thought...

Umm....... that's it I guess. Nothing else to say really. I guess I'll go do something useful..... like shower.........

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