Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm taking a break from searching for a word that starts with "q" and has to do with the American Civil War to right in my blog. Because this doesn't take as much thinking.....

Scratch that. It does. I really don't know what to say. Oh I got it!!!!!

There was an earthquake yesterday and it completely made my day! It was so much fun, it was the first earthquake I've ever felt, and I've lived in California my whole life. Well, there was a big one this summer, but I was in a swimming pool and didn't even notice. My mom hates earthquakes. She was in the Northridge one in '94 and she freaked out. It's funny how paranoid she is because of it.

Anyhoo I've been working on my project for like an hour and a half and for the past half hour or so I've been working on my musical list I told you about because I was watching another PBS special called Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure and it once again reminded me of musicals.

Plus, the other day, I was on Facebook (a.k.a the time sucker from hell) and I was making one of those top five list things. If you have a Facebook you'll understand this. I was making a list of the five dead people I wish I could invite for dinner and I put Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, and Jane Austen. It makes me really sad that they're dead. What makes me even sadder as that they came to untimely deaths. Like Anne Frank. My major issue with death is that the good people die young. They don't deserve it. But what makes me happy as that they had an impact on the world and that their respective lives we'll be remembered in a positive light, because they were all amazing and talented women.

Well, Lucille Ball died at age 77, which isn't extremely old, due to complications after open heart surgery. But it's still really sad that she died.

Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland on the other hand both died of barbiturate poisoning, a.k.a. a drug overdose. Marilyn's was probably suicide, but no one knows for sure. And then there's all those JFK conspiracy theories. Many people thought Judy committed suicide because she was really unhappy and had attempted slitting her wrists before, but the autopsy said it was because the drugs has been taken for a long period of time (the studio gave them to her. DIE STUDIO DIE!!!!) not because she had taken too many at once. But it still makes me really sad that they were unhappy. Especially Judy Garland, considering she is my favorite performer in the history of the world. I think it's terrible that she was so unhappy that she felt she needed to die. No one's life should come to that, especially a life that made so many others happy. And Marilyn was only 36 and Judy was 47! That is much too young!

Audrey Hepburn died of a cancer in her small intestine that was not detected early enough and grew to large to remove. Her death makes me sad because she was in so much pain. She was 63 years old, which isn't extremely old, but still to young to die.

If I did the math right, Jane Austen was only 42 when she died. She had lymphoma or some disease like that that wasn't identifiable at the time. I think the saddest thing about her death is that she was the greatest romance novelist of all time and she was never married and had no children. It's slightly ironic if you ask me.

Ok, got to stop talking about death. This is too depressing. I sound all emo, which I am not. It's just sad, which reminded me of the trailer for My Sister's Keeper which was really really sad. LET'S TALK ABOUT HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to a fun party last night. We watched The Music Man DVD. The one we were in. It was fun and slightly wild and no watching really got done. But I had fun and I'm tired. Especially because Snickers woke me up in the middle of the night because she was scared of the aftershocks of the earthquakes that I slept through.

Happiness..... Disneyland is happy! I'm going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks to do Magic Music Days for the 3rd time. It'll be fun. Then the day after I'm going to Universal Studios for the 8th grade trip. Fun times.... fun times.

Ok I'm done I need to work some more. So birthdays really quick then work work work.

Happy birthday to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, David Beckham, Lily Allen, Kay Panabaker, Kelsey Lewis, Christine Baranski, and Bing Crosby! Isn't Bing Crosby a fun name? It reminds me of Chandler Bing from friends. And the episode where Rachel has a baby and she doesn't know what to name it, and Monica says if she has a baby girl, she'd name her Emma, but Rachel asks her if she can use it, and Monica goes, "Nothing sounds good with Bing anyways." Because Chandler's last name is Bing. And they're married.

Anyways, "Get Happy" as Judy Garland would say (well, sing)! I'm sorry this was so depressing.


Anonymous said...

not your best pork, stephanie.
john lennon died young. age 40. as did george harrison. age 58.

Snickers said...

You haven't updated in a while...
Sigh, I'm SO tired. Guess what??? On the math project, I actually put your name on a grain of rice. Well, your initials anyway. Aren't I a good friend? Now I get to hold it over you for whenever I need a favor. MUAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Just kidding...Or am I??? We'll find out later! Gsieundheit!

Snickers said...