Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've really given myself over. Musicals rule my life now. It's kind of pathetic.

If you look through my file of documents on Microsoft Word, most of what you see will be school work. But if you click on the file entitled "musicals are amazing" you will find a seven page, one column, single spaced, list of every musical song I know and like, then there will be marks next to each song indicating what I do and do not have on my iPod.

If you go to my tivo and sift through your options, you will mostly see the TV shows I watch, but if you scroll down you will see movie such as Grease and Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you look through my "special DVDs" (a.k.a. DVDs I don't let anyone touch besides me and keep in my room) you will see the entire Harry Potter series, some Disney, along with The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, Damn Yankees, The Music Man, and others.

In my spare time I look up musicals on Wikipedia and read the plot synopsis.

Wait, back up. Notice that I was on spring break for a little over a week and had little to do besides eat matzah. And when a PBS special called "Broadway's Lost Treasures" came on, featuring footage from Tony Awards past, the ignition was relite on my always there love for the Broadway play.

That was poetic of me. I'm amazing. :)

Well, in hindsight, I've been more obsessed with other things. (i.e. The Great Twilight Obsession that still inflicts the youth of today. I never told you I'm un-obsessed with Twilight did I? Well yeah, I always new it was a phase. I still love it just because I loved it for so long that it can't completley wear off, but yeah. You should get it. If not feel free to notify me.) And musicals aren't that bad a thing to be obsessed with, in my opinion. I'm writing a magazine about it for langauge arts. Musicals, not obsession! But my articles are too long......

So let's back track once more considering how unorganized my thoughts are today. "Broadway's Lost Treasures" was THEE most amazing public television program I've ever seen in my life. I'd seen a lot of footage from it already on (which by the way is temporarily shut down because the people from SOFA entertainment got mad because of their excessive use of Ed Sullivan Show footage) but a lot I had never seen and was astounded by. The only bad part is that public television is commercial free so they just had really creepy people talk during breaks and interview Broadway legends the likes of Chita Rivera, Joel Grey, and Tommy Tune, which translates to Chita Rivera, Joel Grey, and Tommy Tune saying how great PBS is and why they need to pay $250 for a set of three DVDs.

Well that's all I have to say on the topic. That means it's birthday time!

Happy birthday to Shirley Temple, Valerie Bertinelli, Barry Watson, Kal Penn, and Dev Patel! You are all amazing actors!

BTW, over the break I watched a lot of TV. My new favorite shows are any Samantha Brown travel shows, Say Yes to the Dress, What Not to Wear, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Ace of Cakes, and FoodNetwork Challenge. I don't know what I would do without TV. Wait, I do. Movies. Honestly, I'd be healthier if I was born sixty year earlier....

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Anonymous said...

lol "THEE most amazing..." hahahhahaha
hahahaha i bet john (of john and kate plus 8) is like suicidal now. joel mchale did a really funny bit pertaining to that on his show, The Soup. oh yeah and on that same episode, they made harry potter references which were really funny because it showed this harry potter fan getting all angry because twilight was getting more popular. it was funny. "ACCIO TISSUES! *blows nose in a geeky manor* " Chita riviera. is scary. i liked this blog entry, Stephanie. It was about obsession. A field i am quite familiar with. Pretty much everything you wrote applies to me, only with The Beatles instead of Broadway. I liked reading it because i got a special kind of outlook on how you love musical theatre. and yeah. i'm hungry