Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, I haven't updated in a while. I've been rather busy. But now I am on SPRING BREAK. Which means.....

PROJECTS. Three to be exact. To due May the eleventh and another due the twelfth. Because all me teachers had the same ingenious idea that they should assign projects right before we leave for break, because of course no one does anything on our eight days of freedom and they miss school so much that they will spend all their time on homework. AND then, get this, on May THEE fifth, sixth, and seventh we have standardized testing, so we get out of school early. All our teachers think these tests are just the easiest things around (which they are) but they fail to realize that they're really long and for some reason the air conditioner always breaks during it (in sixth grade my teacher let everyone who was finished run through the sprinklers on the P.E. field). So they just assume that if we didn't finish over spring break then we must be itching to get home after a fun filled day of testing and put the final touches on our projects.

SO. NOT. TRUE. I am the biggest procrastinator, I do almost everything the day before. But the projects I have right now are way to humongous to do in one day. In science, I have to do a physics project. I have to make something that applies physics and works. I repel technology, I can't do that! I'm thinking I'll make a diorama of a theatre and show how the flying set pieces apply the pulley system, but I am absolutely not artistic enough and I don't work that hard on anything. My teachers think I devout my life to school just because I'm an honor student. News flash, I don't. I have friends who do, but I don't. I don't devote my life to anything currently. Just self improvement and stuff like that. I'm to busy to be devoted to anything besides myself. My dad actually just gave me a lecture about ego because it's Passover and the matzah resembles humility and stuff like that, but as you can see I haven't absorbed it yet.

So anyhoo, that is my science project. For language artsm we have to write a mati3 gazine. A whole magazine. Which we did last year. Except last year our magazine had to be about ourselves and this year it can be themed how ever you want. I'm doing musicals. You can see a recourring theme here. So anyways I'll probably do that at the last minute because it's pretty simple. But there's all these things I want to do.... I'll deal with it when the time comes.

For social studies, we have to make an ABC Civil War book, like kindergarten. I'm making that with my friend Ilana, which means less work for me, but it also means I can't procrastinate because I've already disappointed..... four maybe five friends by my bad project skills. Sierra got mad at me in 6th grade, Mel, Nicki, Sarah...... probably more they're just not close enough to me to confide. But you know, I am me, take it or leave it. I am working on my procrastination skills because I need to for high school. But not now. I'm lazy.

Well. As you can see I am not spending my first day of spring break wisely because last night after the seder (Passover dinner) I walked over to my neighbor Ashley's house and me, her, and Sophie had a sleepover. And ofcourse they begged me to update my blog. And now Ashley's staring at me and telling me how my brain is whirring. And Sophie is sitting in the corner watching the Weather Channel because she's socially inept like that.

"It's supposed to rain everywhere," Sophie informs us, "In the P.M. and into the night."

You know what is an AMAZING movie? Once Upon a Matress. WATCH IT. Oooo a commercial for The Sound of Music just came on. That is also an amazing movie. I saw it at the Hollywood Bowl for the 40th anniversery. It was a sing-a-long and it was a rather joyous occasion if I do say so myself.

green beans.

You don't get it do you. Well you know what you weren't there. So you didn't have fun playing the best Pictionary game ever. Sucks for you.

Anyways, todays birthdays, let's see (by the way my brother Max's birthday was on Wednesday! Happpy birthday Max. And my half birthday was yesterday....):

Happy birthday to Mandy Moore, Amanda Michalka, and Haley Joel Osment. Woop de doo.

And before I go, two quick points:

One: The Hannah Montana Movie comes out today!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited.

Two: Full House is on, with BOB SAGET and John Stamos who was also on ER which I watched the season finale for which was so amazing and DEEP. It had emotional depth, dude. And they just quoted Dorothy. :) That show also has the coolest Stephanie on television. Full House not ER.

But anyways, the season finale of ER was great and I can't get into that right now. I'm pooped.

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