Monday, March 23, 2009


What has our world come to? Honestly, someone as technologically inept as I am is not going to be able to survive.

It's just pathetic.

So if you're wondering why I'm already off on a tangent in the first three sentences of this entry, I will explain now:

My social studies homework tonight was to write a paragraph long argument on either the side of federal government or states rights, which one should have more power. (I said federal government, because I don't want Andrew Jackson to hit me with a cane. And it makes way more sense.) Sounds reasonable enough. BUT we then have to post them on this stupid thing called Moodle where our class has a private discussion room. Tomorrow, in class, we will all go to the computer lab and have ONLINE debates on this topic where we will post our rebuttals to other peoples arguments.


All 30 something of us are going to be sitting in one room, together, and instead of letting us be social kitty cats (I hate butterflies. I hate cats too, but it's an inside joke) we are all going to sit staring at screens, chatting with each other! My teacher is ruining our social abilities! WE ARE GOING TO DIE IN THE REAL WORLD! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate technology. A person like me was not meant to live in the 21st century. Or the 60's. I hate the 60's. I'm very opinionated on hippies and why they lead the lives the live, but I won't get into that now or later unless people really want me too because it's extremely offensive. Let's just say I strongly dislike hippies.

So anyways, it's kind of ironic that I'm writing on a blog about the stupidity of technology, but this is different. I don't use this blog to talk to people I speak to everyday, even though most of the people who read it do.....

But still, I write this to get through to people that I normally wouldn't, and though that hasn't exactly worked yet, it doesn't hurt to try.

And Blogger is so easy to use, it's not even funny. This is where Sars is thinking, "Why would it be funny in the first place?"

Also, I figured out how to work Moodle, which none of my friends could. But it's not my fault I have Windows Vista and they have idiotic Macs. Except Snickers. She has PC it's just old.

I'm a PC and I'm 4 and 1/2 is my favorite commercial ever! That kid is the cutest thing. I love when she clicks the auto adjust button and goes, "I click and make it better. Look, all better!"
I can't get over her cuteness. I squeal every time I see that commercial. I lead a pathetic life.......

You know what else is creepy pathetic? Nebraska (in my opinion, the worst state, no offense Nebraskans) has WAY cooler people then North Carolina! Fred Astaire is from Nebraska, while the coolest person from North Carolina is Dolley Madison. And Fred Astaire is WAY cooler then Dolley Madison. Our world is corrupt. Just corrupt I tell you!

In other news, no one I wish to acknowledge has a birthday today.

It's over now.... bye!


Anonymous said...

Well, you know what?
Harry Potter is Amazing, with a capital A. And I get choked up with emotion when Sirius calls Harry James by mistake.
Also, Ellen Degeneres is one of the coolest. people. ever.

me said...

Well... your "hatered" is pointing the wrong way...

PEOPLE use technology in a miriad of stupid ways.

It's funny that sometimes students have so much to teach a tutor, yet students are willing to learn and tutors are not.

Keep it up... dig deeper into what makes the world go... tic-tac :)

Anonymous said...

If Dr. House has a beard 3/5 of the time on the show "The Amazing Adventures of Allison the Amazing Ant Eater's Pet Rock, Smarkly" then the world as we know it has become a swirling pit of Cameron Daly's socks. Unless this was all happening on a Wednesday... in which case, then the world would be jumping into the Simply Nearsided Octopi Raisin Karate Education Liaison (SNORKEL)
Thank you for your time. See you next Christmas holidy.
Yours Mooly,
Dr. Gregory Fried, M.D.

Anonymous said...

What the heck are you talking about, ashley?