Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well, I haven't updated in two weeks. Aren't I a reliable one? Well anyways, I had a busy week.

Monday I had play rehearsal until seven. But the orientation for the school I'm going to next year started at six. I was going to leave at five thirty but our director got so mad and made everyone who was going to leave stay until at least six, so by the time we got there it was uber crowded and we had missed some of it and it was completely overwhelming so we just left early. We didn't even chat with any of the teachers or anything which is what the point of it was. And then I missed hearing the Megillah on Purim. And I was said.

Tuesday I had another rehearsal until seven, and that was really fun, but sad because it was the last rehearsal ever. Because I'm leaving this school next year... You know what? I'm going to stop trying to disguise my grade, it isn't working, so I'm in 8th grade. If you were smart you would have figured that out already. So this was my last year being in the middle school play.

Anyways, on Wednesday morning we went to the theatre to do our rehearsals there before opening night (which was Wednesday). Here's how it works backstage, in the "Authorized Personnel Only" area. Because I am sooo authorized personnel. Well, there's a place called the green room, which has the couch and a refrigerator and a TV so we can watch what's going on onstage and we don't miss out entrances. Everyone hangs out in the green room and we usually do our hair and makeup in there. At the back of the green room, there are two doors leading to the dressing rooms. I'm assuming normally these would be for guys and girls, but in our case, it's for lead girls (which I was! I got a mirror with my name on it and everything! Look where eight lines gets ya!) and the other for ensemble roles. The guys get dressed in the hallway around the corner from the green room. It's nice, it really is.

So Wednesday night we did the show, and Thursday night we did the show. But on Thursday someone HAD to say Macbeth (which you never EVER say in a theatre!) which forced the guy that played Harold Hill on that night to skip an entire major scene where he introduces Tommy and Zaneeta! He was really upset. Some people are just so stupid.

Then Friday morning was the matinee (my last on show, where I had lines and stuff) and then we all went out to lunch. I went to California Pizza Kitchen, but the thing is, there's this big tradition that all the 8th graders go to BJ's with the director, but none of us showed up. Because we all went to California Pizza Kitchen which was less expensive, less crowded, and a lot more fun. The service was pretty bad though. But it was worth it. A few other kids went to Yamatos. And our director was really upset. I heard the she was near tears because we broke the tradition. I felt really bad about it.

So that night we head back to the theatre and I get ready to be in The Music Man for the last time. My friend Ci Ci, who played Marian the Librarian my cast, so it was her off night, got really emotional right off the bat. She was near tears by the end of the opening number. So as soon as I could get off the stage, I went to give her a pep talk. It went something like this"

"Ci Ci, this could be the last time we all do a show together, but it will not be the last time that we're all together. We all love each other way too much for that. We'll always be able to look back at this show and Damn Yankees and Annie Get Your Gun and remember that they brought us all together, because I wouldn't know any of you if it wasn't for these shows. We're all going to high school together and we'll do shows together there, and if not we'll still be best friends. We'll have reunions like crazy and we'll come see next years show together."

Stuff like that. It really made everyone feel better though. Except the set crew. They got mad at me for leaving the stage before changing the sets. But you know what? My friend needed me and they handled the sets just fine. So screw it.

You know, I love pretty much everyone in the cast, but there are a few people I could do without. Like this one kid who played Tommy in my cast, decided on Friday night to steal the mayor's cane, causing him to miss his entrance and have Harold Hill standing there adlibing until he could find it. When he came offstage though he was really upset. I comforted him during intermission. I just told him he was everyones favorite character and it was completely not his fault. It's over now and there's nothing that can be done except to do the rest of the show his best. I told him that he would get a standing ovation at curtain call. And he did. I am always right.

Oh yeah. And then Evan's (who played Harold Hill) mom brought Peeps. And that made everyone happy.

So we did the rest of the show and it was great. Brennan and Jake, who play Harold and Marcellus in my cast decided to change their facial hair every scene, which was hysterical, and then Brennan put bubble juice in a prop pipe and blew them on stage. It was hysterical.

I'm switching from character names to actual names randomly. It's pretty weird. I bet it's hard to follow.

Well anyhoo, that night at curtain call pretty much all the girls in 8th grade were sobbing. Including me. I couldn't help it. We all cried in the dressing room too. It was really sad leaving the dressing room and our costumes knowing we wouldn't be coming back. But they let me keep one of my headdresses, which was nice. I wore it to the cast party that night and I'll probably wear it to school tomorrow. The cast party was a blast, and I ended up going to be around one in the morning. And then I woke up to six to go to History Day LA. Woop dee doo. I so did not want to be there. But Snickers and I won at school so we had to. Along with a bunch of our friends which was nice, cause they won too. So anyway, we get there do our Lucille Ball thing, which went well in my opinion, and then we had to kill time. So we decided to track down a better place to eat lunch, considering our only option there were In-N-Out. So we leave the campus and find a Subway.

Here's were it gets interesting. We decide we're going to look for a Barnes and Nobles. Note that we are in the middle of no where. So me, my mom, Snickers, her mom, and her sisters set off to find one. In short, we couldn't. But we ended up going to a great store called DD's Discounts where colorful bras haunted Snickers. I was thoroughly entertained, the disgustingness of the store aside. Next door, we went to the Dollar Tree where we bought two Hershey bars, Lemon Heads, two Baby Bottle Pops, Nerds, Red Vines, and Reese's Pieces. We had to stay awake until the awards ceremony, even though we didn't stay for the whole thing. We stayed to find it we lost, and then left. That night I went to Snicker's house with two other friends, Alexandra (who completely deserved to win!) and Sierra (I wouldn't know because I didn't read her paper) who lost like us. We ate quesidillas, Caesar salad, corn, Pirate's Booty, Girl Scout cookies, and brownies while we played Dance Dance Revolution. I had a very healthful day yesterday as you can see. But it was pretty fun. And now I'm writing in this blog to avoid the mountain of makeup homework I have to do for tomorrow because I missed so much school due to the play. It was completely worth it.

Happy birthday to Andrew Jackson, Eva Longoria Parker, and Kellan Lutz! YAY!!!!!

Bye guys! Snackish lunch then homework time. I'm soooo excited...

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