Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, I have a lot to go over today. First things first, this is my first blog entry on my brand new LAPTOP that got here Monday. So YAY!

Let's get this show on the road people. Lots to see, so little time. Or as Willy Wonka would say at a time like this "So little to see, so much time." Or something along those lines...

Well, before I forget, rest in peace Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcet, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mayes. I feel morally obligated to go buy OxiClean. I never did. These four people touched many different lives (don't interpret that wrong Michael Jackson haters) and they will forever be remembered.

In other depressing news, Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" are getting a divorce. This actually saddens me a quite a bit, mainly because I feel so awful for their children who are going to have a very abnormal childhood. According to Kate, the kids heard it from the parents first, just one day before they filed for a legal separation. When explaining it to the sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Colin, Leah, and Joel, age 5, they explained that Mommy and Daddy weren't going to live together anymore and they really didn't care that much. When they told twins Mady and Cara, age 8, while Cara burst into tears, Mady says, "Well I could've guessed. This doesn't come as a surprise to anyone." I love Mady. She says what she's thinking. I love all their kids, they are all so unique and have wonderful personalities. It's great that they have each other in a time like this. Now, in order to be more original, I will talk about something else considering every blog on the planet is talking about this right now.

I've been meaning for a while now to talk about Facebook. I got a Facebook in March to keep in touch with some of my friends that don't go to my school so we can chat on a more regular basis. The thing about Facebook though is it has quickly become Lamebook, as exhibited on On Lamebook, people post the most bizarre, overly personal, and pathetic Facebook posts. I've actually witnessed things like this. I was tagged on one of those photos, so I got notified every time someone comments on them. Well my friend who tagged me doesn't go to my school, so one of the girls from her school, let's call her R, tagged a girl she didn't like, O, as the dumbass. In return, O tagged R as the blonde bitch. Let me just mention quickly, that I was tagged as the good friend in this photo. The two proceeded to yell at each other through the comments about how much they hate each other. So I comment that they are being very cowardly and annoying to yell at each other through Facebook and if they had something to say to each other they should do it in person. O then told me she would never speak to R in person because she hated her so much. I rest my case.

On the subject of psycho kids, my summer school has people from three different middle schools going to it. I thought some of the kids from MY school were strange! The kids from the two other schools are psychos! To think they're just one city away and yet so different! Some of them act like two year old's, not kids going into high school. For example, in geography we were doing a review at the end of class and I didn't want to answer the question since I wasn't sure of the answer, so I leaned over to Carlie to ask her if my answer was right. Some kid from another school heard and he raised his hand to tell the teacher I had the wrong answer! Is he in pre-school or something? It wasn't THAT embarrassing considering I was just astounded at his stupidity! Why would someone do something like that? It's just dumb.

And it's kind of sad. There are three high schools in my district and three middle schools. All of my middle school goes to one high school, all of the second middle school goes to another high school, and the third middle school is split up between those two. The third high school is one of those bad kids schools for the people that get pregnant or caught with drugs so they don't influence us little angels by bringing us to rave parties and getting us high off glow sticks. BUT Will Smith bought the campus of this high school to make a private elementary school for his children and other people that could afford to send their children there that was a really good school and blah blah blah. No joke, this really happened. Where did all these kids go you ask? Well they got about six trailers on my high school's campus. At least there's a fence around it. I wonder- is it so we can't get in, or is it so they can't get out? DUN DUN DUN.

In random news my box of Band-Aids has Braille printed on it, because my box of Band-Aids is that awesome. In more randomosity, Ashley has informed me that my blog is the missing link in her life. Also, Ashley probably hasn't read this far down because she doesn't read large blocks of print unless it is about The Beatles.

Now for some movie reviews. Why is it that movies with alliteration are almost always amazing???? I saw Bye Bye Birdie for the first time on YouTube and I loved it SO MUCH. It was genuinely hysterical and the songs were so much fun. I also saw Princess Protection Program on Disney Channel which in all seriousness wasn't that good but I thought it was really cute and rather feminist for a Disney movie. It had all these messages about how being a princess isn't about how you look but about how you act and what you do for other people. It also talked about boys and how if they don't even notice anything about you besides your looks they don't really deserve the beautiful you on the inside. Collective AWWWWWWW. It was also about friendship and loyalty and all that stuff. But whatever.

I also saw The Proposal with my mom yesterday. I personally did not like it at all. One reason is because I guess it was senior citizen's day at the movies yesterday because it was FILLED WITH OLD PEOPLE. It was like walking into Night of the Living Dead! There were rows and rows of little wrinkled, gray haired, men and women wearing headphones for the hearing impaired and oxygen masks! The worst part- they laughed at everything, and really loud! I already have to deal with my dad and sister laughing really loud at home every time we watch a movie, but this was just awful. About the actual movie, I thought the characters were largely underdeveloped until late in the movie when the plot was already full throttle ahead and the jokes weren't all that funny. So it's definitely not a must see movie.

Wait I forgot something random! To be a cool cartoon character you must have four fingers. No more, no less. It's the rule of life my friends.

Also, is the best website on the planet. It makes me feel like I have an amazing life. Another fun read online is Dan Bergstein's Twilight blog. It is absolutely hysterical.

Happy birthday to Mel Brooks, Kathy Bates, John Cusack, and Kellie Pickler! Have a great one my friends!

Before we go- there's a coup in Honduras! I love coups!

I'm off to see My Sister's Keeper and paint a lighthouse with Sars and Snickers. I hope I'm not disappointed due to my expectations from reading the book. Bye!

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