Sunday, July 5, 2009


Happy 4th of July (yesterday)!!!! I love the 4th of July. I don't care what Sarah and Ashley say, it is not a redneck holiday!!! I hate rednecks just as much as the next Californian, but the 4th of July is a celebration of our independence from England, and there's nothing wrong with being happy about that. I don't know about you anti-Americans (Sarah and Ashley) but I'm glad I live in America where I'm free to be my own person and I have rights (even if our countries screwed up at the moment) then in somewhere communist or third world where there really isn't much of anything.

Rant over. I hope I got my point across. Anyhoo, for me it feels like today's the 4th of July because I am seeing fireworks in the park tonight. Even though I did observe some of the neighborhood community college students do some illegal ones last night. They weren't as problematic as the ones Sarah's dad set up over New Years. Those were interesting.

Well there isn't nearly as much to talk about this week as there was last week, so I'm going to try to make this one shorter then the last, but no promises.

After I posted last week, Sarah and I saw My Sister's Keeper which was not very good. We both had read the book, and the book made me SOB (which isn't saying much because it's me. What's saying much is that The Boy in the Striped Pajamas made Sarah cry.) and the movie only got me choked up. I thought I was gonna cry. But then I didn't. And they completely changed the ending. So basically, I was disappointed.

But there were a couple funny moments to the movie. Like when the went to court and the judge said, "All rise," and Sarah started to stand up. That made my day. Also, when Kate was getting ready for prom, there was this little montage that kept flashing between her and Anna and Sarah and Aunt Kelly getting ready and Taylor getting the silent treatment from Brian and Jesse. I was the only when in the theatre laughing initially, but then other people joined in. I'll never know if they were laughing with me or AT me. So basically, no one understood that passage except me, Sarah, and other people that have seen that movie.

So otherwise I've had an uneventful week going to summer school, woop de doo. And there are these three kids who are in my class that are SO obnoxious. It makes me wonder how they got that way. I mean, I'm obnoxious at home but that's with my family and they have to love me anyway.

But these kids (two girls and a guy) are so annoying! They're the kind of people that laugh really loud and at everything so people will look at them and be thinking, "My life must be awful because I'm not friends with them." But you see, no one thinks that. People actually think, "Why are they being so loud? I'm trying to work!"

Woah I've heard the song "Hey Jude" in a million places recently. It just came on my iPod. My iPod is always on shuffle, I like random songs to come on and give me inspiration. Sometimes I'll listen to specific songs or Cd's but that's rare.

Back on track! These three kids are also really mean to one girl in are class. She's kind of different (maybe on the spectrum- who knows?) but that isn't an excuse to be so rude. It really pisses me off because my sisters autistic and I know kids who don't understand can be really mean. But I'm like seriously, we're going into high school, you should be more mature about that. But then again, high school doesn't necessarily mean mature. They'll always do mean things to her. They call her Hannah Montana because she has hair that looks like hers, and when she forgets their names (which she does often) they'll tell her lies, like that their names are Fergie or something. It's really immature and stupid. Once they kept repeatedly asking her if she remembered what their names were and I just went, "Why do you ask her that every single day???? You just like annoying her, it's not like you really care if she knows!" Kids like that bother me so much. Thankfully they aren't going to my school.

Wow I'm ranting a lot today. But another thing about teens being immature is that some stores HATE teenagers. The stores at the mall don't hate teens though. They treat you like a normal customer. Once Sarah, Nicki, and I went to the Macy's and tried on the mannequins wig and one of the employees walked by, and she said, "I'm glad you're having fun, as long as you out them back when you're done." Seriously!

But in the Promenade, they HATE anyone under the age of 18. ESPECIALLY at Cost Plus. A group of friends and I went shopping there, and about half went to the bathroom in the back and the rest of us were in the front trying on jewelry. Sarah and Natalie were looking at this one bracelet that went with Nat's outfit, so Natalie is all, "Do you want me to take it?" in a way that did not imply that she would steal it AT ALL and an employee walks up to us and goes, "Language like that is not appreciated in our store. We're going to have to ask you to leave." As we're walking out, she says to the guy at the register, "If they try to come back in, feel free to call security." We were texting our friends in the bathroom telling them to get out ASAP and meet us in Barnes and Nobles. When they got her, they told us that the woman who had kicked us out walked into the bathroom and was all, "Were you with those girls in the front? Because they were just caught shoplifting, so if you don't leave right now, we're going to call the police." It infuriates me that just because some crazy teens shop lift they get mad at the kids who don't! The people in Barnes and Noble also yell at you for everything. I love Barnes and Noble to death, but when I go there with my friends they always find a reason to get mad, but only on weekends. On weekdays they don't care.

Sarah, Julia, and I also got kicked out of Toys R Us because we were under 18. In a toy store. We had to be with an adult. Honestly, it's a TOY STORE. What has the world come to where kids can't hang out in a toy store without their parents?

Wow I've ranted on three topics today, that's probably a new record. So all I have left is three quick points.

1) There is a security person (honestly, I don't know what his job is, he just has a walkie talkie) who works at my school that looks like Santa Claus the ex-hippie dressed up as Dumbledore. Or as Sarah has dubbed him, Hippie Dumboclaus. He is kind of creepy. But I just can't believe the economy is so bad that even Santa Claus has had to take a summer job. We think it's because Tom Cruise (the head elf) is sucking up all his income.

2) Kevin Jonas is engaged! He finally popped the question to his girlfriend of two years (that no one new existed) Danielle Deleasa. When I uncovered this news, I was speaking to my friend Jordan and we had this conversation:
S: Kevin Jonas is engaged! I could have sworn he was gay!
J: So could of the rest of America.
S: And probably most of Europe....
Ha ha ha. I made a funny.

My third point is irrelevant.

Anyhoo, birthday time!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jason Dolley, happy birthday to you! And one question: WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR??? It used to be so pretty.

Ice-cream rules. Peace out girl scout! Or boy scout....

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You get kicked out of a lot of stores. I've never gotten kicked out of one in my life.