Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have had a rather uneventful week. I did slice my thumb with an apple corer. That hurt.

Anyhoo, I really have NOTHING to talk about. But I do have to make a public thank you to Melanie who burned me the Broadway soundtracks to Bye Bye Birdie (which I already new was amazing) and to 13 which I am addicted to!!!!!!! I'm listening to it as we speak and I have been all weekend. In case any one didn't know, 13 is the first and only musical where the whole cast and orchestra is made up of teenagers. It's about a kid named Evan Goldman who moves from New York City to a town in the middle of no where (Indiana) after his parents divorce and basically if he wants to be popular he has to have the best bar mitzvah ever. And there's more stuff but I can't really explain it.

So..... yeah a pretty uneventful week. I slept over at Snickers house on Thursday. Sars was there also. We baked brownies!!! They were really good.

Can't you tell I've had a boring week????? Well.... I did sleep over at Sophie's house last night. THAT was entertaining because we got Chinese takeout and Soph had an allergic reaction to who-knows what. But that's not why it was entertaining. We watched Evita which was REALLY good. I didn't think it would be because seriously, Madonna doing a part that was immortalized by Patti Lupone????? It seemed kind of wrong, but she did a great job, mainly because Evita is told completely in song so she didn't have to do any acting, outside of singing. Yay! We also watched Chicago really early in the morning which I've seen a million times but its SO good.

Geez I haven't compiled any interesting information this week!!!!!! I feel like I'm failing you. Sob.

I am sick of the Michael Jackson hype though. He's dead.

Something really sad happened. A bunch of people from our area were in Italy and they got in a car accident and died. Only one person in the car survived and that was girl my sister's age. Her mom, best friend, and grandparents died. Her dad was home. It's so awful. I don't know how I'd handle being the only survivor in such a horrific situation. It would result in major post-traumatic stress syndrome and years of therapy that's for sure. but I would feel so awful. Like why did I survive and they didn't???? Ok, I really want to stop thinking about this it's completely bring me down. It's so awful. Think happy thoughts. My dad's coming home from Israel tonight.... yay? Not really happy considering he went to Israel without me.

Well I went to the beach today with Sophie and Sarah. We played volleyball and keep away and ate food. They tried to get me to get more then just my thighs wet. I hate the ocean. Bad experience. *shudder* We also sat on our towels for a while and asked questions like, "If I was a snack food, what kind would I be?" Basically they couldn't think of anything for me because I have such a nondescript personality. It's always bothered me that I don't have that things where people go, "Oh that's so Stephanie" or something like that. You know? It's like everyone has something that sets them aside. I just have boring stuff. When we were deciding what kind of shoes we would be, they said I'd be orthopedic shoes because they're supportive. Yeah they're supportive but they're also ugly. I wish I had a hobby or something. Or something I'm good at that most people aren't.

So I've had an uneventful week and now I'm wallowing in self pity. Maybe these people are having a more entertaining time then I am:
Happy birthday to Henry David Thoreau, George Washington Carver, Buckminster Fuller, Oscar Hammerstein II, Bill Cosby, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Anna Friel! You people are awesome. And I'm too lazy to go back and hyperlink so if you don't know who they are look it up because you really should.

I want Cinnamon Toast Crunch..... really badly.


Anonymous said...

dude there are so many times i go "that's so stephanie"

RandomNatalie said...

omg you're super skill is that you're an amazing author. you say your life is boring but the way you write makes it really funny/interesting. wow that makes me sound like a stalker. which im not...