Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday, guys but I am yet again extremely sick. My symptoms this time include fever, coughing, soar throat, swollen glands, chills, and aching eyes, head, and stomach. Diagnosis anyone? My friend thinks it's either the flu or strep throat.

This sucks more then it usually would because this is my last week of summer school and I can't miss anything. I'm also seeing Fiddler on the Roof Thursday night but I wouldn't miss that anyway. I'm really happy summer schools going to be over but I'd be happier if I wasn't sick and had more energy. After I finish this entry I'm taking a nap.

That reminds me, summer school has totally messed me up! So I have to wake up at six every morning to get there on time, and then I stay up all night doing homework (approx. average bedtime: 11:30-12:00) and then the cycle repeats. This had made me extremely sleep deprived and irritable. Just last week I woke up and couldn't find my hair brush, so I went to use one of the spares in the bathroom and I didn't like it. I almost cried! I didn't know why I just did not have the emotional capacity to deal with one tiny thing going wrong. I just slammed the hairbrush in the drawer and put my hair in a ponytail because I couldn't deal with it.

Also last week, Sophie and I got in a bit of a klutz war. I went to her house and dropped a glass. She came to my house and dropped a glass, a piece of which landed in my foot. We went to lunch and I spilled her Sprite on her. She spilled my salsa on me.

And today I stepped in mud. Again.

Another achievement of the past week was I learned how to make a power point and use a flash drive. Yeah I fit in so well in the 21st century don't I?

Also this weekend was VERY busy and fun. Thursday night I saw Seussical the Musical because my friends Ashley and CiCi were in it, Friday night I slept over at Sars' house and a bounce house was involved, Saturday night I saw my friends Tillie and Katie in Once Upon a Mattress and Sunday night I started to feel sick. Isn't that exciting.

And now I'm tired and I want to go to sleep.

Happy birthday to Snicker's sister Ili!!!!!!!!!!

Good night!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are not enjoying life. So now you can sort of understand how I feel a lot of the time. :)
I liked this blog entry very much.