Sunday, September 6, 2009


I AM SOOOO SORRY I did not update last week even though my mind was buzzing with things to right down considering-

This is my first post as a high school student. I know it's a big deal right? So here are a few thoughts about high school:

The campus is huge and confusing, but people are very helpful.
Seniors and juniors will not beat up the freshman. The sophomores on the other hand have anger management problems.
Teachers are oddly specific in their methods.
There is A LOT of homework, or at least in honors classes.
There is way too much going on to do everything (but I highly recommend going to movie night, especially if they are showing Back to the Future).
You will make new friends, but considering I have only been going to high school for eight days, I've really stayed friends with the same people and made brand new acquaintances.
It does not matter where you sit at lunch.
Because there are more kids and more to do, you are likely to find someone with your interests.
PDA is everywhere. There is also the common species people wearing little to no clothing.

I could on forever but I won't. I've actually enjoyed my first eight days of high school. I really like how my school has a block schedule (three classes one day, three the next). On "odd" days I have English (which is my favorite academic subject), dance (my P.E. replacement), and theatre (which is theater). I love odd days, except for PMS-y sophomores in the locker room. But otherwise it's great! Even days have something to be desired. I have geometry(which sucks cause its math), and then I have biology (which is boring yet interesting at the same time), and choir (which is fun and strange)... Anyhoo, all my classes are fun and not fun in their unique ways.

English is great because I love to read and write... but it's a ton of work. Geometry sucks because its math.... but my teacher is really nice and so far it's easy. Dance is fun because it's dance and not P.E.... but my only friend in that class has a broken ankle. Biology is SO much work.... but it's interesting and the people that sit around me are psychos, which is fun. Theatre is absolutely amazing... but nothing. It's just freaking amazing. Choir is fun and musical.... but none of my middle school choir friends are there and my teachers really weird.

So there's a lot of buts, so I will try to focus on the positive. Ugh I'm being ramble-y... I am in such a weird mood right now! I just want to go to a museum so freaking bad!

I know. I'm a geek. But I love museums! Art museums, history museums, science museums.... I LOVE MUSEUMS. A zoo would also be satisfactory at this point.

This is why I need to live in New York. No matter what I want to do I'd have access to it. Except go to Disneyland. Which I'd miss but I'd get over it.

Anyhoo, I'm at my grandparents house and I was looking at this book they have called The History of the World In Pictures, which really isn't the history of the world because it starts in 1850. But then again we didn't have pictures until around then, so it is the worlds photographic history. And I was looking at all the beautiful photos, and I got all obsessive and freaky. And now I'm watching Hollywood Singin' and Dancin': A Musical Treasure (again) and now I really want to watch an old movie.

People just don't do stuff like they used to! No one has the dedication to dance like Ginger Roger and Fred Astaire, or make paintings like Mary Cassatt, and there isn't need to have amazing photographic journalism like Jacob Riis. And no one sings like Judy Garland or Frank Sinatra anymore, because the industry takes cute little girls that can somewhat act and sing and then use the computer to enhance their voice to what the people want (cough cough Miley Cyrus cough cough The Jonas Brothers). Today everyone just sits on Facebook. Which brings me to my social networking rant but I'm on a roll hear so I'll get to that later...

And don't get me started on music! My piano teacher (I've taken one lesson) was taught be Leonard Bernstein. I KNOW! His use of tritones and all the other musical terms that are beyond my realm of knowledge make West Side Story! PEOPLE DON'T WRITE GOOD MUSIC ANYMORE. Today's songs are just singers, if you can even call them that, repeating curse words and sexual terms over and over again to a beat.

Holy crap I sound like an old person. Ummm.... I'm freaking myself out so I'm going to stop now.

Happy birthday (yesterday technically) to Jane Addams, Jo Anne Worely (I've met her, she is so sweet!), Jeff Foxworthy, and Ramiele Malubay (who I've seen perform live). Yay!!

I'm tired. Being obsessive and old lady rant-ish takes a lot out of you. The internet connection is slow here, so I'm not going to deal with hyper links.

I apologize for my freaky old ladyness that's really strange for a nearly 13 and almost 11 months year old girl, but what can I say, I'm a strange kid. Now I'm going to read while listening to Judy Garland sing. Because reading is good for you!

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