Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is my last post of summer vacation. That depresses me.

You guys (who ever you may be) have probably realized by now my summer hasn't been the best. It started out with a flu-like disease, which last through the first week of summer school. Then I had four healthy, but still torturous, weeks of summer school to endure, and on the sixth and final week I developed a bad case of bronchitis and had to take awful medicine that turned my teeth yellow.

Once summer school ended I was still sick and avoided going out and infecting others. But even when I was better, there was nothing to do anyways considering the majority of my friends where on vacations. Vacations I don't get to go on. Then when they got back, I got grounded for reasons that will not be disclosed at this point in time and I am staying grounded until school starts. I also got my cell phone taken away. SOB.

And also I had to read two books and write essays on them. I'm not done with the second book and school starts on Wednesday. But I'm almost done so all is well.

But I should not focus on the negative. I got to go to the mall with my mom on... yesterday because I was in dire need of clothes to wear to school. I am strong believer in the philosophy that ever new year needs a brand new outfit. Preferably two.

Anyways I got a new dress, a pair of jeans, a multitude of t-shirts and tank tops, a beret, a belt, a few bracelets, some necklaces, a pair of sandals, a pair of converse, hair stuff, and when we bought a bat mitzvah present at the Coach store they gave me a free Coach notebook and box of pencils. I did well.

That paragraph will probably lead you to believe that I'm a spoiled rich kid and am unaffected by the recession. But this is untrue. I do live comfortably enough and I have it better then a lot of people but a shopping spree like that is not the norm for me and was very special. I also had a $50 gift card to Forever 21, so a lot of that was free for me, and a lot was from Macy's where everything is on sale, all the time. The shoes were from TJ Maxx. So don't judge.

Then today I went to Snicker's younger sister's bat mitzvah which was.... interesting. Ili did an amazing job at the service and it was very emotional. I felt like I needed to look away. But she did a phenomenal job.

The reception was.... interesting. The food was great. The desserts were delicious. But all I'm saying is these kids do not know how to party. I know they are new to the bat mitzvah era, but they did it wrong. They basically stood around the dance floor and sort of sung along. Where was the dancing and jumping like maniacs???? Why was no one screaming and belting out the songs, even if they didn't know the words???? WHY DID NO ONE GET INJURED???

Eventually Sars and I got fed up and went outside. Snickers was ignoring us to be with her family anyway.

In short, it wasn't like the good old bat mitzvahs of my day. But it was nice. And I appreciated the food.

Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday to Gene Kelly (the amazing) and Neil Cicierega (the hysterical). You two men are AWESOME.

Now I really have to work on my summer reading!


Snickers said...

What? What do you mean??? They were fine!!! Just cuz they weren't dancing very much at first doesn't mean that they didn't have a blast, which is the important thing!!! You guys were lucky that my mom let me invite some friends, and that I decided to invite you. You shouldn't be complaining. And they danced like maniacs after you left... Anyway, it's not important. The point is my sister and I both had fun at our Bat Mitzvahs, no matter if Ili's friends didn't dance too much or if you and Sarah were bothered by the music or whatever else at mine. Ili did great! I'm proud of her and glad she had fun!

Anonymous said...

this was a GREAT blog entry. like seriously, when i read it, your voice was narrating in my head.