Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello my readers who don't exist! I have finally had a pleasant summer week of doing NOTHING. Well, I've been sick but it's not as bad as it used to be and the antibiotics have turned my teeth a disgusting shade of yellow and now matter how much I brush them nothing happens, but otherwise, not much.

I did go to two birthday parties though. One was for a friend of mine and we ended up going to the wrong place.... then we went to the right place and we had fun. It was in a rather large house so when it got late we separated into sleeping and staying up late rooms so as not to annoy people. I was in the staying up late room obviously. I was also the first to wake up which never happens and it was so boring for the whole ten minutes until other people got up.

Straight from there I went to my grandmother's surprise party that was at my cousins house. And they live in this house that's literally right on the beach and it's so gorgeous! It's the way ignorant people believe all Californians live, walking everywhere, going to the beach every day... if their neighbors were celebrities it would be perfect! I walked down to the beach with one of my cousins and we did a random photo shoot and put our feet in the water. We didn't swim or anything. But the beach was amazing because no one was there except people in their neighborhood. And the weather was perfect. Even though I hate the ocean I wouldn't mind living like that. Except the school system in the area sucks and it's not like we could afford private school.

And that's about everything that's happened. Otherwise I've watch TV, been on the computer.... and sort of done my summer reading for honors.

I know, I know, I've been living a sedentary lifestyle (health vocab word!) but:
a) I've been sick.
b) It's hot outside.
c) What am I supposed to do anyway?

Honestly people always try to sell exercise in this light that it's fun and you feel energized afterwords and you get endorphins released yadda yadda yadda. None of it's true! After I exercise I feel like I want to take a shower and go to sleep. It makes me feel exhausted and awful! I understand that games like soccer can be fun for some people, but not me. But even though people like sports, how can they like regular exercise like gym stuff or running? It's boring and NOT FUN.

I asked my parents if I could do yoga. I've tried it before and that is fun and relaxing and you actually do burn a lot of calories. It works on core strength. Like dancing except not. That made sense.....

Well that's about it.... birthday time! Happy birthday to Whitney Houston, Anna Kendrick,and Forrest Landis (that hyperlink got messed up...). Yay. Most of my friends birthdays are in the summer and I've been going to so many parties that it makes me REALLY want it to be my birthday.

Ok that's it. Now I'm going to "do my summer reading." BYE!

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Anonymous said...

pretty good entry, mr. kane.
lol your teeth