Sunday, February 28, 2010


To make up for not posting in three weeks, I changed the layout of my blog. I hope you're happy. Speaking of happy, HAPPY PURIM for all you Jews like me out there. Purim is a day to be happy and topsy turvy, and if you could see me right now you would know this as I am wearing a rainbow headband, pink glasses, a black long-sleeved shirt, a gray and pink tank top, an orange vest, my dad's suspenders, a green patterned skirt, black leggings, pink legwarmers, socks with pineapples on them, and purple shoes. All things I normally wouldn't wear.... together.

I'm not going to bother updating you on the past three weeks of my life; chances are I don't even remember all the details. This weekend has been pretty fun, even though I was unable to attend my school's Comedy Sportz game or sleepover at my friend Nicki's house, for reasons that will remain undisclosed to the public. But Saturday, now that was a fun day. To explain the events of that day, we will first have to go back to the beginning of the school year.

One day at lunch I was talking to my friends and we were discussing stereotypical names for people, like Goldberg would be a stereotypical Jewish last name. Using these names we started to create characters, and someone came up with the idea to make a story about these characters. All in all, the idea was pushed aside until recently.

My friend Sammy and I were talking on Facebook, and we brought up this story again. Our creative gears kicked into motion and we started to spitball plot concepts and character ideas. We brought in our two good friends Sydney and Ashley, and decided that we would make this a musical, and it would be complete sometime between now and senior year.

On Saturday I met with Sammy and Sydney at my house and we started coming up with a basic plot. We then payed 20 dollars to go to an AIDS benefit at our school, but we got bored and instead walked over to our local Italian kitchen to have dinner. Upon our arrival home, we had Ashley come over and had her write the music to our lyrics we had devised for the opening number. And it's pretty hysterical. Sydney has been filming the entire creative process from the beginning and will hopefully continue through casting, rehearsals, and the shows. You may think we're just crazy teenagers with our heads in the clouds, but we're capable of a lot.

On to another random topic, I have a ton of homework, like usual. I have a geometry assignment and a biology project due tomorrow. For biology I have to make an ancestral tree to Homo sapiens sapiens tracking as far back as the Prosimians. And that's due tomorrow. I can probably list 100 things I'd rather do then that. And by Tuesday I need to have a rough draft of my thematic essay on To Kill a Mockingbird written. But on Monday I have Hebrew High and right after I'm in a Theatre Showcase, so there won't be much time to complete that. Now, To Kill a Mockingbird is an amazing book, I consider it the best book I've ever been forced to read for school, but I really don't want to write an essay on how trust builds healthy relationships (yes, this is the brilliant theme an English 1 Honors student could come up with).

Speaking of To Kill a Mockingbird, the movie is excellent. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is impeccable, among other things. But for the stupidest reason, teenagers of today cannot appreciate this. What is this reason? Because it is in black and white. I'm sorry to people that feel this way, but anyone that knows anything at all about film would be as disgusted by that as I am. The one thing that bothers me the most about teenagers today is their lack of knowledge and appreciation for culture and classics. I like to consider myself an exception.

In addition to all of this, I have a biology test on Wednesday that covers four chapters... none of which I have read. Shoot.

And of course instead of doing all that I'm writing this. But honestly, if you were in my situation, what would you do?

Happy birthday to John Tenniel, Linus Pauling, Zero Mostel, Tommy Tune, Bernadette Peters, Gilbert Gottfried, and Ali Larter!

To end on a happy note, I'm in somewhat of a good mood right now due to the fact that I got the soundtracks too Hair, Aida, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Princess of the Frog, and Thoroughly Modern Millie on my iPod. And I got a bank account!

Now, I think I'll get my math homework out of the way, but who knows when I'll start anything else?

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hahaha socks with pineapples on them. no, we're just far-fetched teenagers with our heads in the clouds.