Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today, for the first time this year, it felt like summer.And I hate to say it, but the only reason is because I was taking pleasure in the misfortunes of my friends.
I know that sounds bad. But the only reason this is true is because today, for the second time this summer, I went to the beach. However, this time I went with my friend Lyla while the majority of my other close friends were sitting in a class room enjoying their first day of summer school. No, my friends aren't stupid, they're taking summer courses. I was planning on taking one with them but there was a change of plans. So, due to this twist of fate, I was lying on the beach completely relaxed while my friends were diligently studying, or something along those lines.

And the weird part is, I don't really like the beach. I don't like sand. Or salt water. Or the sun. Or unnecessary human interaction.

Just kidding, unnecessary human interaction isn't a problem. But I do like school. I like books and I like learning about things I care about (a.k.a. not science). I like good teachers (a.k.a. not my science teacher) and I like having something to do every single day. Short term goals are the best!

But it took a whole week of summer vacation for me to realize these things. I will admit that in freshman year I kind of failed at the whole self motivation thing. I was satisfied by a solid B, and once I got there I stopped trying because I knew my grade wouldn't move. But I feel like I can really work harder next year. I'm taking a break from science and I can really focus on the areas that hold my interest, English and history. And I have to do math, but math isn't really that bad. At least it makes sense.

In addition I also have all my performing stuff, Hebrew High, and Friendship Circle. So maybe next year will be better. Just by detracting one negative aspect of my life I could change a lot. And I like that idea.

But for now I don't want to think about going back. Even though right now I kind of want too (especially since my school district postponed the first day of school to September 1, the same day Hogwarts starts school), I know that once I get there I'll live for breaks. Once the school year starts, I'll try to remember the feeling I have right now.

Today I wish to honor a very special man. Today is Joseph Papp's birthday. I can honestly say if Joe Papp hadn't revolutionized the Broadway stage, I would probably be really depressed. Considering I wouldn't have my A Chorus Line and HAIR soundtracks to listen (and belt) to on a day to day basis, my life would be empty. When I first got my ACL soundtrack I listened to it six times straight. I recall doing the same with HAIR. Sorry about my obsessive rant.

In addition, it is Meryl Streep's birthday. Otherwise known as the greatest actress who ever lived. Enough said.

Cyndi Lauper was also born today. She's pretty cool.

And Freddie Prinze. He was in the live action Scooby-Doo movies.

Oh, Erin Brocovich was born today too. I saw the movie of her life once.

There's also Dan Brown. I see his books on the shelves of Barnes and Nobles.

Now it's time for bed. It's been nice chatting with you!


Matthew said...

Wrong! The Freddie Prinze whose birthday is June 22 is Freddie Prinze SENIOR (another Senor Senor Senior), who starred in the sitcom "Chico and the Man" (don't you just HATE when you're proven wrong)!

Anonymous said...

i read this whole thing
i'm really sorry
don't get offended,but
in my *offbeat* opinion, this was
not your best pork